ATG Chapter 526 ✿ and another birthday event!

Chapter 526 is brought to you by SummerRain and not much of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Seth K, Eric W, steve q, foster g, José B, and Brenton S. Thanks as always!

Hey guys, Dnton's birthday is on the 15th of July, and since Dnton lives in the future, that means it's currently his birthday! (It's like 2am for him right now, I think. He's not awake yet.) I'm going to do another birthday event so he can wake up to his birthday cards. I've learned my lesson from the last event so I'm not going to rate all of them... That took me ages to do last time even though I had a blast. Just link them down there in the comments and I'll throw him at it.

Rules: 1) Make a happy birthday card for Dnton. Size doesn’t matter but it must include his birthdate this year (any variation of 07/15/2016), your name (Wuxiaworld username works best if you don’t know what to put), any Pokemon (Hand drawn works best, happiness works best, no excessive gore! This is in celebration of his birthday!), and the words Happy Birthday & Dnton. 2) Get inspiration from your bones! Creativity from your liver! Those who put great thought or artistic abilities into it will be counted as 5 birthday cards. 3) Each person is limited to submitting one birthday card. 4) alyschu’s birthday card is a 5. 5) No mention of the hostage please! It's not like it's a hostage, it's a bribe, okay? 6) Enjoy!!!!

How to submit a birthday card: Post it in the comments! Take a picture of it if you did it on paper! Things in Rule #1 must be visible!

Unlockable tiers: 0 birthday cards: Lets you see alyschu’s masterpiece of a birthday card. 50 birthday cards: Chapter 527 will come out today if we reach 50 birthday cards! 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 birthday cards: For those who have not done so already, you will meet the love of your life tomorrow if this is met! The stars have spoken!

Here's mine:

Even though I learned my lesson from last time and won't be rating them anymore, I'll still make a spreadsheet of everyone's art!

Dnton's Happy Birthday Spreadsheet.

For those who need a website to upload it to, you can use to upload and link your image in the comments!

I'll be back in a while after having some munchies.