Side Story - I am a Pet (3)

Broooooom-----!! Something raised its head with a tremendous roar, as if the world was about to collapse.

Oh my God. Dong-min was overwhelmed by the tremendous pressure and could not move a single inch. His limbs went numb and his mind went blank, as if the blood in his entire body was drying up.

That thing assumed the appearance of a bird. The proportion of its head was extremely large, making up about half of its entire body. Furthermore, it was only perceived as similar to a bird due to its beak. In actual fact, it did not look very much like a bird at all. It had seven irregular eyes, a beak made out of gemstones, and eight arms instead of wings. The bird basically had an appalling appearance, but its size was still the most gruesome factor.

Crazy… Dong-min let out a groan again. Despite the enormous distance between them, the bird floated in the middle of the universe, and the space surrounding it was bent. That bird was as ginormous as the sun.

Ahhh, this is annoying. It's going to take a long time. It's <Destruction> <Bird> <Indolence> <Final Boss> <Foolish> <Gigantic>. 

Dong-min expressed his doubts at the list of words that were unbeknownst to him. Don't tell me there are a few of them?

That's not it. I'm saying that that bastard is <Destruction> <Bird> <Indolence> <Final Boss> <Foolish> <Gigantic>.

What does that mean? Is that its name?

It doesn't have a name. That thing is a being without a name. An Unnamed. Aghh... This is so annoying. I'm fine with everything else, but it's the worst to have the <Destruction> property and the <Final Boss> setting stuck together. 

Unnamed. It was the start of The Great War that spread a sense of crisis—the possibility of total annihilation throughout the entire universe—400 years ago, and it was a trace of him.

If so...

The Great Father.

The Great Father was a being born from emptiness during the beginning of the world. He threw himself into emptiness to create the Great Universe. His thoughts, ideas, plans and designs was what created today's world.

But even he was imperfect. 

Are you saying that it was an existence made by mistake?

Something like that. That is, so to speak, just an idea. Imagine if you're a novelist, there are times when you work on a particular setting only to eventually throw it away, because it was not that good, right? Those things were asleep in his consciousness, and they just suddenly pop out like that. Dealing with that is the War Dragon Unit and Fairyland's main task. 

Hahh… Dong-min could not keep his mouth shut as it was something that was on such a huge scale. Wasn't this literally a scene out of a myth? He thought, 'And I was wondering what kind of things the War Dragon Unit and Fairyland do.'

Even though the War Dragon Unit and Fairyland were considered one of the strongest military forces in the entire universe, they were only minimally active. Just like a shadow without substance, only their fame was spread throughout the universe. However, looking at Matt's enemy now, Dong-min could see why the reputation of the War Dragon Unit was so great.

As I said before, that thing is an existence made from a list of keywords such as <Destruction> <Bird> <Indolence> <Final Boss> <Foolish> <Gigantic>. It is incomplete, but that is why it's even more outrageous. It doesn't have an appropriate limit within the Great Universe's worldview. 

Wiiiiingggg----A strange resonance echoed from Matt's body while she was explaining. Floating in space, Dong-min turned his head to see a ray of light radiated from her body. Groarrrrr!! In a blink of an eye, her body enlarged. 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters, 40 meters...100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters...

'This is...' Dong-min stared blankly at Matt's true body. Her basic form was similar to that of the Crimson Dragon, considered one of the Western Dragons. However, the horns that hung off of her head were commonly seen in Eastern Dragons. Her wings were quite small compared to her size, but she generally appeared proportionate due to her slim, long waist and limbs.

Although it may not have been comparable to the Unnamed, who was of a planetary-scale, Matt's true body was so huge that Dong-min was about to lose consciousness. Her size was between a Super Tall (Buildings over 300 meters high) and a Mega Tall (Buildings over 600 meters high). If it was based on the number of floors, her height would be around the height of at least 90 to 100 floors.

But nevertheless, 'Beautiful...' Dong-min was mesmerized, staring at her figure. Her body, floating in the desolate space, was giving off a gentle light that seemed to be magical. Dong-min had never imagined that such a huge and unrealistic being could be so beautiful.

Well then, shall we go? Set! The space split along with the loud phrase. Wooooom--Clunk! Clunk! In a flash, a huge armor covered Matt's entire body.

Transcendental Number Range 1000s. Matt's right wing armor.

Transcendental Number Range 1000s. Matt's left wing armor.

Transcendental Number Range 1000s. Matt's wild chest.

Transcendental Number Range 1000s. Matt's helmet.

Transcendental Number Range 1000s. Matt's steps.

The ultimate personal armament crafted by the concentrated capabilities of the Magical Civilization and the Technological Civilization that reached the apex were around her. The Ultimate personal armament, personally crafted for her and her alone through the Noblesse's astronomical budget, covered her red scales.

A Transcendence Weapon separated by parts. It was an outrageous equipment that no one would dare to mimic, unless they were a Noblesse. It looked like a vanity that was beyond luxury. Although it did not enter the ranks of a Numbering because it lacked Divine Spirit, it was a Battle Weapon comparable to the Numbering in terms of power output.


This is… As soon as Matt's whole body was covered in armor, Dong-min's face turned pale at the path of flames that began to set ablaze. Those were flames that appeared and set the enemies ablaze.

Numbering ranked 111. Amaterasu.

Flash! As the flames burst out like light, Matt's whole body began shining like a solar prominence projecting from the sun. Unlike the God-rank Gigas, Ra, which was named after another Sun God, it was a Transcendence Weapon that existed as a flame without any specific form.

