Chapter 113 - As a God, As a Human Being (3)

"It hasn't been that long," Adam said in a light-hearted voice, "About 150 years."

"..." I said nothing, because that was too long a time. Adam, who may have lived for more than a hundred million years, seemed to think that was only a moment's wait. However, how could I possibly take it lightly when I have not even lived for twenty years? I then asked, "Is it impossible to make it shorter than that?"

"That possibility would leave no reason for me to stay here. It is possible to regain momentary initiative when your consciousness returns to reality, would ultimately be a desperate measure of failing to complete a soul that could overpower the Divine Spirit. Because you'll be devoured again."

I looked around upon hearing Adam's words. I wasn't convinced by what he said, but I thought that I should obtain some information first.


It was the title of the book that I casually picked up, thinking it was an art-related booklet. When I flipped it open, however, there were all kinds of formulas and dozens of blueprints. "This isn't an art book, but a book on the manufacturing method of a Human-rank Gigas..." I grumbled and randomly picked out a few books.

Retreat Road

Star Gate

Time-Space Controller

I rummaged through and saw all kinds of titles, even those of...





They were familiar names I could easily recognize. When I opened the book, as expected, the manufacturing methods and blueprints were detailed in there. I asked, "…These are God-rank Gigas, right?"

"Are you talking about the Numbering? Transcendental Weapon under the categorization of a machine-based civilization would all be inside this building. There is nothing to be surprised about."

"Isn't there anything related to magic or martial arts?"

"That's a different building that was at the second and fourth crossroad from the way we came. Climbing the floor is yet another matter."

This was an incredible space. Each and every book within this space possessed knowledge of immense value, and they were naturally sitting on the bookshelf. If a scientist or someone who trained in superpowers found themselves here, they would instantly die from happiness.

'But it's useless.' However, I was different. I could not practice superpowers through a normal process, and I was not even a scientist. Meanwhile, money also did not mean much anymore, now that I was on the verge of becoming the Emperor of the Empire. Ultimately, the training I had to do here was...

Whooooosh---! As I lightly concentrated my mind, the books that were crammed on all the bookshelves flew up like living birds. The shape of the library instantly blurred and the surrounding area began turning white.

"...You're good at this, even if I don't teach you."

I wasn't in the right mind to answer Adam's grumbling. This was because I stopped retrieving individual books to read them, but began observing the entire library.

This place was the world itself. It would be more advantageous to flip open each book and acquire the knowledge inside, but there was no reason for the current me to do so. After all, neither Adam nor I were that kind of existence. We only watched over the world, accepting it and everything that was kept within.


"Don't pretend that we are close."

I laughed at the sight of Adam's grumpy demeanor. "If you don't like me calling you by your name, then I'll call you Calm-Man."


"The guy who went on a crazy rampage outside is calm here, right?"

Adam's eyebrows wiggled at my mischievous remarks. He muttered, "You are... Whooo, do whatever you want."

"As expected, you're calm."


I disregarded the man who had stopped replying, and confronted the flood of information. I was only exposed to it for a short time, but it was enough to make me dizzy. However, apart from that, my mind became clearer and harbored a great power. My world had begun to expand.

Be that as it may, I started sensing a different feeling from it… 'It's a trap.' Of course, it was not a trap devised to hurt me. It was just a little unusual, but to a certain extent, it was an arrangement focused on developing me, who was just a human being.

The nature of Dekarma, the Machine God, was the God of Civilization and Information. The Akashic Records, concentrated with all the information of the world, was the best environment for me to train as I was someone who inherited his power. I then commented, "If I stay here for a long time... I will be able to train and grow."

"That's right. You are nothing right now, but if you are able to complete your own soul here, it will be possible for you to inherit Father's legacy. You will be reborn as a supreme being who can intervene in the laws of the world!"

That was the reason why Adam did not despair, even when he was stuck here. Even though he could not easily involve himself with reality, being able to stay at the Sky Library for such a long time was an enormous opportunity in itself.

The power to access the Akashic Records was not that great of an individual superpower, but there was generally a limit to what could be done within a short amount of time. Being able to stay inside the Akashic Records, like this, was a privilege that even the Gods could not enjoy.

If I were to stay here for more than tens or hundreds of years, then without a doubt... Having inherited the characteristics of Information and Civilization, I would gain a tremendous amount of growth. The same also applied to Adam. However...

"Ah, I see."

"...What the? What's with that reaction?"

"Hmm~ Well, it's nothing." I nodded without any sort of interest. I ignored the surging waves of information and organized my thoughts. "Calm-Man."

"…Just call me by my name."

"Hoho, okay then. Adam. Do you know why Hawa promised to protect my life?"

Adam smiled bitterly at my question. "Hmph. She acted like that because she was bewitched by you, who possessed Father's presence. Would there be any other reason? If it weren't for her, you wouldn't have come here either."

