Office workers in suits were crossing a crosswalk. The roads were bustling with cars and students chattered away boisterously with their school bags on their shoulders. There were people holding on to a dog leash and walking their dogs in the shade. Children were jumping around in the fountain that gushed out from the ground up, playing around without care about getting themselves wet.

"Uwahhh, it's really hot. I thought last year was the hottest year, but it's even hotter this year."

"Babe, where are we going for vacation this year?"

"Mommy, mommy! I want ice cream!"

I was standing in a park that was located on one side of our village and watching everything unfolding before my eyes. All of it was a sight that I had seen all my life. It was a routine-like scene that had nothing special and nothing was new about it either.

Teleport complete. This vessel will orbit the satellite and enter into standby mode from now onwards. If you want to make a landing, the standby mode can be lifted in less than three minutes, and it is possible to go down to the ground.

'That's reassuring, but... Would it be alright for you to go down to the ground? You're a product that belongs to a Stage III Civilization or higher though?'

Extraterrestrial civilizations cannot interfere with civilizations below Stage II because the Primordial God would protect the relevant civilization from its inception and completely eliminate any interference from the outside world.

There were countless Primordial Gods and as a result, they were also known as "The Most Common Untouchables." Even so, their power was on the stronger side among the Untouchables, and inferior beings dare not go against their will. Even the Union that ruled over the Great Universe would not provoke the Primordial Gods if possible, so how could a single battleship be free from the constraints of the Primordial God?

However, Genie answered in a calm voice.

It wouldn't matter as long as we don't impose a significant impact on the relevant civilization. Plus, there's also a lot of spaceships that stop by for sightseeing purposes. 

I nodded upon hearing her calm response. Come to think of it, Celestia also brought her own spaceship and visited Earth for sightseeing. As I nodded, I could hear her continue on.

But... Dae-ha-nim. No, I mean, it's a different case for you, Captain-nim.

'Oh? What's the issue with me? Am I no good?'

On the contrary, it's the opposite. Captain-nim, you're the Chosen One of Earth-34, and... I'm your property that does not carry anyone else's intention. The Primordial God with the power of All-knowing will definitely know that. Unless there is really a serious disaster, there is no justification for them to intervene. 

The Chosen One. In other words, "The One Who Possesses the Rightful Destiny" would rarely be interfered with by the Primordial God. If an antimatter bomb or a warp bomb was shot from the Universe to wipe Earth from existence, it would all be blocked. However, if there was a nuclear war between humans, that would be the prime example of how the planet could fall. The Primordial Gods could only block interferences from beings that come from the outside, but there weren't any restrictions in particular that were imposed on beings that existed internally.

"I see... So that means it's okay to ride on a Gigas on Earth?"

You can do more than that too. Of course, if you do something that would have a huge impact on Earth... I mean, you will be warned if you do something like mass-producing future weapons by revealing the relevant technologies, but... As long as the person in question is the Chosen One, it is not considered a wrongdoing in principle. According to the temperaments of the Primordial God, there are a lot of cases where warnings were not issued too. 

"That's pretty good news," I replied to Genie's explanation with a smile.

"Thank you, Genie."

It's my job, Captain-nim.

Needless to say, I took everything I could grab from the Leonhardt Empire when I left. In the first place, it was just a contract, and there was no reason to decline because I had done many things for them.

'I feel sorry for Major General Chun Hyun-il, but I've become very close to Genie... Instead, I handed over Rising Storm, so it'll probably be fine.'

Of course, the Terra-class battleship was an item of great value to the Leonhardt Empire, so it would never be bestowed to a civilian. If one were to be bound in marriage to the royals, they would be bestowed a battleship, but it would be a Mega-class battleship at best. Even if they paid a fortune with their authority and power, receiving a Giga-rank would be the limit. No matter how rich they were, it was basically impossible to have a personal aircraft carrier.

However...the situation was a little different for me as I rose to the status of an Emperor even if it was for a short while.

'They should be thankful I didn't bring over an Exa-class or Master-class Space Carrier.'

To be honest, I kind of coveted the one and only Master-class Carrier that they had in the Leonhardt Empire, but it was too big and its speed was so slow that it wasn't suitable to be brought to Earth.

"Did I return?"

I sat on a bench in the park and watched the children playing around while guffawing. The scene that was extremely peaceful was the kind of thing I had been yearning for the whole time since I went out to space.

'Come to think of it, I wonder if Leonhardt passed on peacefully.'

I recalled what happened after I handed over the throne to Celestia.


"I'm very grateful to you."

A propitious golden energy enveloped the well-built and sturdy beauty. It was a prudent atmosphere and her voice was solemn too. Her dazzling long hair floated like a lion's mane, as if it was shining by itself.

She was the progenitor of the Leonhardt Empire, the Golden Lion God. She was a high-ranking Beast God that was revered by more than 100 million believers in the Empire.

"It's an honor to be of help," I answered with courtesy. I was not forcing myself to do it, instead, the elegance and beauty that I could feel from her made me act like that on my own accord. Of course, Adam and Hawa were stronger or on a similar level. But somehow, compared to them who seem to be easy-going and familiar, I could sense a powerful pressure from her.

"Hoho, you're a nice brat. Alright. Then, as a reward..."


"Ack, honey! Why aren't you resting more!" A voice called out from behind her.

The Golden Lion God turned around to face the source of the voice. Her solemn tone changed into a sweet voice that was like honey. It was to the extent that it was hard to believe that she was the same woman, no, the same God as the one who set the mood just a while ago.

"We have to reward him. A proper reward."

"Yes yes, of course! My Har must be tired and exhausted, so if you go and get some rest..."


Leonhardt, a man with long golden long hair, interrupted the words of the Golden Lion God.

"As you said, I'm very tired and exhausted. I'm also at my limits mentally."

"I-, I know. That's why..."


"Hnoooyoounggg[1]... But my archenemy is among his subordinates..."

"Don't make me lose face by spouting such nonsense."


With his repeatedly firm words, the Golden Lion God was stumped with a sullen look on her face. Leonhardt lightly pushed her aside before he slowly walked and stood in front of me. He originally had a sturdy body, but perhaps because he was inflicted with a strong curse for a long time, he was in a very weak state.

Of course, it was thanks to me that he was able to break free from the curse.

The powerful curse that was tormenting him was completely destroyed and disappeared while it was trying to devour me too. Immediately after that, I, who was in the opened door state, was planning to leave him behind. However, the Golden Lion God sensed that he was awoken and flew in, then she took care of him.

"Are you okay?"

"Of course not. But I have plenty of time, and I no longer have to manage the Empire, so there's no need to worry."

I laughed at Leonhardt's prickly response before I continued. "Do you not like it that I handed over the throne to Celestia?"

"Apart from me not liking it, it is only courteous to stay on the throne for at least 10 years since you've caused things to progress this way. Do you know how many people struggled to sit on that throne just for even a short while and yet you want to throw it away and leave just like that?"

"But I don't want to."

"No, why the hell would you hate the throne that can give you authority, money, and power? Are you some kind of Holy Saint? Even though it's not my business, you look like you're about to ascend to heaven or something."

Even though Leonhardt was making a sarcastic remark that's probably stemming from his unhappiness, he was a really handsome man. Overall, he had a sickly complexion but yet oozed decadent beauty. It was the same feeling I felt when I saw Celestia. All these godly species bastards were so good-looking that it was infuriating.

"Well, every person has a different life they desire for."

"Whooo... Looking at your reaction, there wouldn't be any meaning in monetary rewards."

"That's right."

It wasn't as if I did not have any sort of financial troubles, but even so, I didn't want more than what I needed. If I had desired money, I would have utilized the throne more aggressively.

"Should I say I'm glad to hear that... I know someone like you among my friends, so I think I roughly know what to do."

"A friend?"

"That's right. That damned bastard abandoned everything he had and ascended to the Saint Realm. It wasn't even a very high position, he was assigned to a trivial task and still lived extremely happily."

Leonhardt looked at me with a face that seemed as if his insides were flipped inside out, and I nodded upon seeing that sight.

'So to speak, is it similar to how I was in the early days when I tried to have it easy at Albatross? Come to think of it, those were my happiest times ever since I came to space.'

"Why are you agreeing with me?" Leonhardt glared at me with a displeased expression. However, he soon let out a deep sigh and said, "Then, let's do it this way."

The method he suggested was very satisfactory to me.


'Where are you right now?'

I'm circling the Earth along the satellite orbit.

'You're not gonna be seen by people, are you?'

