Side Story - I am a Pet (4)

Focus your mind and resonate all the superpowers you have with me! I have all the bloodlines you have too, so you don't have to worry about the types!

Kwakkkkkk! Bang! Swanggg! Flames were set ablaze, while a severe and bitter cold froze all molecular motion. The space was distorted and split apart, then it killed everything that was inside of it.

Matt's body was so strengthened that it could withstand clashing with the enemy, which was over hundreds of thousands of tons. Moreover, even if she was hit by a deadly blow, she would return to her original state as if time turned back.

Just sense it! A loud and direct yell violently slammed against Dong-min, who was out of his mind due to the intense and gruesome battle.

This is! Again, the Unnamed and Matt collided head-on. The beak made of gemstone was so powerful that it could penetrate through the defense of the mighty Transcendence Weapon, hitting Matt’s body. Hot blood spurted out like a volcanic eruption, but she did not care about it at all.

The Great Universe's strongest superpower! Matt wasn't born with a special bloodline. Instead, she was a mixed breed that had low recognition among the dragon species who valued the pure-blooded. However, the complexity of the various dragon-bloods mutated in the body of Matt, who had been fighting and struggling for a long time. This was a reason why she could become a member of the War Dragon Unit.

Bang! Her mana, along with her powerful superpower, swelled up like a balloon. Not just the other dragon species, but even the Prajna—who was considered the strongest group of superpower users—would not dare to imitate her transcendental manifestation ability.

Kwakkkkk! Krraccckkk! Hmph! Matt's right wing, which was torn and blown away, transformed into the form of another dragon. Then, the Transcendence Weapon, Matt's Right Wing Armor, turned into the form of a full-body armor to cover her clone. A part of her body, and a part of the Transcendence Weapon that protected her body, began to move on their own.

'This is incredible... Is this the War Dragon Unit?' Dong-min wondered to himself.

Although the War Dragon Unit was not made up of the strongest dragons, the strongest fighter of the dragons was definitely the War Dragon Unit.

The War Dragon Unit, one of the Great Universe's strongest combat forces, received a huge budget and all kinds of special support that couldn't even be usually provided. It was something that the inferior civilizations would not even dare to imagine.

Among the dragon species, 100 dragons were carefully selected to receive brutal training and lessons at the same time. They were rare talents who could completely receive the special support and the strong armaments. Therefore, the bare body of the War Dragon Unit was nothing more than a low-rank transcendent skilled in battle. However, each member of the War Dragon Unit, which moved on the Noblesse's support, was comparable to an Emperor-class.

Just like how there was a difference in combat prowess between an ordinary human and a mixed martial artist, despite both of them being human, and how there was a difference between a mixed martial artist and a fully armed soldier… They both acted as the Combat Weapons of the dragons and the Noblesse.


In the midst of the frontlines of the Great Universe, Dong-min saw the manifestation of a mighty superpower and became dazed. He was riding inside Matt's helmet, but he was enveloped by her Aura. He could feel her powers, which were familiar, as if they were his own.

Haaaaaaaaah----!! Flash! Dong-min slowly closed his eyes when he saw the red flames and the blue lightning exploding forth. As the pitch-black universe was dyed by the explosion, he slowly felt it… The frontlines of the Great Universe.


As Matt fell after opening and entering the door, a surprised Dong-min hugged her. "Matt?!" Although Dong-min’s physical strength had already exceeded the limits of humans, she was still too heavy. Dong-min staggered.

Also, Matt’s body was as hot as a ball of fire. In fact, it was literally a ball of fire… Kriekkk---! An armour of water, containing cold air below -100 degrees, wrapped around Dong-min's entire body. It turned into steam, and dispersed everywhere in a matter of seconds.

"Are you alright?"

"Ahh... It's cooling..." Matt, who looked as if she was halfway through to losing her mind, snuggled into Dong-min’s arms. She had a hazy expression on her face.

"This shi-..." Dong-min gave Matt the princess carry and moved to the bedroom.

The tremendous heat that was exuding from within Matt, and the cold air that was released by Dong-min, offset each other. It was surprising that the enormous amount of steam being generated did not cause any problems to arise.

'That's amazing. With the amount of steam, no matter how wide a house was, it would be normal for it to turn into a sauna.' Although Dong-min was fascinated, it was actually a natural thing. The house they occupied was designed in a modern way, but it was still the Dragon Lair. It was a place that was considered the congregation of all kinds of magic.

"Owhhhh, I'm dying..."

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, it's kind of like this whenever I return from work. By the way, it's really cooling... I like it a lot..."

"Uwahhhh?! Matt?!" Dong-min, who was about to lay Matt down in the bedroom, fell on the bed. A pair of slender arms were wrapped around his neck.

"Ahhh~ I'm so tired... The War Dragon Unit sucks... Get me discharged from duty, these snake-like bastards!!!"

Collared by Matt’s arms and lying on the bed, Dong-min took in the sight of Matt suddenly screaming. He then asked, "Are you being forced to do it?"

"Rather than being forced, it's more like the duty of a strong warrior. Well, it's not like I don't understand why they can't discharge me from my duty. They produced five Transcendence Weapons for my exclusive-use, so they wouldn't let me go free so easily."

When she was in combat as part of the War Dragon Unit, Matt handled a total of six Transcendence Weapons, including five Transcendence Weapons made for her and a Numbering that was widely known in the entire universe. She also utilized soul imprinting, as well as dozens of technique armaments. That resulted in her capability of displaying the battle power of an Emperor-class, but...the whole process would naturally put a lot of pressure on her.

