♔ SOTR Chapter 84!

Hello all, etvo here. It's looking like a lot of people enjoyed Kidyeon's April Fool's -- just remember him going, "etvo, chapter's going up later. I'm still translating." Me, "Uh huh." ...TRANSLATING?! Lol. That was a Herculean amount of effort though, not sure if he wants to do anything similar again next year. :D

But I do have to apologize, I hadn't thought about mobile users and how difficult it'd be for you guys to highlight the entire chapter. Plus a few of you seemed to use quite a bit of data trying to decipher the TNC joke. So this chapter's in honor of you, mobile users!

Back to our regular posting shenanigans, and I think at least one of my editors has permanently rolled their eyes at me for the joke I sprung on them.

“Happy April Fool’s! You’re not getting any pay for March! HEHEHEHE. Happy happy!”

“…wait. etvo. That’s a joke right? I mean, right?”

<3 etvo