Vol 2. Chapter 37: A Tumultuous War (5)

Clang! Tang!

As I looked over my abilities, arrows fell to the ground after bouncing off my armor with a light metallic sound.

It wasn’t even a Boom! Or a Kwang! But a small, timid sound. I saw the bewildered attackers through the small holes in my armor. They seemed to be confused about the situation. It wasn’t that they were stupid or because the performance of my armor was miraculous, but because the mechanism itself was alien to the abilities of earth.

“I used my maximum power and included my qi in that strike… Not only the armor, but even the arrowheads are completely intact.”

“This is strange. I would understand it if it was a shield, but magic armor like that is…”

“But I can’t feel any mana coming from it?”

I could see that everyone was brooding, but they would never be able to understand the exact capabilities and mechanism of P-1. The reason why P-1 was able to absorb all forms of shock was because it was specially crafted from a magnetic sand from the Unique World with the ability of aura control. It was formed from concentric circles.

‘This aura thing is quite interesting.’

In general, awakening an elemental aura would allow me to control the energy of metal. I could strengthen my skin to be like metal or move metal with my will, just like a certain villain in a hero movie. In my case, however, I possessed an additional skill, which was closer to a superpower.

To think you would get something like attribute granting right off the bat. Even if your metallic affinity is crazy high, this is ridiculous.

It is a skill only possessed by the prodigies or genius masters of the Kendler Tribe. With this skill alone, you could join a gigas production team.

Just as my two bewildered companions were saying, I was able to bestow an attribute onto the P-1’s outer layer.. When it received an outside attack, it possessed a special ability to distribute the impact throughout the armor through concentric circles, regardless of how focused the attack was. Of course, the impact was dispersed, not dissipated. As such, when the armor received an attack, the entire structure vibrated like mad.

But that was where the Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights came into play. The red would absorb and accumulate the vibrations. I did not even need green, which converted external energy into vibrations. The impact of the attacks was already converted into vibrations as it dispersed through my armor, so I just needed to absorb it.


With the sound of air bursting, a figure fell down next to me. It was my brother, who was engaged with a duel with the Blade Emperor.

“Daeha!? What are you doing here? You can’t get involved in the duel!”

“What do you mean? The other side has random nobodies interfering too, right?”

I kicked away the body that caught my foot. During that short interval, more than ten enemies jumped at my brother. Of course, all of them fell to the floor with their throats cut, but the problem was that several times more enemies were slowly creeping up.

‘They are desperate.’

I could feel that their tenacity transcended death. Perhaps their commitment towards their nation and its people were forcing them to walk towards death voluntarily. It was a desperation close to madness. If not for the Hwarang group’s support, it would have been hard for my brother despite how strong he was.


My brother shouted loudly. I asked while sneaking a little closer to him.

“Why do you keep shouting that?”

“He keeps asking me if I want to stop the duel because of external interference. Not a chance.”

“Don’t get distracted, you bastard!”


The blue sword of the Blade Emperor collided with my brother’s black sword. I slipped out sideways, and the Blade Emperor shouted loudly when he saw me.

“You insolent bastard! How dare you interfere? Where do you think you are!?”

“My god, then did those guys on the ground interfere because they had an invitation? You’ve lived long enough, please act your age.”

“W, what did you say? How dare you!”

His face quickly turned read, but he could not act on his anger. He couldn’t wield his glowing, blue sword. He was restricted by the system, so it was impossible for him to attack unless he could overcome the restrictions put in place by the Great Wizard.

“Get out of the way, bastard!”

“Dammit! We need to kill that little brat! Get out of here!”

When I moved to block the group that was about to attack my brother, the Chinese warriors let loose a stream of swears with bloodshot eyes. Their attacks were vicious and full of killing intent, as if they would rip me apart in an instant before killing my brother.

Clang. Tung.

“What the hell! What’s happening?”

“What is going on!?”

But fierceness alone would not allow them to get past me. Their fists, swords, spears, and arrows were all powerless in front of my armor.

Clang. Tung. Kang.

“Ah, I should have made a shield.”

I grumbled after being hit on the head. Then, they started to pour down a barrage of attacks.

Hey! Why are you getting beat up without doing anything? You have to fight back!

Captain-nim, even though you were quite confident, you seem to have turned into a human sandbag… A human shield at best… Why don’t you just board a Gigas? I feel bad just watching.

‘Ah, stop being so noisy. I learned how to fight only a few days ago.’

I knew that I must have looked pathetic, but it could not be helped. In the first place, my reaction speed was slow, so I could not see the opponents’ attacks properly. Due to a lack of understanding of combat, I was not able to read their movements, and I could not even wield my abilities properly.

‘I can’t fight back.’

What? Why not? You shot out that shockwave earlier, right?

‘Well, I… I absorb with red and shoot out with orange, but I can’t because I keep getting hit.’

