Vol 2. Chapter 92: The Salvation of God (29)

That's why we're in the midst of training them. Genie continued in a delicate tone. She most probably did not perceive the sound that I just heard a while ago.


Genie answered my questions while I walked towards the table and grabbed the marble. Yes, Captain-nim. We are providing the applicants with the current Enchanting-related simulations and training aids. It's only been 60 days, so the average level is still at an apprentice standard... Most of the people that Miss Min-kyung has selected and sent us had good educational backgrounds. Their talents and temperament are good enough, so their skills are expected to rise to a sufficient level given some time. 

I kept glancing over at the marble while listening to Genie speak. 'I'm sure it just gave out a signal. Does it perhaps have a consciousness?'

I calmly looked at the marble, but no matter how I looked at it, it was just a plain and normal jade marble without a single speck of Mana or soul energy. Even if it was analyzed with the equipment from the Albatross ship, it was only recognized as an ordinary jade. If it wasn't for the title that I could currently see, I wouldn't have thought that this marble was special. 'Let's use Classification on it.'


"Oh, yes, yes. Please proceed like that for now." After roughly answering Genie's question, I began to materialize the title of the marble. I could see the Disaster of Demons, the Disaster of Celestial Beings, and the Disaster of Mankind. There was also the Disaster of Elves and Dwarfs too. "…That's a brutal title."

Moreover, it didn't end there. The Disaster of Grotesque, the Disaster of Dinosaurs, the Disaster of Ogres, the Disaster of Orcs, the Disaster of Kobolts. Disaster, disaster, disaster… I gaped at the list of titles that were literally all disaster-related. Among the titles, there was also something like this; The Legion Slaughterer. "Someone killed 10,000 Legions?" 

It was preposterous. The fact that so many Legions existed in the world was already unbelievable, so just how shocking was the title of someone who killed that many Legions?

Along with that, I also saw the Saint Hunter title, as well as the Dragon Hunter title that could only be obtained after killing more than 100 dragons, which were Noblesses. There were titles for dragon hunters, and even good ones could only be obtained after killing more than 100 Noblesse dragons. Adding to that, there was even the Unnamed Slaughterer… 

"Wow..." The titles that appeared, one after another, were literally nothing short of the history of carnage. It was all just a text, but the sight of them caused the odor of blood to reach my nose. 

'This is not an existence that I can control.' Aside from the promise with Hawa, I had no confidence in releasing the seal. I couldn't guarantee what would happen upon releasing the seal arbitrarily. 'Of course, even if so, it'll be weaker than the Untouchable...'

I was someone who had even encountered the Spirit God, an Absolute God. Even if that wasn't the case, I had encountered Hawa, an existence that had the Status of a High-rank God. Moreover, the Primordial God, too, was considered a particularly powerful being among the Untouchables. 

Nevertheless, even if that was so, it was different in the case of the Magic Imperial Princess. Unlike the Untouchable, who either had various restrictions imposed on or favoring me, the Magic Imperial Princess was a completely free existence. If she was released from her seal, and was determined to do something, I would not be able to offer any sort of resistance. It would be dangerous to release an existence, whose inclination I didn't even know, without much thought. 

'It probably wouldn't be possible even if I got on Ares, used Ra, and opened up the Divine Spirit in me.' As I was thinking about that, the title of the marble changed. 


Level 16

Soul Engine, 71st Version

"...Does it really have a consciousness? If so, I'll be able to have a conversation." Even though I was bewildered, I continued to materialize the marble's title. 

Schurururuk!!!! A huge amount of texts flooded the room like a tsunami. I roughly read the information that was delivered and asked Genie, "Genie, how many sentences does it usually take to engrave a 7th-Class Enchanted?"

It depends on the school of skills and the type of spells, but the rune letters are estimated to be about 18 to 90 characters long. 

"What if it's not a rune letter?"

The Mana Language would be a little shorter, and the Dragon Language would be a little longer, but they are similar. 

Even though she couldn't use magic herself, Genie had a huge collection of related information, so I nodded as I heard her answer. "That means it's about a few dozen characters." I counted the number of characters displayed in the materialized title. 

What's the matter?

"It's nothing. I just got my hands on an Enchant technique and the sentences are in Korean, and there are 18,000 words. In terms of the number of characters, it's 20,000 characters."

...What is that? Even if it was Ultimate Magic, it wouldn't take that many words...

While listening to Genie, I glanced through the 18,000 words. Focus, Soul, Improvement, Wish, Cohesion, Storage, and many more... Now that I see it, there weren't that many types of words itself. As I took a closer look for some time, I realized the meaning of those words, 'I solved the technique formula.'

