Side Story - I am a Pet (2)

'What kind of dimensional distortion is this...' The seemingly normal city had more than one or two dimensional distortions in between. They bent, broke, or connected to other locations. Matt and Dong-min were just walking along, but were still jumping all over the place. It was as if the space was contracting.

The system looked quite convenient, but there weren't any separate signboards or dimensional portals in place. If a being who did not comprehend the dimensional distortion were to enter the city, they would never be able to get out of the city, wandering around for eternity.

Swoooshh! The place they arrived after crossing over the distorted space was an odd building. It was twisted in a spiral-shape. Matt went inside without the slightest hesitation, and Dong-min followed suit. As they entered the building… Wiiiiingggg. Along with a mechanical sound, the sleeping building which was the Dragon Lair began to move.

You're back, Master! Crimson Devil-nim has delivered 17 messages! 1 message has been delivered from the Senate!

"Agh, why is that ahjumma[1] making such a fuss again? Ah, and I've already checked the Senate's message."

Don't say it through words and just synchronize with me please... What era are we in nowadays? Do I still have to report every single thing to you in such a manner?

"Ahhhh, shut up. I'm already annoyed with the Integrated Tactical System." As Matt entered the door and snapped her fingers, the clothes covering her body disappeared. It was as if the clothes melted into water, revealing her well-trained body.

Plop! "Hummm!" Dong-min momentarily flinched at the shocking sight, but he soon pulled himself together. He got back on his feet and shut his gaping mouth. 'Matt is not human. Moreover, she is also a transcendent who transcends her own destiny. What if a mortal were to meddle due to such a trivial matter of courtesy? There probably isn't anyone as pathetically old-fashioned as me in the whole world. I've also never heard of a dragon wearing clothes in their true body...'

Matt, looking at Dong-min somehow convincing himself, said, "Hmmm, then should we roughly plan out a schedule? How long do you plan to be here?"

"There's no exact schedule, but it'll be troubling if it's more than five years."

"That's too short..." Matt mumbled and snapped her fingers again. Swhhooook. Her naked body was covered with a tight T-shirt and shorts. It was a strange scene, as if the clothes were being printed with a 3D printer. It was a sight that basically proclaimed that her skills—for the sake of convenience—had reached a level where it was hard for Dong-min, who was human, to understand.

However, Dong-min thought there was a slight problem… 'The time frame between her taking off her clothes and putting them back on was too long!'

The fact that Matt did not continue to go on naked, and actually wore clothes sometime later, meant that she did not go around naked on a daily basis. But then again, if one were to think about it, she wore clothes when she was out and about. Even if that was not her true body, there was no way that there wouldn't be a culture of wearing clothes for a dragon, who was a higher-being.

As Dong-min's thoughts progressed in that direction, he realized, 'She doesn't care whether my attention was on her or not.'

When someone changed their clothes at home, they wouldn't really care if their pet cat saw them changing. Even when going to the bathroom, or having a relationship with their lover, or even a scene that was shameful to others… If the one watching it was a dog or a cat, it would not really matter.

"Now then, come here."

"You want me to come to you?"

As Dong-min questioned Matt's sudden remark, she opened up her arms. "Come here into my arms."

"What kind of crazy bullsh---Ughhh?!" In an instant, an irresistible force pulled Dong-min in and he flew into Matt's arms. The process was as fast and accurate as a pitcher who threw the ball into the catcher's mitt. By the time he came to his senses, he was already in Matt's arms.

Shiiiiingg! Just like that, the surrounding environment changed rapidly. They teleported from the sparse and metallic room that they had seen upon entering the first floor of the building, to a spacious living room.

Dong-min, who had a Spatial-type superpower, naturally knew that they had teleported. He opened the door on the first floor of the building, moving from the metal castle room to the spacious living room.

