Vol 2. Chapter 91: The Salvation of God (28)

- Stage will be open!

- Level 14. Difficulty is set to Low.

- Eliminate the enemies within 3 hours.

- Stage will begin in 10 seconds.

- 10. 9. 8. 7….

A black skeleton in black armor appeared. It was 1.9 meters tall and a two-handed sword made out of black crystal hung on its back. 

Project End

Level 14

Black Death Knight

Groooarrrr… The black Aura flared up as its momentum of pulling out its blade was sharp. 'It's strong.' I widened my eyes at that sight. The average level of humanity had risen enormously. However, how many powerful beings could go against this monstrosity in a one-on-one battle at this point of time?

However, Ares said something unexpected. The number is probably more than you think. 

'What? How?'

If you evolve a Justice Weapon above the Gold-rank into a form that could kill in a single blow, you can at least somehow win once or twice. One of the Guardians or whatever they're called came to me. They only played some tricks to show me, but they're pretty powerful. 

'Did the Justice Weapon really have such a good performance?'

Just like how you're using it as a production tool, there are more variations than one would expect. If you only use it like that, however, it seems the Justice Weapon won't be able to rank up from the Iron-rank for some time. 

'Really? That's a shame.'


"It's fascinating."

The Death Knight's body, smashed all of a sudden, was bouncing off the floor like skipping stones. It crashed into an invisible floor, then sprawled on the floor. 

Wiiiing… As I felt the vibration of my right foot slowly subsiding, I glanced at the condition of the machine. At that moment, a sharp...

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