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Hey guys, we have a rather special announcement and program for today.  One of our readers, Eric, is a student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his class is partnering with Make-A-Wish, a nonprofit organization that grants ‘wishes’ to young children with life-threatening diseases.  The wish Eric’s class is working on is to provide a 13-year old boy with a brain tumor named Will (see the picture below the jump) the chance to go to Hawaii on a dream trip for the Maui Jim Invitational in November.

Eric reached out to me to ask me to help publicize it, and I’m more than happy to do so, since I’ve heard a lot of good things about Make-A-Wish, and this would be my first time cooperating with them.  Paypal donations are now being accepted at [email protected].  For the next 48 hours, not only will all the donations also count towards the Desolate Era queue, I’ll also personally match 50% of the donations (up to a maximum of $500).

Wuxiaworld, let’s work together to make a kid’s wish come true!

EDIT: I’ve seen a few questions regarding the veracity of this program, and I want to put your minds to rest.  I’ve reached out to the class professor in question, Professor Jim Kitchen, through his publicly searchable contact information, and he has verified that this is indeed a class project and that Eric is indeed his student.  This sort of program is something Professor Kitchen has done in the past, and it has been reported on by UNC’s official blog in the past as well.  It’s all very legitimate; I wouldn’t put it on Wuxiaworld if I had any doubts at all!



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  1. You guys are amazing. I’ve been reading Wuxiaworld for over a year now and this is the proudest moment I’ve ever had to say that I was a part of this community! That poor kid deserves this. Thank you Wuxiaworld for being awesome.

      1. I honestly don’t see what everyone’s issue is with the Harambe case. Harambe was carrying around an infant in such a manner that put the child in danger of being harmed, injured, or even killed. Using tranquilisers wasn’t an option, as they would have taken up to five minutes to kick in, and would have agitated the gorilla. In the time between the shot and the drop he could have harmed or even killed the infant.

        I support the zoo and its staff. They made the right decision, not an easy decision, and certainly not an ideal one, but the right one.

        1. I can’t completely agree with you. Not only is it impossible to say that an animals life is worth less than that of a human child, also there still would have been the possibility of the child surviving anyway. It might not have been the wrong decision, but I don’t think you can call it right only because the one that was shot wasn’t a human being.

          1. You know what im offended by that, a child’s life is always worth more than a zoo animals life and what sane person would gamble with a “possibility of the child surviving”.

          2. If you honestly think an animal life is worth more than a human life then I’m just disappointed. Mind you that was an infant, being dragged through water.

          3. I’m offended by the people commenting saying a human child is “always” worth more than an animal. This is how animal abuse and cruelty begins. Regardless of age or species, a life is still a life to be respected. One is not worth more or less than the other.
            A chance for 1 to be alive + 1 to be injured vs 1 dead + 1 alive should have been an easy choice.

            Admittedly it is sad that Harambe dying generates more of a sh*tstorm than what would have ensued from the child dying.

            @ below, nowhere is it said an animal’s life is worth more than a human’s.

          4. Also, the child was in the wrong: I believe he climbed through the bars and fell in himself. If I had to choose between Harambe, who was trying to help, and the child, I would’ve killed the child.

          5. Holy shit what is wrong with you. Yes an animal life is worth intrinsically less than a human life since we’re, you know, humans. We do not gamble human lives for animal lives. If you had a child who was attacked by wolves would you just stand by and let them fight it out because maybe the kid would survive? Do you just let mosquitos suck your blood? Grow up. People are more important than animals. If you want to treat animals with respect that’s great, but the moment humans are in danger they take priority.

          6. You can’t categorize life into “worth”, who the f*ck do you people think you are? Do you have a God complex?

            Aand back to Make-a-Wish, that sounds really nice

          7. The nature of any animal is to prioritize the life of one of its own species to that of another species. Humans are no different. It isn’t a matter of one life being more important than another in an overall scale but of one life being more important than the other as a being of the same race. It’s a bit like how we don’t question the idea of eating in general in spite of the fact, whether you’re a vegetarian or not, that you’ll be eating something which was alive. Something that lived on this Earth in some way. Instinctively any creature leans towards the basis of self preservation and the preservation of creatures of the same race in general for what should be obvious reasons.

            Given the choice between a gorilla and any being of my own race, so long as that human weren’t classified as detrimental to that race such as say, a murderer or a rapist, I’d save the human. Why? Because it is a being of my race and I am instinctively driven to prioritize members of my own species which is a concept even a five year old should understand but from what I’m seeing full grown men and women don’t seem to be able to.