'Oh my God, I can't resist it at all?' Dong-min was also a strong superpower user, considered to be within the top ten in the whole world, when it came to spatial attribute abilities. Of course, 'world' referred to Earth here. When it came to just spatial movements that did not use magic tools or any attendants, his resistance ability was by no means weak. However, it was all ignored. He was literally forced to move with Matt, who clearly had the capability of teleporting him deep underground whenever she wanted to. That was even against a spatial-type ability user!

"Uuushaaa!" Matt strode along, hugging the shocked Dong-min. She arrived at the sofa located at one corner of the living room, plopping down without a moment of hesitation. Ploof! As if it was made of cotton candy, the sofa gently distorted its shape. She let out a groan."Uwaaaahhh~ Feels good!"

"You, you... YOU!" Dong-min, who had finally come to his senses, struggled with all his might. Kwaaaaaak. It was unfortunately a meaningless resistance.

"Awwwwwwww...! You're so cute! Look at you flipping over!"

"Wha-What? Let go of me!" Dong-min opened his mind wide and manifested his soul power in reality. It was a mighty force that would even crush an armored vehicle in a single blow, if aimed properly. However, as expected, it was of no use.


"Ugghhh! Uppppphh ugghhhhhh!!" Dong-min struggled while in the arms of Matt, who boasted a towering height of 2 meters. His face was buried in her chest, making it difficult for him to even breathe properly.

'She's insane!' If the rest of the members of Prestige on Earth saw this sight, they would be out of their mind at this unacceptable reality. Who would have imagined that their leader, who was always charismatic and had previously resolved numerous crises and battles, would receive this kind of treatment? Even Dong-min himself had difficulty accepting this current reality!

'Hahhh.' However, Dong-min soon came to his senses and stopped struggling. He gave up trying to resist. 'If it was me on Earth, I would have struggled until I died.' However, he had already completely abandoned his pride of the past upon coming out to the Great Universe. He had experienced numerous battles, as well as witnessed a number of transcendents, after all. He still felt that the current situation was humiliating, but he had the composure to recognize that he was in the position of a complete weakling.

"Ack! I'm sorry. It's suffocating, isn't it?" Matt smiled brightly and hugged Dong-min again in another way. From her expression and attitude, Dong-min could tell that she had no intention of ridiculing or mocking him.

"...Must I stay in this position?"


"What an immediate reply..."

"Think of it as a teaching fee. You little brat, do you know how amazing it is to be coached one-on-one by a member of the War Dragon Unit?" Matt's voice was filled with mischievousness, but Dong-min could not refute it. She spoke the truth. If there was an advertisement that a transcendent would give lessons on Earth, there would be a cloud of attendees who would give up all their wealth or even their lives. Something like being held in her arms wasn't even considered a price. Plus, wasn't she an amazing beauty?

"Well, fine then. What should we start with?"

"What do you mean from what... Humm~~ Humm~~" Matt pondered… Patt patt patt. Holding Dong-min in her arms, she patted his head gently. "For starters~~ Hmm, alright then. What do you think a person with superpower is?"

Patt patt patt. Speechless, Dong-min was emotional. He felt something surging up within him at the touch of Matt, who kept petting his head. Thankfully, he soon took a breather and calmed his mind down. Then, he answered, "A mutant."

"Ohhhooo~ So, that's how you understood it, huh. Well, it's not completely wrong, but that's the perspective of an inferior species like you."

"Are you saying it's actually different?"

"Of course. If you say that to the Prajnas, you'll be ridiculed as a fool," Matt commented.

The Prajna, a transcendental species that occupies one of the pillars of Noblesse, along with the dragon species, had the mere appearance of a small and cute cat in the eyes of humans. However, ignoring them based on their appearance alone would result in one paying dearly for it. After all, they were born with mighty superpowers. Their high intelligence was great enough to kill an Intermediate-rank Demon while remaining seated. Although they almost had no physical abilities, their mental and spiritual powers were truly terrifying. The Prajna tribe wasn't said to have equal power with the dragon species for no reason.

"By the way..." Patt patt patt. Matt, who was still holding Dong-min in her arms, continued patting his head and said, "Ultimately, they learnt magic too, you know?"

