♔ SOTR Chapter 126!

Weekend mission, success!

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

And for those of us in Asia (or Taiwan at least), it's Mother's Day today! If you haven't given your mom a hug, it's not too late to do so. :D

This chapter brought to us by Ryan S. of serving his country! He cleared the queue twice! Let's all wish him a safe and sound service and thank him for his generosity!

As part of my filial duties this week, I accompanied my family on roughly six hours of shopping everyday. Phew, I'm pooped! But mission accomplished in the sense that I have a standing desk and a decent chair being delivered tomorrow! Whoo! No more back pain. :D I've had to change my posture every twenty minutes or so these days because it's just so uncomfortable, and that's horrid for concentrating in translating.

What I love about living in Taiwan is that I bought the items today, and they'll all be delivered tomorrow afternoon, on the dot, with workers coming in to assemble everything correctly. All of this is complimentary. I remember being *so* furious the last time I moved in the States because I first waited three weeks for my furniture to be delivered (so I sat and ate on the floor during that time). They were coming during my lunch break, so I thought alright, I'll just take a longer lunch break and nip home to let them in and sign off. Well, come 1 pm. No sign of 'em. 2 pm, no sign of them. By then I'd already made tons of apologetic calls to my boss letting them know of the situation. They didn't show up until 3:30 pm! Good thing I didn't have meetings that day, I can't image letting a senior exec know that, "Oh, sorry your data is ready but I just can't give it to you. I'm sitting at home waiting for my couch to arrive." ...and then one of the items arrived broken for a $100 delivery fee and $40 in tips. *facepalm*

Viva la lazy and convenient life! XD

<3 etvo