One character was stretched to hundreds and thousands of letters. At first glance, it seemed to be an inefficient way of doing it. However, the more I used Classification on the title, the more I realized how much of an amazing end product it was. 

"Wow." I couldn't help but admire it, because I realized that these 18,000 words were the result of separating them into parts. It was the scattering of all the technique formulas. Thanks to that, the production difficulty of the technique formula contained in each and every single word had been lowered like crazy. Among the 18,000 words, 10,000 words could be engraved by just a 1st-Class Wizard; 5,000 words could be engraved by a 2nd-Class Wizard; and 3,000 words could be engraved by a 3rd-Class Wizard. 

In other words, this was a 7th-Class Enchanted Technique Formula that could be created by respectively distributing the tasks as long as there were thousands of Wizards of the 1st to 3rd-Classes. 

That sort of thing... Is that possible? It's a method I have never heard of before, even in the Empire. Genie was dumbfounded by my explanation. That was how unbelievable and crazy the method of application magic was. How high does one's understanding of magic have to be for this sort of thing to be possible? 

"Well, first of all." I typed out the words that were in the materialized title. To put it in a nice way, it was a technique formula. However, as long as those words did not contain power, then they were just plain words and I could copy them whenever I wanted to. Although the number of characters were a little high, there were only 12 types of words, so the work could be quickly completed by actively utilizing copy-pasting.

"Genie, please put a part-time notice on the device. For the payments, state that it will be set in consideration of the time and effort put in."

Yes, Captain-nim.

After leaving a task to Genie, I started the Gigas production again. I made improvements to Black Tiger, and also produced new Beast-rank Gigas.

As 10 days, 30 days, 60 days passed… Along with Black Tiger, I made Black Bear as well as Black Wolf. Since they were still not enchanted yet, they were made of 100 percent rare metal. "Black Bear for Jae-seok, and Black Tiger for Min-kyung. I'll give Black Wolf to Kyung-eun and Seon-ae. The performance is ambiguous because they are all prototypes, but... Well, I can upgrade it for them later on."

The newly created Beast-rank Gigas was made for boarding-use, and not remote control. They're all custom-made, so each of them would adjust well. 

-All the tests are over!

-Congratulations! The stage has been cleared! Rewards are given based on contribution.

- Your ranking is joint 1st-place(66 people).

I suspected that that was the case, but as expected, we failed at obtaining a Perfect Clear. As a matter of fact, it was inevitable that the Low-difficulty stage was more troublesome as compared to the Intermediate-difficulty or High-difficulty stage. After all, the strategy guide couldn't be used in any way.

-Your Clear Count is 10,000 times. 

-10,000 people's Death Procession will be cancelled.

-The target would be prioritized in the following sequence, Blood Relatives -> Acquaintances -> Residential Area -> Region of Origin. 

-Please select the people you would like to change. 

The faces of countless people appeared in front of my eyes. I did not bother to change anything and turned the screen. 

-The Death Processions will be applied without any changes. 

-Number of Death Processions remaining

-1,226,228 people.

 -Enforcing now. 

It was a massacre. If it was a few months ago, this would've probably thrown the whole world in chaos and caused the Great Depression in the world economy. But now, it was different. 

"My God... A million people have died, but I can't believe that my first thought was how well we defended ourselves." It was a baffling matter, but I wouldn't be the only one who thought this way. This was not the result of mankind's adaptation to the crazy speed of updates, but rather, it was a shame that this was the outcome produced. After all, half of mankind avoided fighting despite all the various revisions. 

"Genie, what's the progress rate?"

It's currently 68 percent. Regardless of the class, the proficiency of the Enchanters is still too low...

"Tchhh. As expected, the results aren't fitting perfectly. Then again, even if it came out, there would have only been one unit." The moment I was grumbling, the background changed.

"The end! It's the end! I'm alive! Is it perhaps a Perfect Clear?!"

"It's not a Perfect Clear. They said that about a million people died."

"A million..."

"Ha, haha. This is crazy. Despite it being such a huge number, I'm not feeling anything much in particular."

"That's because a few hundred people died at a time just a few days ago. In fact, it's such a small death toll that we can't see any dead bodies around here."

Perhaps because we failed to achieve Perfect Clear, resounding cheers couldn’t be heard. Still, the atmosphere was filled with sighs of relief. However, the fact that there weren't many deaths did not mean that there were no wounded players.

"Here! There's a patient here! Please help!"

"Are you alright? I'll give you emergency medical treatment for now!"

