☯ ISSTH Chapter 765 ☯

This release marks the beginning of a new "translation week." Usually, weekends are when I am least able and inclined to put interesting material into the release posts. Previously, that meant that the "translation week" ended on a flat note. From now on it will end with a bang on my Friday night. Also, the final post of the week will always be a guaranteed free chapter, which will help me pace myself with sponsored chapters depending on the demand. Hopefully all that makes sense. Enjoy:

Chapter 765. Translator: Deathblade. Translation Checker: anonpuffs. Chinese Grammar Consultant: Madam Deathblade. Proofreader: Lingson, Yascob, Courtrecords and GNE. Meme Archives: joeljbright. Memes: Azusky. Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade.

This release marks 1/7 guaranteed chapters and 0 sponsored chapters, for a total of 1 chapter so far this week.