☯ ISSTH Chapter 742 ☯

Our current apartment in China has tile floor like most houses do. That gives BDB no place to roll around and (eventually) crawl and walk. Therefore, we recently bought a play mat to give him a safe place to do so. I bought it at an official Toys-R-Us store in one of the biggest local malls, so I assumed the "Disney" product I bought would be real and not fake. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's actually fake. See the evidence after the jump.

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Clue number one. Okay, this is not anything mindblowing, but the design is clearly odd. The numbers are organized in a weird way that doesn't seem very logical. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, I could envision finding this product in America. mat

Clue number two. Alright look closer at this image. Isn't there something obviously missing? There should be a spoon pouring the honey, right? Uh.... Okay fine, it's plausible that an official Disney product could have a mistake like this. mat

Clue number three. Major typo in the "copyright" information? Okay, theoretically this could happen with an officially licensed product, but when you combine it with the other weird things... I feel highly doubtful that this product is actual Disney merchandise. mat

In China, anything and everything can be faked. I've bought fake bottles of coke, fake alcohol, and fake who-knows-what. The fact that I most likely bought a fake Disney product at an official Toys-R-Us store just goes to show that it's almost impossible to guarantee that what you're buying is the real deal.

On another note, Baby Deathblade conked out while playing on the mat, so I snapped a quick pic: