☯ ISSTH Chapter 654 ☯

My weekend starts here. By the way, although the majority of my time is spent translating, I still am working at my old company on weekends. Because of a variety of reasons, there are some responsibilities that I have to hand over to a qualified replacement, and no such replacement is available at the moment. After a replacement arrives, and the complete handover occurs, I should be able be able to push out even more than the 17 chapters I've been doing recently.

P.S. Because of misreading one Chinese character, I translated a line in the last chapter incorrectly. It was the part when Meng Hao muses about Fang Yu. If you pay attention to the details of such things, click back to the last chapter real quick to read the updated version.

P.P.S. The "sneak peak" of this chapter was horrible. Ugh. When I went to edit it, I was embarrassed. If you read it already, please re-read it to get the non-sucky version....

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