I could attack. I could defend. But I could not defend while attacking. Things were different now compared to when I was dealing with the shadow wolves. At that time, I could attack after defending, but now, the enemies’ attacks poured down constantly. Moreover, they were experts keenly observing my breathing and movements, constantly looking for a gap to dig into. If I could not switch between red and orange within 0.1 seconds, I could not even dream of countering.


Suddenly, I could feel a burning sensation in my shoulder. I turned my head in surprise, and I could see my entire arm starting to freeze over. The cold was easily piercing through the armor and hurting my body.


I instinctively used green, the power to convert external energy into vibrations, but failed. It seemed that vibration and cold were forces that were too distant from each other.

‘I might have succeeded if it were flames instead! Damn, is transforming the cold too far-fetched for now?’

The Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights could transform all types of energy systems in the world into vibrations. Kinetic energy, heat energy, electricity, and even light could be converted into vibrations. One at the peak of the Brilliant Heaven Seven Lights could even transform sunlight into vibrations, just like a plant undergoing photosynthesis. No matter what attacks one received, they could convert it into vibration energy and absorb it. It was truly bizarre.

Naturally, I was still a beginner and had not reached that level yet, so I was forced to endure the barrage of the elemental abilities.

“The elemental abilities work!”

“Dammit, what kind of armor is that!?”

“Get rid of it!”

The Chinese ability users started to attack me more actively after discovering my weakness.




All kinds of spells began to pour down on my armor. Even though P-1 covered my entire body, without the dispersion ability, it was only a regular medium-strong armor. It did not even have any magic resistance.

“Dae-ha! Are you okay?”

My brother shouted in an urgent voice. I wagged my index finger while suppressing the pain coming from my entire body.

“No worries.”

“No worries… Gah! I’ll believe you!”

My brother turned his attention back towards his own battle, and I observed the enemies in front of me. Invisible spells were flying towards me from all over the place – attacks imbued with insidious and deadly mana.

“Hmm, is this the limit of a strongman?”

As expected, I was still lacking in many places. Although I spent some time training and experiencing actual combat, I could not deal with a horde of experienced, rough warriors.


Activating the control system. Captain-nim, is it okay if I maintain command?


Just keep juicing me up with the spiritual energy!


Sparks appeared from my ice-covered chest. Then, magnetic sand began to flow like blood inside my armor.


All the available auras and the spiritual energy was sucked into the P-1. In fact, I basically gave up controlling the aura and the spirit with my own will by using this ability, but I had taken such facts into account when creating this ability. It was called Gigas Call.

As I awakened life energy, my control over the elements were dulled significantly. It was the side effect of being able to ‘resist’ and ‘interfere’ with all elements that came with training life energy. As such, it was very difficult for me to control a large number of spirits in battle, to use spirits to demonstrate special abilities, or to exert my elemental affinity into the environment in any way. If anyone else were placed in my position, they would have been considered something like a ‘failed character’ in a video game. They would have had to choose between life energy or spiritual energy and aura.

Do-goem had tried to stop me from choosing a dual class for a good reason. Some of the abilities were compatible, such as the aura and the spirit, or mana and soul energy, but there were also completely incompatible ones, such as life energy and spiritual energy.

But it did not matter to me.

My spiritual energy was entirely under the control of Ares, and my aura was absorbed into the magnetic sand created in my Unique World, which operated under Genie’s control system. The forces were supposed to clash with each other and produce detrimental results, but the enormous power of capital and environment had led to completely different results.

‘If you were born with a gold spoon in your mouth, you should advance in your own way.’

Those born into a poor family would work hard and save up money to finally open their own business. However, if one was born as the son of a chaebol, it did not make sense for them to abandon the privileges they were born with.

Crack! Crack!


Spiritual energy started to concentrate on a single point before transforming into lightning energy. It was a Lightning Heart – the final piece of the puzzle required to turn a shabby P-1 into a real gigas.


P-1 started to operate along with a mechanical whir. I felt a little faint as the spiritual power inside my body escaped at once, but instead of stumbling, I exuded and manifested my aura.

“Gigas Call.”

This was the path I would take with my abilities.

“Type. P-1”

The system responded to my call.

Skill: Gigas Call (Unique) has been created!

Grade: F

Crack! Boom!!

The vibrations I collected so far were emitted throughout the body, and the dozens of magical spells that were used to burn and freeze my armor were smashed, broken, and scattered.

‘Yeah, P-1 is a bit sloppy. I feel a little embarrassed to call it a Gigas with its performance.’

Why was it named P-1? It was because P-1 was my first model of a prototype. P-1’s outer armor was a simple structure created from metal, and it did not even possess a proper Iron Heart. I had to supply it with my own power. It did not even possess a main armament or an auxiliary armament like any other Gigas. If I had to say something nice about my first creation, it would be that it possessed a good appearance.

However, none of that really mattered right now.

The most important thing was that P-1 was a Gigas, even if it was quite shabby and lacking.

“You guys are in big trouble now.”

I laughed. From the moment P-1 transformed into a Gigas, the entire situation had shifted. My fighting skills were okay at best,

“But it’s different with my piloting.”

I lowered my posture.

And I charged.

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