Vol 2. Chapter 61: The Update is Way Too Fast (2)

Vol 2. Chapter 61 - Chapter 12: The Update is Way Too Fast (2)

It was a forest full of trees stretching out towards the sky. The green leaves were so dense that the sunlight could not penetrate through and reach the ground. As such, one was forced to walk in the complete darkness even in broad daylight.

“They really are staying true to the concept. It’s finally a stage set outdoors, but it’s so dark.”

I trudged through the forest while grumbling. It was so dark that I could not even see my own feet, but I was able to continue without hesitating. In fact, I could probably even walk with my eyes closed, since I had crossed this path hundreds of times already.

And then,


An ogre appeared from nowhere, suddenly erupting into a howl and smashing down with its fist. The appearance of the massive bloke was overwhelming. It was as if a landslide was rushing towards you.

Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights.



As fist and fist collided, green waves were scattered from the point of impact. The physical force contained in the ogre’s fist was transformed into vibration and absorbed into my left arm. I stepped forward.


A heavy sound resounded from the ground as I jumped into the air. Using the ogre’s bent knee as a springboard, I accelerated vigorously, and then,

Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights.


Right as I stepped on the ogre’s knee, my entire right arm became wrapped in an orange light. The light gathered in my elbow as my fist passed my waist, and it became fully concentrated on my fist as it struck the ogre’s eye.


But right when my fist was about to make contact with his eyeball, the ogre lowered its head. Instead of striking bullseye, my fist smashes into its eyebrows instead.



It screamed in pain and climbed up a nearby tree to escape my following attacks. I swore at the unfortunate situation.

“Failed again! It’s so damn hard to hit it!”

Even though the ogre looked as slow as a plank, its reflexes were even better than cats. Even though it had a huge potbelly, the ogre was so agile that it could do flying cartwheels. Moreover, it possessed incredible power, enough to endanger my life if I was caught.

I fought against it hundreds of times, but I was never able to defeat it in a single blow.

“Unless I take it by surprise, I can’t defeat it in one blow.”

The ogre was so sensitive that I was unable to fool its senses by hiding my body. The only way to successfully launch an ambush was to attack it when it was asleep, but that would cause the play time to elongate immensely.

I was currently in the second round of level 8, hard difficulty. I had already released the guide videos after finishing the first test, so there was no reason to increase my play time.


Flap flap!

A book popped up in front of my eyes and opened automatically at my words. Although the book had no title on the cover, the word “Napoleon” was written on the opened page. Simultaneously, my mana changed from 200 to 200 (+600)

Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights.


My right arm started to glow blue. It was the same vibration as orange, but the utilization method was completely different. Orange worked by transforming the physical energy from the ogre’s fist into vibrations and returning it, but blue was fueled by the huge magical energy deposit inside my body. Vibrations created by burning 600 points of mana was on an entirely different level from vibrations produced by my Life Energy.


The blue light gradually brightened and became dazzling enough to hurt my eyes. It took me a few seconds to concentrate the vibrations to my fist because it was not my own strength, but the ogre was put in a daze after taking a hit to the head. It could not react in time.


A thundering roar resounded the moment my right hand collided with the ogre’s temple. The ogre’s head shook like a ringing bell, which made it pretty obvious what happened to the inside of the skull.


I sidestepped to avoid the falling ogre, then lightly shook my right arm. The unresolved vibration scattered with a buzz.

I can’t believe you defeated an ogre in just two shots. You seem to have gotten used to that technique, too.

“It’s all thanks to Napoleon’s mana. It would still take me half an hour if I fought it with just my skill.”

Though I spoke with humility, it was true that my proficiency with Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights had increased substantially during the stage.

I was now able to receive surprise attacks with green. I learned to immediately eject the accumulated vibration with orange, and how to wield magical energy, which could be considered an outside source, in an instant. In particular, my proficiency with blue, the power to convert magical power into vibrations, had improved leaps and bounds compared to the first time I used it.

 He’s barely reached the level of a master with Life Energy, but to think he can beat up ogres…

“It’s the privilege of those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths.”

Originally, Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights was not meant to be utilized in such a way. The standard was to accumulate vibrations in red, which transformed physical power into vibrations, and green, which converted external energy into vibration, then to attack enemies by releasing the vibrations using orange.

‘It’s inefficient.’

But I did not fight with such a method. It was only natural, since using the traditional method would take much longer and above all, it would burn a lot of calories. Why would I need to convert the power of my body into vibrations? I already possessed a huge pool of mana.

But is this right? It’s hard to say because Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights is completely different from Full-Body Brilliant Light… But I think your training method is too distorted.

As Ares said, my training method was abnormal. In fact, I had not used red for a long time now. Originally, red could be considered the most basic, fundamental power of Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights, but I had excluded it.

But even so, would it not be rather comical if I forced myself to use red?

A fitting comparison would be as such: Me using red would be, so to speak, like a second-generation chaebol who inherited tens of billions of won, saving up a mere 100,000 or 1,000,000 won by working part-time at a convenience store.

Such actions could not be called diligent.

It was stupid.

But on the other hand… Your proficiency with blue is growing by leaps and bounds. You are able to produce a destructive power equivalent to a class five magic in just three seconds.

“Because I used it a lot.”

Calories were much more precious in the stage, so I resorted to expending mana instead, using blue. As a result, I was now able to quickly invoke a powerful attack with blue at a low cost. But if there was one problem,

“It’s too loud.”

This damned form was so loud and blaring. The sound alone was enormous, and with the addition of the blazing lights, it would be impossible to be ignorant of my existence unless the opponent was blind and deaf.

And as expected.


A huge figure fell from the sky. To be exact, it dropped down from the top of a tall tree. Unlike the other ogres, this one possessed an agile, muscular body.

End Project

Level 9

Agile Runner

“I do want to fight to train my Life Energy.”

Flap flap!

The pages of the book floating next to me started flapping as if there was wind. I invoked an ability with the mana boiling inside my body.

“The Undying Emperor.”

A shield formed around my body.


After studying me for a moment, the runner charged forward.

“Smart. But in this case, that advantage comes back to haunt you.”

Originally, this was not the way that a runner fought. As its name suggested, the ogre would run around and strike when given the chance, avoiding my attacks and using a hit-and-run tactic. It would try to draw out the battle.

But what if a mysterious shield appeared around my body?

It would feel insecure and attempt to break the shield. It would be ignorant of the shield’s identity, but it wanted to interfere with whatever I was planning.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It slapped with its hands, charged at it and kicked, and even threw large rocks at the shield. But naturally my ability, The Undying Emperor, did not budge an inch. It was all to natural. How could a shield designed to be used in a space war be penetrated by such meager attacks? Even if it were not this particular ability, Napoleon’s natural shield could withstand nuclear bombs.

“Of course, I might be able to do that if I had an Iron Heart.”

It was true that the most important part of a Gigas was its Iron Heart, but the other parts were important as well. In the absence of shield generators and particle emitters, the output of Iron Hearts would naturally be limited.

I was using a shield since I had a related ability.

“The word impossible doesn’t exist in my dictionary.”

I used an amplification ability. There was no need to even explain the subsequent process. My right hand started to glow blue, then-




A text appeared behind the collapsing runner.

- Clear!

- Would you like to start the next battle? If you do not begin, the stage will end.


- Level 8. Difficulty has been set at hard.

- Defeat the corresponding enemies (11 objects) within 100 hours.

- Stage will begin in 10 seconds.

- 10. 9. 8. 7…

- 3. 2. 1. Initiating battle.


I stood unmoving for a moment as I observed the sentence.

A time limit of 100 hours. It was the equivalent of four days, and proportionate to the insane time limit, the level 8 stage was truly enormous.

I asked.

“How many times has it been?”

Genie, who had remained quiet so far, answered.

This will be your 511th clear.

“How long have I been here?”

4,595 hours. Which equals to.

I crossed the forest again. I looked up, but as usual, I could not see the sky.

Approximately 190 days.


I trudged along. I usually ran on this route, but I did not feel like it anymore.

It’s not ending.

“I know. It’s not ending.”

Is there really a need for you to keep clearing it like this? It’s starting to get boring. This is just manual labor.

As Ares said, this was repetitive labor. At first, I did it for fun, but now, I felt sick seeing an ogre’s face. In fact, any game in the world would become boring if it was played for 200 days straight.


I climbed a unique-shaped tree and picked a fruit. The fruit’s location was random, and it was hard to see because of the leave, but after clearing the damn stage more than 500 times, I could locate it with a simple glance.

“How’s the situation with food?”

We have about half of the meat left.

“What about the smart farm?”

It’s running at full capacity, but…

“Yeah, yeah. I ate too much corn.”

It is not corn. Big Bread is as special crop from the Leonhardt Empire…

“Yeah. Corn.”

I responded nonchalantly and walked on the trees. I picked out all the fruits that could be food and ate them.

“I wouldn’t have to worry about food if I could eat an ogre.”

I sighed, but it was inevitable. An ogre’s body rotted and disappeared in an instant upon its death, so I could not even get a small piece of flesh. I could feel a sense of malice from the stage, a desperate effort to prevent me from having a full stomach.

Why else would they have a skill such as Meal of Madness?


“Yeah, nice to see you too.”

I killed an ogre. I walked around the forest, picked berries, and drank water. Then I killed another ogre. The most efficient route, efficient movements, and even safe sleep and eating in the Unique World.

Now I don’t even run. Originally, I valued efficiency over speed, but now I was starting to pursue an extreme.

- Would you like to start the next battle?

- Would you like to start the next battle?

- Would you like to…

Time flowed like water. I killed an ogre. I killed, killed and killed.

Then at some point, an alarm started to ring.

- 10 people remaining.

- There are currently 10 participants remaining.


I had been watching an ogre’s body rot away in real time, licking my lips, when the unexpected notification appeared in front of my eyes. I stood there blankly for a moment, but soon moaned after realizing the crux of the message.

“…only 10 people. How much longer until it’s completely cleared?”

I spoke without thinking, but unexpectedly, the system kindly responded.

- The number of death considerations remaining.

- 113,225,531.


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