[October] Status of Against the Gods ✿ and Spirit Realm ?

I have good news and maybe some other kind of news. Let's start with announcement by series.

Against the Gods Currently, most, if not all of the ATG Team have started classes and are undergoing some serious stuff like things that start with ex and ends with ham. I tell them I can continue our pace myself but since they all say we need more manpower, we're recruiting translators!! Find me on the sidebar and ding me if you're interested.

Spirit Realm I have good news for Spirit Realm readers! Due to love&joy&happiness from the birthday boys of the SR Team, Spirit Realm shall continue with its 2 per day release for the month of October. Yes, it will still be sponsored by alyschu, but this time, I won't be hogging all the fame. If anyone has donated to sponsor a chapter, they shall now be included as a sponsor for a chapter upon reaching the amount needed for a chapter. No more will you be stuck in there wondering if alyschu has noticed you!! alyschu will just sponsor the excess chapters not met. This shall be called Octoberchu Options. Happy Octoberchu Options everyone!! \o/!!

ps. There were like 5-10 potential translators who have contacted me previously with wonderful life stories but dropped off the grid after I said hi. Where'd you guys go?!