☯ ISSTH Chapter 702 ☯

Sometimes I just really feel like a nice, classic Margarita. I'm talking, on the rocks, fresh limes... yeah. Unfortunately, that kind of thing doesn't exist where I live in China. In fact, you can't even find limes, which makes it hard to make a good classic margarita. After MUCH experimentation, I have discovered the PERFECT recipe for the poor-man's margarita. Check the jump for pics and details....

UPDATE: Yes I do have a freezer, and yes I know how to make ice cubes, but if I want to have say, a few margaritas, that's actually quite a bit of ice, and I'm kind of lazy in that regard....

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Now before I begin, let me explain. I've looked up A LOT of info online about how to make a margarita without the proper ingredients. I've tried many things, including all sorts of combinations of Sprite and 7-Up. Don't forget I live in a second tier city in China, which means my access to imported ingredients is limited. For example, triple sec is not commonly available.

So recently I stumbled upon the recipe for something that tastes almost exactly like a "classic margarita." Check it out:

This is just generic tequila: pic

This is the key to the whole thing. Lime Fanta! That's right. I've tried everything, but this is the ticket! pic pic

Add a bit of zing with some bottled lime juice pic

If you live in a place like I do where ice is not commonly available for purchase, you can put all three bottles into the fridge and then it will be nice and cold! Simply add some salt to the edge of your glass, and you're set! As for the mix ratio, you'll need to experiment a bit.