☯ ISSTH Chapter 788-789 ☯

So I finally watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice today. I watched the "Ultimate Edition" which apparently added more material and fleshed out the plot more. I didn't hate the movie, and in fact thought it was good in terms of effects and acting. However, there were so many parts of the movie that made virtually no sense, I found myself on the verge of coughing up blood several times. MDB didn't watch it, but when I started to explain to her some of the stupid parts of the movie I ended up going on a 20-minute rant. BDB sat in his high chair and watched on with glittering eyes. Really, he did. I thought about writing down some of the highlights of my rant to share with all of you, but preparing this double release took a bit longer than I anticipated, and I figured I should get the chapters out before I fall asleep. Maybe I'll put down some of the rant later to share.

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