【TDG】 & Announcement!

Hey guys! I guess it's finally here, huh. Firstly, I apologise in all the irregular releasing and timing TDG's chapters have been for the past few months...

Next, for those who doesn't know, Chapter 444 is the latest chapter that TDG's raw has to offer. Which also means that we've caught up with the latest chapter... Oh nevermind, Chapter 445 just came out just today. Anyways, let's carry on! With how TDG is going, the author only releases one chapter once a month. Yeah, you hear me right, once a month.

This was a ridiculously long journey for me, nearly 1 and a half year long journey! I never expect myself to last so long in translating considering how I get bored of stuff easily. Many things happened within this 1 and a half year... I've also just finished my 24 weeks of police training, thereby graduating as an official policeman! I have to thank Ren and Yn5an3 for fixing my bad links while I'm in camp. During my training period, I had to stay in camp from Monday to Friday with no access to computer whatsoever, so I could only translate in the weekend and schedule them up for posting. Occasionally... NOT... ahem, let's start again. Frequently, as I'm too tired to double check after translating 5 chapters in the weekend when I'm out from camp, I scheduled the posts and sometimes bad link happens when I did not do it right. When that happens, Ren or Yn5an3 would come to the rescue to fix the bad links for me, so... thank them!!

It wasn't easy to manage the 24 weeks of training, being so dead tired every time I'm home on the weekends with less than 48 hours of my own time and yet, having to translate 5 chapters (Not including The Great Ruler chapters :P). However, I'm glad I somehow managed to do it.

With Tales of Demons and Gods' slow release, I will be focusing more on The Great Ruler since Tales of Demons and Gods' chapters are only being released one a month.

From next week onward, The Great Ruler will be welcoming donations of $60/chapter. There will be 3 guaranteed free chapters per week and extra chapters will have to depend on donations. The donation button will be opened once again, which was previously closed due to me going into police training. And as I've promised before going into the academy, 24 weeks of Tales of Demons and Gods' chapters without any donations required accomplished! For once, I've fulfilled my promise, eh? xD

Anyways, translating Tales of Demons and Gods was fun, and I hope the author would increase his releasing pace so I'll be able to translate more again! Tales of Demons and Gods' new chapters will have priority, which means as soon as new chapters are released in raws, I'll do my best to have it translated and edited asap! Meanwhile, do support the second novel which I've taken over from Jn19930, The Great Ruler

Thank you for all your support in Tales of Demons and Gods for the past one and a half year! I'll see you tomorrow for chapter 445 and next month for chapter 446!

Here's Chapter 444 of Tales of Demons and Gods!