☯ ISSTH Chapter 619 ☯

Lingson and I have another set of charts to share. These are the weekly member click rankings. I think you'll find that almost NONE of the titles are being translated. It just goes to show how much stuff there is out there for aspiring (and veteran) translators. As usual, you can get tons more details at novelrankings.com.

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All Categories

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Adventures in Another World龙王传说The Legend of the Dragon King44,866唐家三少Tang Jia San Shao
2Adventures in Another World天河大帝Galactic emperor43,117寂寞读南华Ji Mo Du Nan Hua
3Three Kingdoms Period偷香Stealing Beauty42,048墨武Mo Wu
4Mecha怒瀚Fury Ocean41,821新兵扛老枪Xin Bing Kang Lao Qiang
5Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties寒门状元Impoverished Top Scholar40,059天子Tian Zi
6Eastern Fantasy大帝经Scripture of the Emperor38,720天涯逐梦Tian Ya Zhu Meng
7Power Struggles in Another World纨绔邪皇Evil Silkpants Emperor38,550开荒Kai Huang
8Fantasy Cultivation玄界之门The Portal to Wonderland38,251忘语Wang Yu
9Adventures in Another World黑暗主宰Lord of Darkness35,863零下九十度Ling Xia Jiu Shi Du
10Eastern Fantasy巫神纪The Magus Era34,728血红Blood Red

Alternative Fantasy

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Adventures in Another World龙王传说The Legend of the Dragon King44,866唐家三少Tang Jia San Shao
2Adventures in Another World天河大帝Galactic emperor43,117寂寞读南华Ji Mo Du Nan Hua
3Eastern Fantasy大帝经Scripture of the Emperor38,720天涯逐梦Tian Ya Zhu Meng
4Power Struggles in Another World纨绔邪皇Evil Silkpants Emperor38,550开荒Kai Huang
5Adventures in Another World黑暗主宰Lord of Darkness35,863零下九十度Ling Xia Jiu Shi Du
6Eastern Fantasy巫神纪The Magus Era34,728血红Blood Red
7Adventures in Another World植物大领主Plant Overlord33,961洗洗睡了吧Xi Xi Shui Le Ba
8Eastern Fantasy黄金斗魂Golden Battle Spirit31,997西方金Xi Fang Jin
9Eastern Fantasy史上最强师兄The Best Elder Brother in History20,185八月飞鹰August Eagle
10Eastern Fantasy异世龙蛇Otherwordly Dragon Snake14,467剑扼虚空Jian E Xu Kong

Traditional Fantasy

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Western Fantasy奥术年代Age of the Arcane12,599羽林都督Yu Lin Du Du
2Western Fantasy钢铁暴君Steel Tyrant10,675芥子客Jie Zi Ke
3Western Fantasy魔法高材生Top Class Magic Students10,469刀锋饮喋Dao Feng Yin Die
4Western Fantasy不朽法神Immortal God of Magic5,428超大白Chao Da Bai
5Western Fantasy巫师之旅Wizard’s Path4,940一行白鹭上青天Yi Xing Bai Lu Shang Qing Tian
6Magic School哈利波特与秘密宝藏Harry Potter: The Secret Treasure4,317喵星人家的汪Miao Xing Ren Jia De Wang
7Lords and Nobility放开那个女巫Release That Witch4,274二目Er Mu
8Western Fantasy法术奥义Mysterious Magic3,075问静Wen Jing
9Lords and Nobility帝国法则Imperial Law2,224污点Wu Dian
10Western Fantasy巫界术士Warlock of the Magus World2,217文抄公Wen Chao Gong


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Modern Wuxia武道轮回纪事Chronicle of Martial Arts Reincarnation11,112不空不净Bu Kong Bu Jing
2Traditional Wuxia重生天龙之慧剑凌霄Reborn Dragon: Genius Sword Pierce the Heavens10,608天狐岛主Tian Hu Dao Zhu
3Traditional Wuxia醉卧江湖之天下盟Grand Alliance of Drunken Jianghu8,762白少主Bai Shao Zhu
4Modern Wuxia武侠圣地养成记Founding an Wuxia Holy Land6,314修身Xiu Shen
5Modern Wuxia侠行天下Face the World with Chivalry5,061zhtttyZhttty
6Modern Wuxia白袍总管White Robed Explorer4,973萧舒Xiao Shu
7Traditional Wuxia武侠世界自由行Traveling Freely in the Wuxia World4,321大江入海Da Jiang Ru Hai
8Traditional Wuxia势凌云霄Power Above the Clouds3,350原汁化原食Yuan Zhi Hua Yuan Shi
9Modern Wuxia叛僧Rebel Monk3,040老鬼带刀Lao Gui Dai Dao
10Modern Wuxia武侠世界里的行者Walking Through the Martial Arts World2,777布衣王五郎Bu Yi Wang Wu Lang


