ATG Chapter 300 ✿ And a Special Message From The Author

Hello everyone, it’s OverTheRanbow here! Alyschu is currently waving pom poms in her sleep as I write this post, because she couldn’t wait for me to finish this speech and didn’t want to rush me.

With the completion of Vol 3, we have landed on MARS! The excitement in me is unimaginable. It has been a long time since I’ve first tried to contact our dear author Mars Gravity per alyschu’s panicked request and on my own accord. (All of alyschu’s “I tried contacting” is actually me, OverTheRanbow trying the contacting) It was around only 48 chapters in at that time, I believe.

What I did back then was contacting Mars Gravity through private messages on the publisher site (ZongHeng), and I had never gotten a response. I figured that Mars who has a job and a family but nevertheless stays up till 4 am in the morning to write chapters for us, wouldn’t have the time to check floods of PMs from millions of readers and fans. And so, I ceased after some number of tries, and alyschu stopped panicking too.

However, recently, I noticed that some Chinese readers on Baidu Tieba (Biggest Chinese forums, Baidu also owns ZongHeng) had found out there are English translations of ATG and many other CN novels. I knew that ZongHeng was also under the flag of Tieba, and so it crossed my mind to make a Thread about contacting Mars there and see if that’d net me any help.

And the amazing Ni Tian Xie Shen forum admins, surely did! I was introduced by them to Mars Gravity and landed a rove- I mean got in contact with my beloved author. So I first apologized for translating without asking his permission first, but he was totally cool with it and just said it was very surprising! When I asked for permission, he said there’s no problem at all is very happy for his work to be read by more people.

And here comes the most important part of this gibberish I’m writing. After a nice and long chat with him, I asked him for a message to pass onto the the readers overseas:


“得知自己的文被翻译成英文, 有了海外读者,惊喜万分,感谢海外读者们的喜爱和支持,火星会更加努力!” - 火星引力

“Knowing that my work had been translated into English, and acquired readers overseas, I am extremely surprised and overjoyed. I thank the oversea readers for their adoration and support, Mars will work even harder!” - Mars Gravity

He’s such a awesome person. It’s a motivation boost to both of us! If any of y'all wants so say something to our dear author, I may pick a few comments, translate it into Chinese and pass it on to him!

Anyway, chapter 300 is brought to you by OverTheRanbow, alyschu and gloo.

Deepest gratitude to our sponsors Chance B, Musa Khokhar, Nattarat R, James H, and Caleb G for this chapter.