☯ ISSTH Chapter 662 ☯

Well, chili cheese dog night has come and gone, and it was a success. There were a few requests for pictures, so check out all the details after the jump, including the low-down on my "top-secret" chili ingredient.

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Here's the hotdog package. hotdog

And here's the pot of chili. It was a bean-less chili, because MDM is not a fan of beans. By the way, one of my "secret ingredients" was Sichuan numbing pepper powder. For those of you not very familiar with Chinese cuisine, Sichuan food often features an ingredient that literally causes your mouth and lips to go numb. Believe it or not, Sichuan pepper was actually illegal to import into the U.S. for many years, which you can read about here. hotdog

Again, hotdog buns not available. Version one was made with two wieners in what is essentially a french roll. I snapped the pictures before the cheese had a chance to melt. hotdog hotdog

I was able to find another kind of bread at the supermarket that looks almost like a croissant, but from certain angles actually resembles a hotdog bun. Unfortunately, most Chinese types of bread are sweet, and not really appropriate for chili-dog consumption. However, this one seemed different. I actually didn't try this version, but MDB did and she liked it a lot. Again the pictures were taken before the cheese melted. hotdog hotdog