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Fantasy Cultivation玄界之门The Portal to Wonderland38,152忘语Wang Yu
2Fantasy Cultivation全真仙门Immortal Quanzhen Sect34,319秣陵别雪Mo Ling Bie Xue
3Classic Xianxia寻情仙使Immortal Angel Looking for Love14,323陈风笑Chen Feng Xiao
4Fantasy Cultivation十维仙途Ten Dimensional Immortal Path13,177一笑凡尘Yi Xiao Fan Chen
5Classic Xianxia仙路战纪War of the Immortal Road10,929诸葛小花Zhu Ge Xiao Hua
6Classic Xianxia藏铗记Legend of the Tibetan Sword10,206过客vs归人Guo Ke Vs Gui Ren
7Fantasy Cultivation心魔Heart Devil9,754沁纸花青Qin Zhi Hua Qing
8Fantasy Cultivation逆行伐仙Renegade Immortal Punisher6,931青衣秀才Qing Yi Xiu Cai
9Modern Cultivation宝典Treasured Scripture6,526录事参军Lu Shi Can Jun
10Classic Xianxia青玄道主Mysterious Azure Highway5,936中原五百Zhong Yuan Wu Bai

City & Modern

#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Abnormal Ability超级红包Super Red Envelope15,861我是店长Wo Shi Dian Chang
2City Life我家萝莉是大明星My Lolita is a Superstar15,172追梦人Love平Zhui Meng Ren Love Ping
3City Life逍遥小镇长Carefree Little Mayor14,729全金属弹壳Quan Jin Shu Dan Ke
4City Life草根石布衣Shi Buyi, Everyday Guy14,666中秋月明Zhong Qiu Yue Ming
5Abnormal Ability超级怪兽工厂Supermonster Factory14,622匣中藏剑Xia Zhong Cang Jian
6Abnormal Ability混世矿工Nomad Miner14,508牧尘客Mu Chen Ke
7Abnormal Ability超级合同Super Contract14,500盗掘者Dao Jue Zhe
8Abnormal Ability带着神龙打工还债Collecting Debts with a Heavenly Dragon14,384敖少宝Ao Shao Bao
9City Life美利坚梦幻庄园The United States of Neverland14,377铂金Bo Jin
10City Life巨星宗师Superstar Grandmaster14,332暗金风暴An Jin Feng Bao


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1Three Kingdoms Period偷香Stealing Beauty42,017墨武Mo Wu
2Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties寒门状元Impoverished Top Scholar40,040天子Tian Zi
3Foreign History崛起之第三帝国The rise of My Third Reich15,062大罗罗Da Luo Luo
4Fictional History孺子帝Emperor Ruzi14,715冰临神下Bing Lin Shen Xia
5Foreign History重生印度之高人一等Reborn Above Everyone in India14,679墨罂粟Mo Ying Su
6Foreign History红色苏联The Red USSR14,565华东之雄Hua Dong Zhi Xiong
7Fictional History醉迷红楼Wasted in the Whorehouse12,158屋外风吹凉Wu Wai Feng Chui Liang
8Foreign History德意志崛起之路The Sudden Rise of Germany9,388终极侧位Zhong Ji Ce Wei
9Qing Dynasty & Republic of China我的老婆是土匪My Wife is a Bandit8,933千斤顶Qian Jin Ding
10Fictional History马前卒The Pawn8,274枪手1号Qiang Shou 1 Hao


#Sub CategoryTitleClicksAuthor
1War of Japanese Resistance抗战之无双战将Invincible General in the War of Japanese Resistance15,576步枪打蚊子Bu Qiang Da Wen Zi
2War战火来袭The Strike8,841贪狼独坐Tan Lang Du Zuo
3War of Japanese Resistance抗日之将胆传奇True Guts in the Fight Against the Japanese5,956丑牛1985Chou Niu 1985
4War Fantasy佣兵的战争