♔ SOTR Chapter 136 ♔

etvolare the jet lagged wonder... brings to you this gem.

Edited by: StrawberryPEEL

This chapter is also brought to us via another wonder: James W. of the UK! *curtsies* Thank you so much James! Everyone please join me in a round of appreciation, applause, and catcalls! (Alright I get odd when I'm short on sleep)

Folks, what are your thoughts to a possible double release to get over this small arc?

I also agree that this arc hasn't been the most exciting/inspiring, but I think we're quickly nearly the end -- or at least end of similar conventions we've seen before. I'm a bit impatient myself, so depending on how I feel and what time I'm awake, there may be a double! Please expect super erratic release time whilst I'm in the States. Jet lagged wonder signing off.

<3 etvo