          8. Somebody eats a gorilla, he has weird tastes about meat(dunno if it’s a protect species or whatever the point isn’t about that, unless you have your own weird scale of life value I suppose we can compare the gorilla to another animal that is commonly eaten in our respective countries), somebody eats a 3 year-old boy than he’s a damn cannibalistic psycho. At the same time if I were a gorilla I would much rather eat a human-child than a Gorilla-toddler I suppose. It’s a matter of empathy, of species preservation. Any man on earth can relate to the fact that he was once a 3 year-old boy and that he probably could have done some very stupid things at that age, so everybody can relate to the 3 year old boy while no man can really relate to a Gorilla, therefore the human race as a whole will naturally side towards protecting the child, it could be him, could be his child, even the most animal loving person would probably choose his own son over a gorilla. All the people who said random stuff about the value of life and so forth and so on, how every living thing is equal bla bla bla, I never received god’s memo about that and neither have you or the rest of this world’s species. All you guys say is hypocritical at best because I just don’t see you sacrificing your lives to save say… a parrot and a snake unless you have a very big emotional attachment to said parrot and snake duo. While some of you might walk into a house on fire to try and save a stranger’s 3 year old baby. Now you guys wish to be these enlightened beings that view all life as equal but that is just rethorical nonesense because life is equal only in the eyes of somebody who doesn’t give a fudge about anybody. For instance if you love somebody his life will be worth more to you, even just knowing somebody makes his life grow in value. Same works for animals, if I spent years with an animal I may arrive to value his life more than the life of some random stranger on the other side of the planet, if for some kind of weird butterfly effect of which I was for some reason sure I could save the life of a stranger by killing a dog who stayed by my side for years I simply wouldn’t but I would kill some stray dog for the same reason, well probably not, unless I had more information about said stranger that would somehow make me want to see him live on, otherwise I simply wouldn’t care. Now this last part may change from person to person, I digressed. My point is the value of a life for us imperfect human beings is relative. In abstract terms I could say every life has the same value but in practicality I would still choose the people I love even if the death count was 1000 to 1, still that is me valuing relationships a lot, somebody else might choose women and children’s first because he has the values of a gentleman, some others may value comrades in arms, some may value the dog that saved his life. The list of what would make a person choose a life over another is basically endless and it is wrong by definition trying to force somebody else’s values on someone else. It is though undeniable that most people would choose the boy over the gorilla and that whoever wouldn’t would at most leave things to chance. The guy who proposed killing the boy for his stupidity I’m gonna assume was trolling or exaggerating to make a point because just the simple fear of the implications of killing a human being(jail just to state the most obvious) would probably make him stop from pulling the trigger himself.

          9. Be it a human life or an animal’s life, they are equal. That doesn’t mean to say what they did was wrong though, because a child’s life is, in my opinion, more important. In this situation, the gorilla can be traded out for an adult human and either of them are both fully grown adults. They’ve lived a longer life than a 3 year old. The 3 year old hasn’t lived his life yet, and this kind of logic could have been applied if the tables were turned (a baby gorilla has more right to live than an adult human).

            On the fact of them shooting too prematurely, if a human adult was to target a gorillas child do you think it would leave them alive? The answer is no. We were just protecting our own much like what they would do.

            All lives are equal but those that haven’t gotten to live their life yet deserve to do so. Harambe was 17 years old, he had led a decent life by that point and the child’s was just starting. Who knows? He might grow to be the cure for cancer or the person who discovers how to save the dying gorilla population.

        2. Since I can’t reply to the exact comment that I want to, I’ll just leave it on this one lol. First of all, 3 years old isn’t an infant, the kid was a toddler, there’s a pretty big difference. Regardless of that though, it wasn’t the stupid brat’s fault for being an idiot… I mean, he was 3, so what do people expect? The real problem was that his mother wasn’t watching him and making sure that her suicidal 3 year old didn’t try climbing over the bars of a freaking gorilla enclosure lol. The zoo is also at fault, because they didn’t respond quickly enough and even before that, they didn’t have the proper safety measures in place to prevent toddlers(No clue how a toddler even managed to climb into the enclosure) or other small and stupid children from falling or jumping into enclosures.

          They could have tranquilized the gorilla before he even came close to the child, but they didn’t. There were more gorillas aside from Harambe in the enclosure. The other ones were called back into the pen or whatever, but Harambe went over and let curiosity get the better of him. So, the stupid gorilla was also at fault lol.