"I'm gonna die, really..." Matt groaned. It was understandable because, if Transcendence Weapons were weapons that gave their owners a mighty power without any recoils, then the great forces of the universe would not have only aimed for battleships that were above Terra-class simply because they did not have enough transcendence-grade Captains. In fact, if power was promised without recoil, it was possible that the leaders of the huge forces would have monopolized the Transcendence Weapons by now. Even if Matt had a special kind of power, and her Transcendence Weapons were made exclusively for her, there was a limit.

“The birdhead was stronger than I thought, so I dragged the battle on for too long. Well, I managed to eradicate more than 15 percent of that bastard, so I should pass the baton to the others." Then, after mumbling “I’ve done my part,” Matt softly drowned herself in the comfort of the bed.

Dong-min slightly mustered up strength in his leg. He quickly said, "Then I'll be waiting outside."

"Where do you think you're going, come here~♡ Phewww~ My Dong-min is so lovely~♡"

"Uppphh?!" Dong-min was pulled into Matt’s arms with such force that he could not put up any resistance. Although he still resisted by wriggling his body around with a flushed face, he could not properly muster up any strength because he was exerting the superpower of cold air.

"Hehe, it feels good. It's cooling,” Matt giggled while hugging Dong-min tightly. Kriekkk-! Steam continued to be generated, but it seeped through the white ceiling and disappeared just like that. Moreover, even the bed they were lying on was soft and fuzzy.


"Agh, again..." In the end, Dong-min realized that Matt had fallen asleep and sighed deeply, but that was all he could do. "I can't even sleep because of the heat..." He ignored the blissful sensation that gave him goosebumps behind his neck. He then released a stronger and much more intense chill.

Just like that, another day was passing by.


Time flowed like water, and the initially 187 centimeters tall Dong-min grew to 198 centimeters. That sight made Matt ask in shock, "What the, what's this? Didn't you have the body of an adult?"

"What do you mean adult... I'm at the peak of my growth," Dong-min commented, and he was right. He was 18 years old when he first came to Dragonian, so he had been a high school student as well as a minor! The fact that Dong-min was still at a growing age was something that the Prestige members, who followed him, dared not think about. Therefore, even his original height of 187 centimeters was subjected to a process of growth.

"Ughhhh, what the, no. Grow shorter. It's uncomfortable to hug you and sleep because you grew big."

"Then you can just sleep alone."

"I don't wannaaaaaaaa~~"

As he ignored the whining Matt, Dong-min looked in the mirror. The reflection was of a man in his mid-20s, with a perfect proportion of 8.5 heads tall [1]. His mouth slightly twitched without anyone knowing. 'Hmm. Now I'm at least able to face her.'

Dong-min was 2 meters, no, to be exact, 198 centimeters tall. When he faced Matt, who had a 70-centimeter-tall horn hanging on her head, she still overwhelmed him. However, he had at least caught up to a similar height. If he now stood face-to-face with her, he would be able to meet her at eye level at the very least.

"You're not going to grow bigger, right?"

"I'm 25 years old now, so there's no way I'll become taller."

Again, time went by like flowing water... Before Dong-min knew it, he had already been in Dragonian for over 7 years.

This was also the period of time that Matt continued to fight. The War Dragon Unit usually dealt with the Unnamed, who were beings without a name, but she did not only deal with them. From the battleships of the Great Pirates, Basara; the Legion, who ambushed the Kendler tribes research lab to obtain Forbidden Weapons; and the Grotesque, who spread disasters across planets and galaxies; to the internal renegade of the Union… She did them all.

Dong-min was always with Matt, usually boarding her Transcendence Weapon and watching her battles. Depending on the situation, however, he sometimes helped or even fought together, and...

This is the famous Sky Whale meat!

It's dry though.

It's still good though, right? Do you know how precious this is?!

They ate together.

My lovable Dong-min~♡

Just please go to sleep alone!

No, no can do. I like it because you're so fuzzy and warm. 

They slept together.

Now, you're going to start with a fist on my cheek.

Will you be alright?

What? Puhahaha! You're even worrying about me now, you sure have grown a lot!

Dong-min received lessons.

It's the Valley of the Spirits! This isn't a place that just anything can come in to!

Kuwaackkkk! Keuk... Ugghhh!

Aigooo, this shameful sight... Get your act together and just look at the scenery! It's super cool! If they decided to set an admission fee, they'll probably be able to buy a country on your planet! 

They went on trips and, while doing so, it was slowly changing. Dong-min was the boss of Prestige, a world-famous group of superpower users. He was a merciless iron-blood fighter known as the world's strongest superpower user and, at the same time, he was an extremely notorious terrorist that everyone in the world feared. In particular, the story of when he escaped after single-handedly annihilating the Black Wizard Group, Romance, at just 10 years old was so great that it was passed down as a legendary story among the superpower users.

From the moment Dong-min was born, the whole world—even those who gave birth to him and raised him—were all enemies. Life was a series of suffering. He always died, killed, received injuries, and lost things. He was a living weapon, an incarnation of wrath, and a revenger. Nonetheless, his whole life was also a series of intense struggle and training, and still…

Master! It's about time!


As Dong-min raised a question upon hearing the previous remark, Matt replied, "Ahhh, I have an appointment today."

"Are you going out?”

Matt was also an office worker, or an office dragonite for accuracy, so there were times when she had to move alone. During that time, Dong-min would continue training at Matt's Lair. This place was Dragonian, the world of the dragons, and Dong-min could not attend every event as he was a human.

But unexpectedly, Matt shook his head.

1. In Korea, they regard this as the perfect proportion. It means your height is 8.5 times the height of your head.

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