Vol 2. Chapter 24.1: Dragon Devouring Ghost Blade, and His Brother I (1) Part 1

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday passed by. During that period of time, my daily routine had been the same. I went to school after having breakfast at Gyeonghoeru Pavilion. After attending the classes and going home from school, I entered the parallel world and went to Gyeongbokgung Palace. I would then go to Gyeonghoeru Pavilion to have dinner before heading to the training ground on B1 Floor of the National Palace Museum.

"Wow, you're here again today."

"That's ridiculous. A guy who's only been in the parallel world for a week..."

"Hey hey, don't look at him. Don't you know what's going on?"

I saw the Lee Family's ability users whispering as they looked at me, but I paid them no mind. This was not the same as when Kyung-eun told me not to mess with them. If they were a member of the Lee Family, no one would dare to come and start a fight with me now.

Dragon Devouring Ghost Blade was a nickname given to hyung, who eliminated Sword Saint Zhou Hongyi, owner of the Earth Dragon God Sword, and Sword Emperor Xu Jiayin, owner of the Heavenly Dragon God Sword, known as the unparalleled being under the heavens as well as the pride of China. Dragon God Swords were Sealed Armaments made by the Great Wizard. Considering the fact that they were owners of the Swords that only the Emperor could bestow, the shocking event naturally threw the entire world into an uproar.

'It's not just any normal commotion,' I thought to myself. In actual fact, the Dragon God Swords were the highest-tier decisive weapons among the armaments that existed on Earth. They were on the same tier as Gungnir, which father told Bo-ram the Magical Girl to bring out. They were frightening weapons that would spark World War III upon their mere mention. However, the heads of China's top masters who brought such a great weapon here were blown away by hyung with just a cutter knife. 'Nobody would have been able to expect this.'

War broke out when North Korea and the United States were at odds over nuclear issues, and it was the same absurd development of North Korea winning the war. If everything remained as it was, the Lee Family would have been devoured by the Zhu Family without any possibility of resistance. Therefore, they had no choice but to be overwhelmed by hyung.

Thud thuck! Thud thud thuck! The mere warming up of my body already made a brutal sound. The sound did not come from my bones, but the twisting of my muscles. I admired the sound my whole body was making, and mustered up my soul energy.

"Ares," I whispered, but nothing happened. There wasn't a 30-meter-tall God-rank Gigas in front of me, nor was there a 15-centimeter-tall spirit summoned. Still, I heard a reply.

I'm ready.

'I'll leave it to you.' My body moved at the same time as my thoughts. I didn't move it myself. The functions of my spirit, Ares, were converted into skills.

Skill: Puppet (Uncommon) Rank F

You are able to control the movements of the Spirit under consent, or leave the control of your body to the Spirit.

The conversion to skills did not mean that I had received some sort of Skill Book from the system. It was just that the system evaluated and graded a ranking to what I could do.

As soon as I activated this Spirit Skill, I conceded the right of control of my body to Ares. I did not know how this ability came about. Perhaps the lightning attribute interfered with the nervous system, or maybe it was the characteristic of the pilots that controlled the Gigas manifested in an opposite manner.

Clankk! My body, which was controlled by Ares, tied a ring-shaped weight to both of my legs. The ring, which looked like an ordinary anklet, was a magic item of 100 kilograms each, totaling up to a 200-kilogram load.

I started with chin-ups. I took a three minutes break every 100 repetitions, repeating it until my shoulders and chest muscles were bruised. Squats were next. This time, weights were put on my arms and I did 100 repetitions per sitting. Similarly, there were no set numbers in particular, and I repeated the sequence until there was something wrong with my body. Push-ups were next, where I put hundreds of kilograms of weight on my back and repeated it until I lost sensation in my arms. Then, it was sprinting. Of course, the weights that were hanging on me still remained as they were. Likewise, I ran until there was something wrong with my body. Then, after that whole process was over, I started chin-ups again.

"...This is crazy."

"How many days has it been? Is this really possible?"

"You're telling me that's a new pupil trying to learn Life Energy?"

I ignored their whispers and kept repeating the whole process. For how long was I supposed to do this? It would naturally be until morning. After that, I washed up, ate breakfast, and went to attend school again.

'Wow. In the eyes of others, I'll only look like a madman, huh?' I thought. It was a crazy amount of exercise, and it was a crazy schedule too. If the average person trained like this, they wouldn't just get a serious health problem. They would end up disabled. Even if they were a Life Energy practitioner, they wouldn't have planned their daily routine in such a way, unless they wanted to die during training. In the first place, did it make sense that there wasn't even a single minute of sleep throughout the whole day?

But this is something that makes sense to Captain-nim.

"That's true." The world that appeared before my eyes was no longer the training ground at the National Palace Museum as I answered. It was an asteroid made up of magnetic sand, which was my Unique World included in my coordinates. I was spending time in my world, while my real body was running hard on the track in reality. "Now that I think about it, they said something about magnetic sand, but is this asteroid really made up of magnetic sand?"

It's not an accurate description. The ratio of iron is the highest, but… Aside from titanium and aluminum, there is also a huge amount of gold, silver, and copper.

I looked at the land of magnetic sand for a moment. The size of the Unique World was significantly larger, perhaps due to the increased rating of the attributes. It increased to a size where it was a given that Ares could stand straight proudly, which said a lot since he previously couldn't do so. Moreover, it had an area huge enough that it would take more than 10 minutes to go around. Besides that, there was still one thing that was unusual…

Kriekkk! Chunkkk! Kriekkk! Chunkkk! As the magnetic sand was put into the drum-can-sized device, the inside shone red and spitted out iron bars. Depending on the time, sometimes a long steel frame was pulled out too. I did not know what kind of technology it was, but it was already cooled the moment it came out of the drum can. The extracted iron bars were put into a device similar to a large seal, and stamped on the ground with a bang. Just like that, tiles were spread out on the floor.

