Wuxiaworld, Four Month Anniversary

Hey guys, yesterday was the fourth month Wuxiaworld has been in existence! I was meaning to post this yesterday, but got too caught up in server issues and other issues. So here it is now. It has been four months, and wow, what a fourth month it has been!  Without a doubt, it has been the craziest month to date; starting with a DDOS attack (that is still attacking, on and off), a server move, server fixes, anti-DDOS scripting, broken mobile, a (now) fixed mobile…I’m really glad that I dialed down the workday chapters, because otherwise, I don’t know how I would’ve been able to deal with all these things, hehe.

But it isn’t all bad; we are very happy and blessed to have goodguyperson here along with BTTH, which is proof that even in the darkest days there is always a ray of light.  That being said, I’ve always felt rather guilty towards the BTTH readers who came over, yet had to suffer the DDOS effects (and a few days of broken mobile view) as well, which they didn’t have to do so back at gravity.  So thank you, all of you, for your patience and understanding!

As we move into Wuxiaworld’s fifth month, I think we’re in stronger shape than before as we continue to march forward.  BTTH is just getting started, Coiling Dragon is a bit past the halfway point (I miscounted previously), and deathblade is making great translation on his work with Dragon King!

For a bits of somewhat sad news though; it is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that Aequitas’ group has decided to discontinue their work on Stellar Transformations.  As a public service announcement, Rylain is working on it at http://nightbreezetranslations.com/, so readers of it can follow it there.  I will ask him if he is alright with me ‘mirroring’ his releases on Wuxiaworld, but this is entirely up to him 🙂

Lastly, the forum may or may not be causing some problems, so I have disabled it yet again for now.

Daily/Monthly Records:

Highest daily pageviews: April 9, we had 404,845 pageviews (last month’s high was 404,392)
Highest active users at one time: April 16, we had 1990 active users on (last month’s high was 1550)
Highest daily unique visitor IP’s: April 20, we had 36,265 visitors (last month’s high was 25,094)
Total unique visitor IP’s in April: 264,249 (up from 145,992 in March)

Total/Lifetime Stats:

Lifetime pageviews: 28,626,552 pageviews, up from 18,110,729 pageviews in March
Lifetime comments: 42,028, up from 29,347 in March (thank gawd I deleted those two pages worth)
Lifetime comments by RWX: 4,964
Lifetime Coiling Dragon chapters translated: 430 (miscounted the last few times)
Total registered users: 5,034 (up from 4065)

45 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld, Four Month Anniversary” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Wow! Interesting. Seems we have hit a somewhat high point of highest daily pageviews! 😀

    I really hope this site stays strong this coming march! No server issues, no DDoS, no nothing! How about that for a new years resolution… okay, new months resolution 😛 😀

    Keep up the good work all you guys working on wuxiaworld! Glad to see Ggp with us and translationg BTTH! Very good addition to the site 🙂

  2. Humu, we can’t see this anniversaty post from main index page, or maybe it’s only me? 😛 I only seen it after i clicked on BTTH 39’th chapter news to read it again 😛

    It sure has been a long time… not! But yeah, it feels like it totally was. I wanted to say more things, but they would be too embarassing to spell out, so… Yeah xD Great to have you here, Ren! Great to have you here, Goodguyperson! Great to have you here, Deathblade! 🙂

    1. Are you by chance from germany. That greeting is a little out of date.

      And to all the translators and creators of these types of novels I will be eternally grateful. And among them I eat tomatos and Ren are the most incredible.

  3. Congratulations on the 4th month anniversary Ren!

    Darn, what the time flies! Already on our 4th month. 😀
    It’s a shame that Aequitas’ group has decided to discontinue ST. But then did our savior, Rylain The Great, continue it for us loyal fans. 😀

  4. tch, i still think we should have kept the pages comments but locked them fora few weeks 🙁 lol i joke.

    1k new peoples yay ^^

  5. Now we can say it, WuxiaWorld is the NUMBER 1 fantasy translation website.
    Let’s aim to make WuxiaWorld the NUMBER 1 literature website now. We should at least aim that high :).
    And thanks for everything up to now and in the future.

    Like you often say, “Cheers!” (though I don’t really know the meaning of the word :x)

  6. OMG! he has 4900+ comments! almost 5000!!! and I was just….. *facewall* no no no *facegutter*!!!
    *tch, tch!* even though I hate to say this, I really have no way of beating our overload. *sigh* and you’re the only one that with a slightest chance (I remember you having 1200+) soooo…..*totally unwilling* good luck! I guess.. *tch*

    1. above comment is suppose to be a reply to BakaB!
      ‘edit’ not working again~~

      oh almost forgot…..,
      All hail Wuxia world! All hail Overlord Ren! …. and Bebe & Linley!!!! 😉

  7. So glad to hear things are somewhat stable! I’m actually new to the site and I can already say that I love it, already caught up with CD and on my way through Stellar Transformations. It is a bit saddening that the current TL’s have decided to drop it but as long as someone else decides to pick it up then i’m exceptionally thankful. I hope and wish the best with site issues good luck RWX!

  8. Thanks for the update! I’m excited for the future of this awesome site. Also thanks for informing us about ST. Gosh, so much happened in four months 0.0

  9. Happy 4th month anniversary! I honestly wish I could hunt down the DDoSing person for all the trouble he is causing you and my fellow readers. Ugh so annoying!

  10. Woot! Congrats Ren!

    Side Note: I was wondering how you made your expandable drop down lists for your index pages. I been think about doing that as well as the hints of the types of html tags we can use for leaving a comment…?

  11. Grats on those views~ and for resolving(?) the DDoS attacks~ The site sometimes goes error 520(?) I think, the one with the server down. Anyways, thanks for the update~ :3 at least I can read now \(^o^)/

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