ISSTH Chapter 297 ☯

I made some very small, but kind of major changes to some previous chapters. Instead of making you go back to read those parts, I will copy and paste some relevant sections after the jump. However, you will have to find the changes yourself, no clues from me! This is a good opportunity to remind any of you who make epub/mobi/pdf versions to read in your various devices, that this is an active translation, meaning that I often go back and make changes to previous chapters. Some are simple grammar/punctuation/style adjustments, but others are more major, such as the one referred to here.

Chapter 297: Still Somewhat Pleased With Himself Translator: Deathblade Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers - Contributing Editor: anonpuffs - Proofreaders: Lingson, MeeBoo and Yascob - Memes: MemeBoo - Meme Archives: joeljbright Sponsors: Brett Flowers, Dewi Suryono, Newton Nganda, Eugene Leong, Sunny Goela, Mhd Syimir, and Caleb Gleason

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Passage 1

It was at this moment that the Demon Sealing Jade flew into the air of its own volition. A bright glow spread out from it. At the same time, the ancient jade in the hands of the skeleton next to the platform also flew up into the air.

An ancient and profound voice filled the air. “An ancient path, persist in attempting to seal the Heavens, the Mountain Sea Realm, the vast Heavens, Great Benevolence, Dao Tribulation shall be faced in the Nine Mountains the Seas, my life shall last an eternity!” It boomed throughout the ancient cave, causing the ten phantoms to emit blood-curdling screams. Meng Hao watched as they instantly transformed into black smoke. . . . . As soon as it touched his hand, a profound voice filled his mind. It sounded ancient, as if it were being projected from a time long, long ago. It echoed out in his mind.

“The League of Demon Sealers has been existed as long as the Dao. I am the Eighth Generation Demon Sealer Daoist Master. I am determined to walk the path of Dao Tribulation of the Nine Mountains and Seas. In all likelihood, I will perish, so I leave my sentience along with my clone here to resolve the ill-fated relationship between Da Nu and myself….

Passage 2

The image on the painting was not that of Meng Hao, but of a… Resurrection Lily!

It looked savage, unwilling, and even insane. It appeared to be sealed inside the painting! The image was incredibly lifelike!

There were also some words written on the painting.

The day the Resurrection Lily blooms with seven colors, the flower will become an Immortal in a thousand years. Karma is hidden in the Immortal Mountain. Ask not the Heavens regarding the path to slaying the flower.

Painted in the Southern Domain, Planet South Heaven, for my young friend.

One other change

I used both "netherworld" and "underworld" in the past, but from now on I will stick with "underworld." I also went back and changed the handful of "netherworld" references to "underworld."