Be careful, Captain-nim!

"Ack, alright."

The slender beauty, who warned me energetically, walked past me while holding up a big steel frame. Even though it did not match her slender shoulders and delicate fingers, the steel frame was stuck to the ground as if it was a flag pole. Fire was released from her fingers to weld it.

"What a spectacular sight..." I mumbled. The brown ponytail of the woman passing by me fluttered gently. Along with a 'Thuuuump!', the building materials were dropped, then the translucent silk wrapped around her waist fluttered and revealed a piece of fabric which was a chip in porridge. The outfit was one that the desert dancers would wear, seemingly very revealing and even impudent. The fabric around the lower body was translucent, while the upper body was covered with a chest cover wrapped around the neck, revealing not only the waist and belly but also cleavage. Therefore, even a lunatic could see for a fact that this was not something that construction workers should be dressed in. "Genie, is it impossible to change that Character Image?"

Ah! Are you uncomfortable with this appearance? As she turned away in bewilderment, Genie's chest, which violated the laws of physics and was as big as her face, jiggled.

"It's not that it's uncomfortable. It's just that it's a bit too much when you're doing construction work."

But I don't have a choice. Because my creator-nim set the same security level of the self-destruct code for my Character Image... This cannot be changed even with the authority of the Captain.

"What exactly does that creator do for a living?" I asked. There must have been customers who did not want it or wanted to change it, but he displayed an indomitable conviction in such strange areas. It was just a hologram used to cover the Metal Body anyway, but it still felt strange… I felt like I was an evil owner who made a frail woman do manual labor, while only watching from the side. "By the way, how long do you think it will take to complete the dormitory?"

With only three Metal Bodies brought in, as well as limited equipment, I believe it will take at least another 15 hours. 

"It takes quite a while huh," I commented, but I was glad that at least all the raw materials are in here. I listened to her reply and checked the attribute.

Attribute: Unique World(Legend++++) Rank E

Dimensional Realm Class-0 Authority

"What kind of description is this lacking? There's not even a Skill Point, so what's the point?" I muttered.

My Unique World was a complex ability in many ways. For starters, there was the fact that my existence was overlapped with the Unique World and reality. I existed in reality, but at the same time, I existed in the Unique World. In other words, my existence overlapped and existed in two dimensions at the same time.

This phenomenon was difficult to explain both in physics and in spiritual study. It wasn't just my spirit simply moving back and forth between the two bodies, but my existence itself was free from the material dimensions.

It was also a unique point that the world that was included in my coordinates was not just a world of imagination, but a dimension that allowed me to travel between the Physical Realm. It was an ability that could also be used as a subspace if desired, but it was not possible to bring over objects from reality to my Unique World at will.

Captain-nim, when will you be able to make your next entry?

"I don't know exactly when, because that is based on my senses. About a quarter of a day or so?" I hazarded an estimation.

It was possible for me to enter the Unique World and bring over anything that was in my hands. There were no restrictions, as it was possible to even bring over lifeforms and magical items. However, it did not mean that I could endlessly bring objects over, so the only restriction would be weight. To be exact, should I say it was mass? I could only bring a few kilograms of stuff from reality into the Unique World at a time, so I had to bring parts of Genie's Metal Body over and then assemble it together.

However, there were two specific things to note in these constraints. First, the constraints of mass were more strict on non-living things as compared to living things. If I wanted to bring things from reality into the Unique World, the limit would be a few kilograms at a time. However, if the target was a lifeform, it was a different story. I could enter with as little as 20, and as much as 30, so I had already brought a lot of livestock like chickens and pigs.

Secondly, while external materials were difficult to be brought over to the Unique World, there were no restrictions on taking out materials from the Unique World. Therefore, even if I made a huge building out of metal in here, I could take it out wherever I was. I could literally take a building out of my pocket! However, if I immediately took it out like that, it couldn't be put back into the Unique World. This was because it was subject to the constraints of mass.

'It's definitely a great ability, but it's ambiguous in many ways.' Anyway, for that reason, I could not use the Unique World like a giant subspace. It was hard to move the tools of Albatross for the purpose of construction. Hence, I didn't have the leisure to put the cash I was carrying around into the subspace and bring it out as I wished. That being the case, there was only one person who freely came and went in this space regardless of mass.

Dae-ha, it's morning.

It was the 'person' involved, who contracted with me, and made this world together.

"Huh, already?!"

Yes, you brat. That Aura materialization or something seems like a lot of fun, huh? You even left the exercise to me.

"Haha, I appreciate it." I smiled bashfully and got up from where I was sitting. Chwareukkk! As my Aura control was lifted, the tower that was stacked up collapsed. While my body was running in reality, I was honing my Aura materialization here. I went up to the bed that was prepared on one side and laid down. Fluffff! If I went back to reality, the body of my Unique World would cover and replace the rest and sleep of my tired body. "As expected, it's fascinating. I can't believe a bed made wholly of metal could have this sort of sensation."

As I was amazed by the feeling that buried all over my body, Genie replied, It's technology, Captain-nim. The turner alloys processed by the Eckel Construction Method had a fabric-like...

Shwarrrrr-! Genie's voice was buried by the pouring water. As I accepted the hot heat that soaked my whole body, I knew I was back in reality. "Well then." I wiped the water off with a towel and left the room. "Let's go eat." I let out a smile without realizing it. Whether it was the fate of Earth or the war between nations, it was a devoted and peaceful daily routine.

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