ATG Chapter 253 ✿

Chapter 253 is the last regular chapter of the week brought to you by Kitty (new!), a piece of Neko (came back from the life for like a few minutes!), and some of alyschu!

For once, a new translator has taken the time to write a little bio when I asked! Here is Kitty's introduction: I'm a professional trilingual French/Chinese/English translator who has been working for around 3 years on and off now. I'm glad I discovered Chinese web novels were being translated and I'm a huge fan of many of Tang Jia San Shao's works. Favorite being Doulou Dalu 2. (Can't wait for 3!!) I enjoy music, reading and exercising in my spare time and would love to talk about any of these with anyone.

Ain't she awesome?!?!?!?!? There's so many translators on Team ATG but more than half of us are as real as ghosts don't real.. and as busy as bees.. Since it's past midnight, Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the US~!!