☯ ISSTH Chapter 379 ☯

Chinese is a tonal language, which means that pronouncing a single syllable in the wrong tone can lead to huge mistakes. Just such a mistake occurred to me over the weekend. I wanted to say the word "dà pī shēng chǎn" which means "mass production" or literally "great amounts production." Unfortunately, for the second syllable "pi," I said it in the fourth tone instead of the first tone, like this: "dà pì shēng chǎn." The result was that instead of saying "great amounts production" I actually said "great farts production." Needless to say that led to some laughter on the part of the listeners and a bright red face for me.... T__T

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This is the first sponsored chapter of the week. P.S. This is an abnormally short chapter sorry.... -__-