[November] Status of Against the Gods ✿ and Spirit Realm ?

This announcement was suppose to come first, but that'll delay the release of chapters so I released the chapters first.

Against the Gods Same old same old casual.

Spirit Realm Octoberchu Options is over and I originally planned on going back to the default 3 regular chapter per week casual release rate with no busybody alyschu interference, but the SR Team are super machines so alyschu will continue to sponsor their chapters under the brand new, totally original name of Novemberchu. I can't think of a fitting N word to stick after Novemberchu, so it'll just be called Novemberchu. Two releases a day will be continuing for Novemberchu, with the same conditions as Octoberchu! Yay~ Happy Novemberchu guys!

ps. Potential translators still MIA. Where art thou.