♔ SOTR Chapter 137 ♔

etvolare the sore legs wonder...

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I've been traipsing all over my old haunts the past two days. Me poor legs! I guess this ends up as a double release due to late posting of yesterday's chapter. :D

This chapter is actually also supposed to be a sponsored chapter, but it isn't because etvolare can't get her isht together. Aka the book of sponsor information is sitting in my luggage back in the hotel room and I can't piece together from my emails who to attribute this to. So! Therefore! Freebie chapter. Thank you sponsors, boo etvo. :D

I think we're finally slowly getting back to some action -- and the author seems to explain in these later chapters just what Jiang Chen was thinking in not showing the medallion first thing, why go on this wild goose chase, etc. etc. I'm with you guys, not the funnest thing to translate these days, but at least it's moving forward!

PSA: I travelled to attend a friend's wedding and wedding festivities are this weekend. There's one more chapter sitting in the drive, but all the pill names are untranslated. I'm struggling with how to do them. I mean, something like Mystical Spirit Soft Hanging Pill sounds awful lol.

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