"Do you mean to say that there was a limit to their growth?"

"Limit or whatever, superpowers do not even fall into the category of spirituality in the first place. It's just a kind of phenomenon." Matt further explained that this was the reason why it was extremely rare to successfully reach the realm of transcendence just by honing their superpowers. They needed to have a supplementary alternative.

"A supplementary alternative?"

"That's right. It doesn't matter whether it was magic, martial arts, or Chakra. At birth, you were born with the blood of a God. However, unless the power of your soul was able to grow endlessly, the potential to grow would naturally be limited."

Dong-min laughed bitterly at the remark. "That's right." Back when he was on Earth, he received the evaluation of 'Being equivalent to a Compléter before becoming an adult.' However, there was always a 'But...' attached to the same evaluation.

Dong-min was a Swordsmanship Compléter who created Sword Qi by manifesting his Inner Qi on the outside. In other words, he was a Magic Compléter who was capable of a Sword Master or Technique resonance. That was to say, he had power that was equivalent to a Magus, while possessing the largest number of superpowers back on Earth. Compared to the Sword Masters who only had martial powers, or the Magus who had a low reaction speed, Dong-min had a wide variation and battle capabilities. Hence, he could be called the strongest of all within his age range.

But...that was all of it. Dong-min's growth had actually plateaued since the age of 12. Of course, he was gradually maturing as he accumulated combat experiences and trained his body. However, his potential remained unchanging.

Those who used superpowers would become stronger and faster than any other spiritual users, but their limits were definite. Otherwise, Dong-min wouldn't have taken the risk of entering Suho-Ilmaek[2] and inherited the Vajra Scepter of Jeseokcheon for no reason.

"For a human being, training superpowers is simply like training a fighting technique," Matt went on. Poooong! With a light hand gesture, a droplet of water floated up in the air. The droplet soon turned into the figure of a human, demonstrating all kinds of martial arts. "Of course, you're completely different from a normal human, right?"

Kraaaghhhh! Just then, a tail formed behind the water doll that was demonstrating the fighting technique. Its arms were then extended to four. Matt subsequently added, "That's what it is, after all. Superpowers are... I mean, it's the same as the arms and legs that one has since birth, or the tails and wings that others cannot have. The more you train, the more you can handle it. However, it is extremely difficult to progress upwards. It's just like simply training in the martial arts technique, such as boxing and hapkido, would almost never allow someone to cross over to the realm of superhumans." Baaang! The water doll disappeared with her hand gesture.

Dong-min mumbled with a grave expression, "But...I have opened too many pathways. I won't be able to master martial arts or life energy."

"Your body and soul have already taken a different path from the existing ability users, so you can't follow the traditional spiritual training methods. You would ultimately have to learn the training method that is suitable for a superpower user from scratch, but..."


"You won't have to do that when you have me!" Matt smiled and hugged Dong-min tightly. "Trust me and follow my lead. Ehhew~ Our Dong-min."

"I haven't even met you for a long time..."

Patt patt patt. Matt cooed, "There, there."


"There th-Zzzz..."

Realizing that Matt had fallen asleep with him in her arms, Dong-min shook his head as he was flabbergasted. Just in case, he tried to move his body, but Matt's body did not budge while laying on the fluffy sofa. "This is worrying."

Bo-ram decided to stay at the house of the old man, who was called the Great Elder. What she needed now was not training, but renewing her contract with the Golden Dragon God. That was only possible for an existence that belonged to the Senate.

In other words, only Matt and Dong-min would continue their classes in this house… "Ummmm..." Ummmphh! Dong-min flinched at Matt's touch, as she was mumbling and hugging his body tightly. There was a pleasant scent coming from Matt, who was hugging him from behind. "… It's big," he mumbled with a flushed face. "Too big." Of course, he was talking about her height.

1. Similar to ahjusshi, this means auntie/aunt or a way to address a middle-aged lady

2. It's basically an alternate realm that Dong-min entered.

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