♔ SOTR Chapter 86!

Apparently that was an even worse cliff to end on... oops. XD And I was attempting to make things a bit better by releasing a double to get us over the original cliff! Awkward haha. I think this cliff will be fine, right guys? Give me a shout out in the comments if you agree.

Second sponsored of the weekend!

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This rounds out the generous donation from David P. of Australia, and a big thank you to Arvi S. of Estonia and Prasanna B. of TX, USA. Thank you all kindly and please join me in thanking them as well. Also, a big thank you and apology to Maya G. of TX, USA. You were part of the sponsor list for chapter 76 but your name didn't make it onto the chapter list thanks to my goldfish memory (marked you down in my book, somehow didn't see Mt. Tai when I went to write the post). You are on the TOC however!

Speaking of TOC, it has been updated for those who don't read my rambling posts! And er, I may have forgotten to update the donations bar this past week, which is why there's been a sudden huge change to the right. -> Please don't be alarmed! I'm just a little lazy when it comes to everything else except translating. ... :D ?

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