☯ ISSTH Chapter 542 ☯

We are closing in on the final few days of the ISSTH art contest. There is a lot of great stuff to check out in competition A scenes and competition B characters, but also plenty of room for more entries. Go check out what's available and leave some feedback, or if you're an artist, bust out that pencil/pen/stylus/mouse/paintcan/paintbrush/etchasketch etc. and join the fun! P.S.

I Shall Slay Immortals Chapter 13: Roaming the Western Desert is up!

Chapter 542 Translator: Deathblade Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs Proofreader: Lingson, ISSTHNo1FanBoy Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is guaranteed chapter 4/7 for this week!