ATG Chapter 246 ✿

alyschu here! fufu, that flower guy who does MGA, is an awesome person! I have been inspired by deathblade to use a little symbol myself for ATG! I totally did not snipe this symbol from the Manual Progress Report that I haven't been updating lately..

Without further ado, here is Chapter 246, brought to you by Eien and alyschu. This chapter was sponsored by Alex W and Jacob B!

I have included a translator's note in regards to the Purgatory in Chapter 245 under that chapter. I'll be pasting it here for those who are too lazy to go back:

Translator Note: Author has permanently swapped Purgatory with Rumbling Heaven in the later chapters. We have decided to make the switch now instead of later. From now on, Purgatory is the Evil God’s 3rd Realm while Rumbling Heaven is the 4th. alyschu has replaced all previous mentions of Rumbling Heaven being the third realm with Purgatory.