☯ ISSTH Chapter 698 ☯

Er Gen is awesome, but I have to say that he makes a lot of typos. Lately, it's been driving me crazy. Sometimes I reach a part I don't understand, and I never know if it's because I just don't understand the Chinese, or because it's a typo. Because I'm not a native speaker of Chinese, the typos don't always jump out as obvious, and I sometimes end up wasting quite a bit of time trying to "figure out" what it means, only to realize in the end that it was simply a typo. I saved up a few examples, check them out after the jump.

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On the left you will see the typo and it's "meaning," on the right you will see the correct version.

竟能星辰斩灵气息 - 竟能形成斩灵气息 jìng néng xīngchén zhǎn líng qìxí - jìng néng xíngchéng zhǎn líng qìxí It could actually star Spirit Severing aura - It could actually form a Spirit Severing aura (This one really had me confused for a while and I even e-mailed anonpuffs about it, asking about if there was some sort Star-type Spirit Severing aura)

它清晰的差距 - 它清晰的察觉 tā qīngxī de chājù, cǐkè de mèng hào - tā qīngxī de chájué, cǐkè de mèng hào It was a clear gap - It could clearly sense (This one took me about 10 minutes to figure out)

王家第族 - 王家第族 wángjiā dì shí zú - wángjiā dì shíWang Clan "time" Patriarch - Wang Clan 10th Patriarch (This one was obvious to me immediately, but kind of funny so I included it)

厚积薄 - 厚积薄 hòujībó - hòujībó Thick product thin - To accumulate (This is a four-character expression that I wasn't familiar with. Because the final character was missing, it didn't show up in the dictionary when I looked it up)

孟浩认不出 - 孟浩忍不住 mènghào rèn bù chū - mènghào rěn bù zhù Meng Hao did not recognize - Meng Hao could not endure (This one stumped MDB for quite a few minutes)

神色偶然 - 神色傲然 shénsè ǒurán - shénsè àorán His expression was occasional - His expression was proud