I'm maintaining Stealth Mode. It's impossible to perceive me with the technology of a Stage II Civilization.

As I listened to Ares, I got up from the bench and started walking home.

Fortunately, the Leonhardt Empire soon stabilized.

I thought the people might protest against the situation as I gifted the throne to Celestia, but surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. Perhaps it was because of the precedent of the First Emperor who led the Empire as he bonded with the Golden Lion God. Hence, it was relatively easy to accept the existence of Celestia, which bonded with an Untouchable like me.

'Perhaps they were relieved as they were anxious that a terrifying tyrant would be born.'

I smirked and thought of Celestia. She most probably did not have enough forces and powers to sit on the throne, but...the strongest Gigas in the universe, Ra, would be protecting her, so it wasn't actually such a rough situation.

The power that Ra, who contained my Divine Spirit, could exhibit was literally limitless.

The Leonhardt Empire suffered tremendous damage when Howard's Duchy fell apart, but with Ra's presence, their battle power had rather increased. I left Ra with an order to help Celestia, so as long as the situation was handled well, there would not be any big issues with stabilizing the political situation.

Is this your hometown?

'Yes, it's been a long time since I've been back.'

I started walking while communicating with Ares through Udjat, the glasses-shaped Magic Armament. There was no need to waste any more time because I wanted to go home and rest first.

"The universe... The war... The Emperor..."

I couldn't help but let out a scoff. It was such a grand story that it did not feel real. To be able to go back to Earth like this, everything felt like a dream.

That's right, all the hardships are now over.

After passing by one more alley, all the adversities and hardships will be over and they will never be in my life again. I will finally be able to go back to my ordinary life. I can go back to school as a normal high-school student, and I will be able to live a peaceful life.

"Kahahahaha! As expected! You're back! I knew you'd show up!" A man holding on to a sharp sword charged at me with a big laugh. Really, it was a really unrealistic spectacle.


"Kahahaa... Ha... Huh? A gun? I was shot by a gun?"

I am walking. That's right. This is the alley. As long as I walk past this alley, all my hardships in life will be over...

"You showed up! The son of the Great Witch!"

"Kahaha! As expected, we should always take a bet in life! Such good fortune can happen to me too!"

Bang! Bang!

Pretending as though nothing undesirable had happened, I lightly kicked aside the two guys lying on the floor, and continued walking. I was reaching the end of the alley.

That's right! This is the alley! I just need to walk past this alley!

Finally, my sufferings...


I finally arrived home and stopped walking.

What the, what's with this vacant lot? More than that, who were those bastards earlier? Is it alright to shoot them down like that? No, well, they're the ones who charged at you first anyways.

The average level of the ability users here is quite high for a lower civilization. Please be careful, Captain-nim.

Ares and Genie talked about various things, but I did not listen to them. I stared forward with a blank expression.

It was an empty lot.

There was nothing there. The surroundings were the same, but only that place was different from what I remembered. The place I had kept yearning for after going into space, the place where I had lived my whole life. My home.

That's right. My home, my refuge... It disappeared without a single trace.


I overcame all the adversities. I experienced war and even torture. I even fought the enemies and committed a massacre. I finally overcame all that and returned back to Earth.

But nevertheless... There was no house to welcome me anywhere. I could not see the figure of my father smiling nonchalantly, preparing a scrumptious meal.


I stared at my home with a devastated look on my face. It was then, "Ahh! You're really back!"

It was a voice I had heard before. As I turned my head, I found a slim girl dressed in casual clothes staring at me. Just like how it had been a long time since I saw Earth, it had also been a long time since I saw her.

Won-il High School

Human Hunter, Lee Kyung-eun

While I stared blankly at the title that made me tremble in fear in the past, Kyung-eun came close, "Did you have a good time studying overseas?"

"Studying overseas?"

"Yeah. Teacher Kwan Il-han personally visited the school to tell us, and he left. I'm sorry something like this happened as soon as we started the first semester... Well anyway, come with me. It's dangerous here."


"You probably don't know, but there's something like that. Teacher Kwan Il-han requested to let you stay at my house for the meantime." She quickly grabbed my hand and started walking soon after. I looked back for a moment. All I saw was an empty space that had nothing.

"Hahhh." I smiled bitterly, because I knew. The hardship... is not over yet.

1. This is just an aegyo, and I didn't want to change it too much either.

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