Well then, it's done. Dong-min, get in!

What do you mean get in? What do you mean by that? As Dong-min was perplexed at that moment... Shiiiiingg! The background changed in an instant. He realized that he had moved into a room that was about the width of two container boxes. Although he remained oblivious, this was a space prepared inside the Transcendence Weapon, Matt's Helmet.

Get a grip! Now then! 

Whoooooskk----!! Dong-min felt that his soul was being sucked into the soul of the gigantic Matt. Her huge and gigantic, as well as high status, soul that burned with a brilliant spirit. Here we go! While she yelled, Matt's body charged forward at the speed of light.

The huge Unnamed that had the keywords <Destruction> <Bird> <Indolence> <Final Boss> <Foolish> <Gigantic> turned its head slowly.

-Wh-%[email protected]!wha-&?

As its beak opened, something invaded Matt's body, along with a peculiar sound that was hard to even understand.

A Setting. Rules, which was of a completely different realm from the current Great Universe, began to interfere with the body and soul of Matt. Get the hell out, you fucker! Do you think I've only dealt with something like you once or twice?!

Kwaaaanggg--!! A red flame, akin to light, was burning. Matt burned the power of the Setting that tried to interfere with her, which was a possibility. It was the power of the Divine Spirit, which solely existed in her, and was unwavering no matter what came her way.

[email protected]!&hu-?

Crazy… Dong-min groaned at the sight of the huge bird that instantly enlarged. To his dismay, when the Unnamed's attack was blocked, it wanted to have a hand-to-hand fight!

Broooooom-----!!! The mass of existence was as enormous as the sun, capable of distorting the surrounding space just with its presence. Hence, a hand-to-hand fight with that kind of existence was literally nothing short of a disaster. No matter how big Matt's body was, it was less than a speck of dust as compared to the size of the Unnamed. It wasn't an exaggeration; a single brush of its beak could shatter something the size of Earth into smithereens.

I knew this would happen! It doesn't have a <Intelligence> keyword! 

Kigigik! Chakak! Along with the heavy tremors, Matt's right wing armor transformed into the form of a huge weapon.

- Permission to use the Forbidden Weapon in the name of Levitt, the 7th Great Elder of Dragonian.

Can't you just let me use it on my own volition?

- What crazy-sounding nonsense.

Dragonian's Great Elder, Levitt, laughed bitterly. This was because the situation would turn grave if Matt used the Forbidden Weapon wrongly, and caused the Ancient Human to come looking for the Noblesse.

No, to be honest, it was a problem of an even higher degree. If things went wrong, and Matt destroyed the Setting for no reason, a problem might arise in the flow of the Great Universe. On top of that, there was a chance that it might uselessly attract the attention of the Great Father. Its progress in a good direction would be fine, but its progress in a very bad direction, and with bad luck, would put the collapse of the Union into consideration.

- You must handle the Forbidden Weapon with care, no matter what.

I know, I know alright. It's just a joke. 

- Tch tch. You're already old enough...

The sound of the clicking of the tongue was getting farther away.

Now then, stuff yourself with this for now! Meanwhile, a round bullet was mounted on Matt's armor. It looked similar to a bazooka, so to speak, and it was placed on her shoulder.

Dong-min was not aware of it, but that was literally the top-level secret that the Union had used to defeat the Unnamed and end The Great War.

The Stage 5 Civilization, the Forbidden Weapons. Setting Destruction Shot.


What?! Dong-min, who had permission to feel a unison with Matt's soul, was struck by a sense of urgency. He saw the appearance of the Unnamed, which clashed with Matt—it got smaller. Of course, the Unnamed was still larger than Matt, but its current size was only twice as big. A creature larger than the sun, whose presence itself was a disaster, was able to be reduced to just over a kilometer in size... What the hell was going on? Was its earlier size an illusion?

Was it, perhaps, because Matt could sense Dong-min's confusion at the unbelievable sight? While colliding with the Unnamed that had a peculiar skin which couldn't be distinguished between scales or feathers, Matt explained, There are no rules for those things. Because they don't have a rule of law, they could go against the laws of the Great Universe at will. However, to put it the other way round, the Setting that they derived on their own will could be disrupted too. Anyway, it's still this big even though I've already done this much. Is it because of the <Gigantic> keyword?

While she was grumbling, the beak fell off. Kwakkkkk! Matt's right wing snapped off from the tremendous blow, which aimed for the opening where she had removed the armor parts to create a launch pad for the Forbidden Weapon to fire.


Yes, yes! Dong-min responded loudly to the unexpected call.

Then, Matt bit the body of the Unnamed with her sharp teeth. Kwakkkkk! Krrragghhhhhh!! The dimension distorted from the teeth that bit the Unnamed. The flames of Amaterasu was burning up from her body as she cried out, Open your soul wide! Resonate with it! This is the best lesson for you!

The dragon species were existences at the pinnacle of irrationality, as they could attain the realm of transcendence just by growing older. However, a difference in individual gaps naturally existed—physical aptitude, magical aptitude, spiritual aptitude, and even the difference in preference.

The dragon species was born with an overwhelming magical aptitude, and were called the Species of Magic. However, there were countless dragons among them who preferred martial arts over magic. There were also those who had no interest in battle, devoting themselves to a life of culture. On the other hand, there were still those who had no interest in any kind of spirituality and dedicated their long life only to art. So what more could be said about the difference in preference? It was needless to say that some among the dragon species specialized in combat.

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