♔ SOTR Chapter 92!

Apologies for the later posting guys! It's been one of those days.

Chapter edited by: Kidyeon

This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Ronald S. of Indonesia, Alexander K of Germany, Sean L. of CA, USA, and Tue N. of CA, USA! Big round of appreciation and applause for them please!

I got a new lamp for my room today (here's to not going blind translating! Yay! :D) because my old room was back in the stone ages (aka high school for me). Lots of old, broken bits and lots and lots of stuff to be cleaned and thrown away. It was one of the DIY Ikea ones, but I am somehow soooo. pooped. after putting it together. @_@

Then I've been struggling with reallllllly long GDK chapters all day -- they've gone from 3K characters to 4K characters, and here I thought SOTR was long! Haha. For those of who don't know the reference, I also translate Great Demon King on my own site. Proceed with caution! The sense of humor is very, very different from SOTR (I might even describe it as crude) and it's a Western dungeons and dragons type novel.

And now, I am currently freaking out after killing a bug on the ground. I hate bugs. It's one of those days.. @_@