☯ ISSTH Chapter 432 ☯

My normal work day will end differently today as I get to co-host of a charity event benefiting schools for underprivileged kids! I will be speaking Chinese in front of a huge crowd of Chinese people, so wish me luck! The even won't be for several hours, so first, enjoy:

Chapter 432 Translator: Deathblade Contributors: Madam Deathblade, anonpuffs Proofreader: Lingson Memes: MemeBoo and Deathblade Meme Archives: joeljbright

This is the seventh and final guaranteed chapter of the week (one more sponsored chapter coming in about 12 hours)! P.S. I screwed up some announcement posts this week regarding the order of sponsored and guaranteed chapters. In the end, there were 7 of each, another 14 chapter week!

Important note: The "demon" in Pill Demon's name is a different Chinese character than the one generally translated as "demon" in the story. Pill Demon's name could also be translated Pill Ghost.