♔ SOTR Chapter 58!

Happy mid weekend everyone!

This sponsored chapter is brought to us courtesy of Joseph G of serving his country, USThis clears Joseph G's generous, thank you once again Joseph! (and whoops, sorry, I accidentally titled this post ch. 59... sorry all!)

Hey all, etvolare here. Usually we try to time releases according to Kidyeon's schedule in the States, but since I'm going to be out for lunch and not sure when I'm going to come back.. I decided to do this first instead! Surprise!

For those of us following the story from volareTL, you'll notice that we had a slight change in release schedule. We generally do regular chapters every other day, but we switched it up this week because we'll be doing regular chapters during the week, and sponsored chapters on weekends. *eyes the queue* We're bowled over by your response and support! Thank you all so much!