          The zoo waited 10 minutes, before finally deciding to kill the gorilla. It wasn’t instantaneous rofl. They definitely didn’t want to kill one of their own animals, but at the same time, if the boy died, then the zoo might get shut down. They really didn’t have a choice at that point.

          The news reports about the incident later, all try to push the blame entirely on the mother or the zoo, but the stupid gorilla should have listened to his handler as well. No one blamed all the onlookers who were screaming and yelling, causing the gorilla to act more aggressively.

          Also, human lives are often more valuable and important than the lives of other animals. Gorillas are a lot rarer than humans though lol. I mean, you can go to a lot of countries and literally buy human babies or child slaves. It’s a lot harder to buy gorillas.

        3. I find many of the comments above to be quite pitiful, there’s no comparing a life with another whether it’s an animal or one of the human race. I believe that this is connected to the racial favoritism which proves that many of the comments which contents also included the matter regarding close relationships to be correct. Whether it is a human or an animal of any race, one would always choose the animal/human whom you have any sort of relationship with before the latter. I’ve so far given my opinion regarding many of the previous comments, I’ll now give my own statement regarding the killing of Harambe. I believe the action of killing Harambe to be correct purely based on the situation. While the child acted wrongly by climbing the fence entering the cage or what ever, one has to also consider the life of the child and the state of minds of many of the nearby observers. Purely based on this they had two options, one was to either put Harambe to sleep by using some sort of sedative which may result in Harambe going into a frenzy, not an option that one would willingly choose. The second one was to kill him, I apologize if I’m being too frank by saying this but by choosing the latter one would gave acted accord to our society’s rules while having the child’s life in consideration.

  2. While I’d love to help, I can’t find any information on this. Could you share some from an official source.

    PS: Living in a country that has people faking such stuff daily has made me cynical. :/

    1. I wasn’t able to find a news article about it, but many GoFundMe’s are popping up. They all say the same thing but a few say something like “All proceeds will go to Will’s wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation”, which sounds like their just donating the money to Make-A-Wish.

      None of them reference to anything, and will just mention something like “If you would like to see an official letter regarding the class assignment and our professor’s contact information, feel free to contact me.”.

      The earliest one I think is from Sep, 9th. And more have popped up since. It still seems a bit fishy to me, I wish that people didn’t fake stories for donations/fake being involved.

      1. Sadly it’s very easy to scam people this way. I’m not saying I don’t believe that eric is really doing this, but there’s also no way to verify it. Personally I’d rather help by donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation directly instead of sending the money to another person that gives it to them (or not?).

        But then again, that would be if I had any money to spare (broke student 🙁 ).

        1. Sad but true, I’ve gone through a few already and I’ve found some questionable things.

          This one doesn’t mention Hawaii. Just says he wants to see the team in person and then link to Make-A-Wish. https://www.gofundme.com/tarheelwill?ssid=742167867&pos=20&pc=

          These two both mention a deadline to raise money that’s already passed (the 18th). And both seem to be from the class raising money.



          The story seems to be legit, just not sure how many are truly students in the class and if the deadline mentioned above is significant.

          1. This was my fault; he contacted me over a week ago, but I missed his response to my reply email until just yesterday. Essentially, on my side I’m playing catch-up right now!

  3. This is so great to hear, and is such an absolutely nice thing of Ren and Wuxaiworld to do, because we all know how hard it is to gain publicity on the internet now. Here’s hoping that the kid’s wish comes true.

  4. Ren, for reasons like this makes me hella happy to be part of this community. Glad that today I can donate to a novel I love and a charity that I hope brings a big smile to that little boys face when he finally gets to go to Hawaii ^_^.

  5. I’m always too busy to comment when I visit WW because of other webnovel work, but I am super happy to hear about this oppourtuity for the websites community to help a young boy fulfill his wish! Also Super happy to get a “Renewed Faith In Humanity” shot, even if my cynicism only makes it last a day xD Mega props to Ren and all the donators!

  6. Ren, is you matching donation (50% up to $500) goes as your donation to make a wish, or does it go towards queue? If it was the former, would you consider if we get over $1,000 donation (so your $500 are up), you will match 50% over $500 towards queue on top of regular donation just for the next 48 hours (or 24 hours now)? Sure, I’m greedy… But this might help adding more donation… Plus, I am far ahead on desolate era on lnmtl at book 21 ch 30. Bad translation though, I sure miss a lot of details.

  7. Hey, not sure if this is a typo, but I just checked and you said that the student advertising this went to UNC Chapel Hill, while the blog you linked talking about the actual class and fundraising is a program at UNC Kenan-Flagler… not sure if you realized this, but you may want to look into that.

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