♔ SOTR Chapter 124!

I bring to you the last regular chapter of the week!

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Apologies for the late post folks, who would've ever thought that there'd be so much to do for a 10 day trip away from home? Booking tickets... accommodation... shopping for stuff for folks that I'm staying with...

I'd like to share an interesting phenomenon today that I don't think I've seen anywhere else. Malls in Taiwan have this unique combination of offers from the mall and credit card company. For instance, (and let's switch to USD to make things simple), there was a promotion running today for Mother's Day that if you bought $300 worth of items from any combination of store within the mall, you'd get a voucher redeemable for $30 at any store within the mall. Credit card companies (aka banks) also run their own offers along side this, so say if you swiped a Citibank credit card, you'd also get a $10 voucher for every $300 spent in the mall.

*That* combined with the various discounts that shops have for Mother's Day, it's rather easy to get something for 50% off, all in! Many times the stores will often let you use the voucher immediately on the item you're purchasing. Crazy isn't it? ...so I've been combing through shops buying up tons of Asian goodies for all my friends in the States today. The shopping is responsible for the slow chapter. I sowwie. ><

By the way, special shout to Ryan S. who's currently serving his country. He cleared the queue, twice! Much applause and appreciation to him please!

[CORRECTION] By the way, I must apologize. I noticed everyone chortling at the king of Darkmoon's assertion that three thousand Black Riders would be enough against ten thousand Swordbirds. I'm so sorry, the raws were actually one hundred thousand Swordbirds. I was going too fast last night and missed this when I was TLC'ing. The raws said "ten ten-thousand", the unit of measure here being "ten thousand". Still, the Darkmoon king's got a few loose screws in his head. :D

<3 etvo