ISSTH Chapter 300 ☯

I have a special announcement to go along with this landmark 300th chapter of ISSTH. Thanks to inspiration from wuxiaworld user Tasear, I spent a few hours making an audiobook style recording of one of my favorite parts of ISSTH, the alchemy debate between Fang Mu and Chen Jiaxi. This special 30-minute recording (which features a cameo by Baby Deathblade if you listen carefully) will be provided directly to any Fellow Daoist who donates $9 or more to ISSTH from now until the final chapter of book 3 has been released! Just include a note with the donation telling me what e-mail to send the files to! The recording contains the actual debate from chapters 249, 250, and 251, so around two chapters worth of story. I even do voices! Wow! Please note, I am not a professional voice actor, so no making fun of my skills! A preview of the recording is after the jump...

Chapter 300: An Ancient Starry Sky Translator: Deathblade Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers - Proofreader: Yascob - Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is the third guaranteed chapter of the week! ..... . . .

Enjoy! [audio mp3=""][/audio]

P.S. At some point in the future, I'll make the recording available to everyone :-)