Just like what Adam had said, I would not have been able to come here if it was not for Hawa. There was no need to look far. When the Crown Prince brought Great General Norrington with him, I did not have any way of protecting myself. Still, the situation was not so simple.

"Do you really think so? She acted like that just because she was a fool?"

"...What are you trying to say?"

To be honest, it was strange from the very beginning. Even I, who still lacked self-awareness as a God, would think twice before I talked. That was why, during the wedding, I amended my marriage vows despite it being the easiest moment in the whole wide world to be enchanted by my personal feelings.

However, it did not make particular sense for Hawa, a High-rank Untouchable who had lived for hundreds of millions of years, to recklessly make a ridiculous promise that 'at the very least, I'll protect your life from any danger whatsoever.' It could also be said that it was a decision made to seal the key, which was a non-standard item, but a threat could have easily settled that particular situation. There was no need to make a promise to protect my life.

"Actually, if I was in her shoes, it would be a pain in the ass for me too. It would have been best to die in the hands of humans."

As I opened the door several times, and stepped into the realm of All-knowing, I knew full well that the beings that were categorized as a Legion would not be able to harm me in any way. Even the crazily rampaging Adam, who was in the real world, could only express hatred towards me. He couldn't hurt a single hair on my body, so was there any need for further explanation?

However, the distinct characteristics that Dekarma's status could exhibit were only limited to machines who possessed an ego... I was someone who could unfortunately die with a single strike from a knife in any back alley, or a single shot from a sniper. The possibility of death only skyrocketed upon arriving at the Leonhardt Imperial Palace, even though they were in a state of turmoil. From Hawa's perspective, it was no exaggeration to say that I could have died if I was left alone.

"And you, being more powerful than Hawa... To be exact, you, being devoured by the Status of God, were after my life. It was possible that she was putting her own life at risk, simply due to the promise she made."

Nevertheless, Hawa promised to protect my life. In fact, these ambiguous promises were to be avoided by a God, but she did so anyway.

"But you mean there was a reason for that?"

"That's right. Because she knew instinctively."

"...What did she know?" Adam raised an eyebrow and asked.

"The fact that I must not die," I replied. I had a High-rank Divine Spirit, Status of a Low-rank God, and the Quality of a Mortal. This was actually an impossible condition. It was an abnormal case that couldn't have existed, one in which no precedents were ever recorded anywhere in the Akashic Record. That was how rare such cases were, since there was one requirement that was needed to maintain such a special condition.

"No way."

"Yes, that condition is a human body."

To be honest, I still couldn't figure out the exact reason. How could Dekarma, akin to a Supreme God who was special even among the First-Tier Gods, create such an offspring? This was a completely different matter altogether, when compared to the Beast Gods or Persona Gods giving birth to a child with the body of a God since the very beginning. Dekarma, who had an Astral Body along with a strong status, produced his own flesh and blood.

"Just by dying... It would be completed?"

"It would be able to transcend the limits of the body."

If I died as a human being, I would be resurrected shortly after that. Rebirthed as a God.

"Holy...shit." Adam's face distorted uglily after realizing what I was trying to say.

I could get a rough idea of what he was thinking about. 'He is jealous and angry.' I could understand why. He was someone who loved and respected Dekarma as a father. After Dekarma ceased to exist, he protected and led the Legion to fight against their enemies throughout the whole universe. So, how could he see me in a bright light upon my sudden appearance? That was a completely different matter from the fact that the Legion naturally had a favorable impression of me. Even if he instinctively felt favorable towards me, it was actually normal to feel anger and jealousy at the same time.

If I had to give an example... This was akin to a situation when a father, who dominated the world as the chairman of a huge conglomerate, died. Then, when the company was clearly going into ruin upon his death, the adopted son took care of the company and prevented it from collapsing. However, all of a sudden, his biological son whom no one even knew existed, came forth...and took over his father's legacy due to their bloodline. It would actually be strange if Adam did not feel anger.

'But it's unfair for me to be resented for this. If I could give this up, just how great would it... Give up?' Just then...


"...Huh?" I turned my head. I could hear a song from somewhere.

"What are you doing?" Adam questioned my sudden movement, but the world shook like a wave had flooded over. I did not have any time to answer him.

Kraaaghhhh. The background changed in an instant. It was an unpleasant sensation that felt like I woke up in a heartbeat upon having a vivid dream. When I woke up in such a manner, I realized that I was sitting on the throne while looking down at thousands of people. 'Oh my God. This bastard.' Then, I frowned as I embraced the surging memories. 'Isn't his drive too great?' It was the coronation ceremony.

1. The founding father and king of Gojoseon and the progenitor of the Korean people; according to myth, he was born of Hwanwoong, who descended from heaven, and a bear that turned into a woman, Woongnyeo.

2. The goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology.

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