"There's a healer here!"

Volunteers were seen running around all over the place. Among those who did not have healing abilities, those with medical knowledge somehow provided emergency medical treatment to the injured. They also came running to me.

"Young lady, are you okay?"

"Huck... huck... I'm okay. Don't worry about me and be on your way." I saw Seon-ae letting out a short breath. Her court lady's attire was soaked in blood. The enemy of the stage was a Death Knight, so it was not the blood of the enemy. 

The approaching doctor asked in astonishment, "What do you mean to be on our way? There's so much blood coming out though?"

Seon-ae shook her head while gasping. "I'm all healed up. Whoo... Whoo... I have a regeneration ability."

"Ah, is that so? It seems you're a Life Energy practitioner, so go get some food from the ahjummas over there."

The doctor left us alone with kind words. I then asked Seon-ae, "You transformed, haven't you?"

"S-Shut up!" Along with a 'Kyakk', Seon-ae was throwing a tantrum.

I sat next to her. 'Come to think of it, this kid is quite unique.' I checked her level and she was still Level 9. In addition to that, she didn't even have a Justice Weapon. 'But I can't believe she defeated the Death Knight.' It seemed like she was badly injured, but that was simply proof that she defeated the Death Knight with her own ability. If she had been killed by the Death Knight, she wouldn't have been injured. 

Thud thuck!

"Hmmm?" I looked closely at Seon-ae, who suddenly let out the sounds of her bones popping. Her skin quivered. Her scapular[1] tore through her skin, ripping. Her body also began to swell up as if someone was blowing wind into her. 

"Ha, huff... Huck!!! N-Noo!! Dae-ha! Evacuate the people around!"

"Why? Is there going to be an explosion?"

"It's dangerous! I said it's dangerous!! This damned... Huackkk...!"

"This is?! What is going on? Are you all right?"

"Huh? What's wrong with that young lady?"

The moment the people around were surprised. I was surprised, too. "Huh?" Seon-ae's level, which was Level 9, became Level 10. That was not the end. It became 11, 12, 13. It was increasing without stopping. 14, 15, 16, Level 17! "No, wait, what the hell is this?"

Thud thuck! Thud thuck! Thud thuck thuck!!!!! Her back exploded and huge wings spread out. Seon-ae screamed, "N-Noooo!!! No, this can't!!!!!"

Groooooarrr----!!!! There was an intense Aura escaping from her. Numerous people at Gwanghwamun Square scattered in all directions due to shock. As the majority of humans in Gwanghwamun Gate were ability users, they actually took shelter in an extremely fast manner.

I, who did not evacuate, stood still and looked at Seon-ae. I noticed that even her face was inverted. Although she was cute, it was ambiguous to call her a beauty. Now, however, she has turned into a surprisingly outstanding beauty.

The big, feathery wings on her back looked like an angel at first glance. However, after the transformation, Seon-ae roared in a powerful manner that did not resemble an angel at all, "Kyaaaaakk!!!"

Wol-il High School

Level 17

Complete form, Nike

Rather than dismay, I looked at Seon-ae in bewilderment. "No, what is this, Level 17?" I was dumbfounded by the fact that this winged woman was a higher level than my Napoleon. Moreover, her player level was higher than that.

The other players who confirmed that fact also freaked out.

"Ackkk!!! Level 19!! She's Level 19!!!"

"That's explosive! What kind of ability is that?!"

"Everyone, avoid it!!!"

The distant people all ran away. It was such a chaotic time these days that everyone was extremely quick. Then, at that moment...

"Oh? Ahahahaha!!! The human world! It's the human world! Finally, I don't have to look at that disgusting corpse anymore!!!! I can fill myself up with fresh blood and meat...!!"

Genie asked about Seon-ae's laughter in a weird voice, Captain-nim, isn't that dangerous?

"What's the danger?" I clicked my tongue. I had seen everything I could see. Clang clack! I pulled the trigger, and...

Clang clack! The winged beauty who was laughing like crazy fell down.

"...What the? Did she just collapse?"

"What is this? Didn't someone just say she was Level 19?"

"Wow, what are those wings..."

The people around were making a commotion.

I laughed as I was baffled. "No, why is it so shabby? At Level 17, she should be able to resist one or two shots of Shadow Stalker." I put away Gungnir, which I held in my left hand just in case, and hugged Seon-ae. For starters, I had to find out what this sudden transformation meant, and… I have to recruit more people to bring into my Unique World. 

1. The scapular, or shoulder blade, is a large triangular-shaped bone that lies in the upper back.

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