☀Child of Light Fanart Contest Winners + Surprise☀

Hey everyone, here are the winners for the fanart contest!

A big congratulations to the winners! Check out the winning works below and scroll to the bottom to find out what the surprise is. ;)

In first place we have Janrei! Here's his short self-introduction:

Love the works of Tjss. Kindly visit my dA jreydomat/deviantart. Also want to thank all of you guys for this.

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In second place we have Ania! Here's her self-introduction:

Hi, my name is Ania, I live in Poland, my passion is digital art-especially illustration and photomanipulation. If you liked my entry come visit me at my Devianart page. Thank you all who voted for me=)


In third place, we have Wen-D! Here's her self-introduction:

Hello, I am Wen-D. I really enjoy reading the child of light due to its own uniqueness in contrast to what I read everyday. I was also introduced to some aspects of Chinese culture that I found quite interesting as well. I am a beginner digital artist, therefore my art is lacking compares to other art as seen in this contest. I was really surprised, to be honest, to be chosen as the 3rd place winner since there were so many beautiful pieces of art that people drew. Honestly, I am still shocked that I won. But thank you very much, and I hope you check out my devianart account out if you have a chance. Being recognize for my artistic skill is something that I dream in my dead world. 

To translators: Thank you for hosting this contest as well as going out your way to translate the novel. It has been a long journey for you and I really appreciate your hardwork as you share this unique piece of work with us. Thank you very much :D 

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Operation Surprise will begun in 5 minutes. :P


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