WMW Chapter 484

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Cage of Gluttony

“Can you control them?” With regards to unforeseeable situations, Leylin was always more cautious.

He looked at Robin. After all, Robin was the clan leader and should have had some tricks up his sleeve.

“I’m afraid not! Noah’s taken away my authority. Moreover, once the Devouring Corridor is engaged, even the clan leader himself can’t control it…”

“Then what was the point of me saving you?” Leylin rolled his eyes and pulled Robin along, sprinting at a much higher speed.

Soon Robin proved that, as a clan leader, he was still very familiar with his castle. Under his guidance, after rushing through three rooms, Leylin managed to jump down from a window pane.

The moment before he left the window ledge, numerous tongues swiftly climbed forward and filled the entire room, but had not followed through their attack to the exterior of the castle. It was as if there was a chasm at the fringes of the castle that was difficult to pass through, or even barriers outside.

Only at that point in time did Leylin have the leisure to look at his secret imprint.

“Master… they’ve gone on the offensive! The situation here is extremely chaotic!” an impatient Parker transmitted even as the rumble of explosions from spells could be heard in the background.

“Today’s banquet is extremely lively!” Leylin looked at the ancient black castle. Through one of the windows in the living room, he could see explosions and flames being set off in the room.

“Put your own safety as the priority, and escape as soon as you can!” Leylin did not have the plans to return once more. After all, those still inside the castle were his subordinates. Subordinates fought to the death for their masters, not the other way around.

“Your nephew seems to be coming over!”

After they escaped, Robin’s head had been hanging low, his thoughts a mystery. Leylin indifferently set him down under an oak tree.

After hearing his tone, Robin raised his head and saw a black figure rushing down from the ancient castle, with a terrifying aura on his body.

That was the terrifying power of a Crystal Phase Magus. Coupled with the fact that he also possessed the ancient Gluttonous Desire, these had caused even Leylin to furrow his brows.

*Boom!* A figure landed in front of Leylin, and revealed a face that was mostly covered with runes.

“Noah!” Leylin let out a long sigh. Relatives Noah and Robin had very similar face shapes and auras. But with the influence of the gluttony imprint concealing and obscuring things, even Morning Star Magi might not have been able to realise the difference. However, there was no way Leylin would not be able to recognise him.

“Uncle…” Noah’s voice was low as he gazed at Robin who was seated on the ground. Complex emotions whirled across his face.

Shortly after, the black runes on his face started to move about, causing changes to its shape.His nose became sharper and eyes wider.

It took only a few tweaks for Noah to look drastically different, as he regained his original appearance.

“You’ve changed a lot…” Robin said after a moment of silence.

“I have not changed! Was this not always your wish anyway?” A vicious look flashed across Noah’s face. He bowed to Robin, his etiquette perfect to the point that nobody could nitpick about it. He was the perfect example of royalty.

“Very soon, the aspirations of our clan will be realised. I can feel it. Under the radiation of the sin of gluttony, my Kemoyin bloodline has been purified. I’m only one step away from becoming a pureblood Kemoyin Warlock!”

Mysterious rays shot out of Noah’s eyes as he bit his own finger to show Robin and Leylin the pure purplish-red blood.

Immediately, he greedily sucked the same finger which he’d previously bit, even as his face was immersed in pleasure.

“Crazy! You’ve completely gone insane!” Robin grabbed his head in pain and regret, “I should not have allowed you to inherit the imprint to begin with… No, I shouldn’t even have gone to Quicksand to uncover it!”

On the other side, Leylin looked at Noah proudly showing the purity of his bloodline, and was rendered speechless.

From what he saw, even though the Kemoyin bloodline of the other party was extremely pure, but compared to the first time Leylin had purified his Kemoyin bloodline, there was still an obvious difference.

Just based on the luster, if Leylin’s bloodline was initially a diamond, Noah’s bloodline was at most coal, or even worse than that.

And after having absorbed large amounts of radiation from the Lamia bone, his bloodline had been purified to an unprecedented level, and might even have surpassed the ancient Giant Kemoyin Serpent!

“I’m not crazy! For those trash to be the foundations to allow for our clan to flourish is definitely an honour for them!”

Noah lifted his hands in despair, his eyes bloodshot, “I have a feeling that if only I were to eat him, my bloodline would advance to an unprecedented level, and I could even advance to the Morning Star realm!”

Noah pointed at Leylin and his eyes widened, as if he was a plate of some delicacy.

That gaze made Leylin uncomfortable, especially when the other party started to contemplate on where he should start devouring him.

Leylin kept the Memory Crystal Ball that would be the evidence for later before he swiftly asked Robin, “Since he has already confessed, there shouldn’t be a problem if I start killing here in my name as an enforcer, right?”

“….” Robin’s face looked pale, and he did not utter a single word, only waving his hand.

After getting Robin’s approval, Leylin had no more misgivings.

In actual fact, just based on what Noah had done previously, Leylin would not hesitate to kill him. Still, it would be better with Robin’s understanding.

After all, the other party was his senior, and he would have to take note of the potential aftereffects.

“Tsk tsk! He actually dared to utter such words to me!” Noah licked his lips, and the imprint on his face went into action. “It’s decided! I’ll make sure you don’t get to leave this place, and I’ll slowly devour your meat, a kilogram a day!”

There were many ways for Magi to regenerate their muscles, a natural product of their high vitality.

As a result, even though the flesh might have been cut off, it would grow back in a designated amount of time. That was a characteristic that Noah had made use of when he imprisoned many Magi and left them in circumstances where they were better off dead than alive.

“Devour you! I’ll devour you!” Noah’s face warped as he went berserk, and he rushed towards Leylin like a beast. Black blood vessels rose from his body, and like tentacles, covered Leylin’s face.

At the tips of the blood vessels, needle-like structures appeared. Should it penetrate one’s sick, the bone marrow could even be sucked away in an instant.

“Gross!” Leylin shook his head, and a black ray erupted from his waist. The Meteor Sword brought with it the terrifying Kemoyin venom, and formed a black wall in front of Leylin.

Numerous blood vessels were immediately chopped off by the sharp edges of the Meteor Sword. The horrifying venom even started to corrode them, causing them to rot and fall loudly to the ground.

“Grrrr…” Noah opened his mouth, and large amounts of saliva dropped to the ground.

The current him was already under the absolute control of the sin of gluttony, and he had become a beast that moved around merely based on instinct.

Robin had turned his head, and dare not look at the miserable scene.

*Buzz!* During the attack, Noah’s body had been shrouded by a layer of black light. After the light dissipated, numerous pieces of black armour could be seen on his body.

No matter what, Noah was still a Crystal Phase Magus, and Leylin would not dare to belittle his abilities.

“Shadowflame Plague!” He swiftly chanted, and black flames shot forth from his robes like an aura, aiming for Noah who was rushing over.The black flames burned the crystal defence, heating up the surroundings so much that the air distorted.

Noah yelled and, like a beast, rushed out of the sea of fire and appeared before Leylin. The movement was almost instantaneous.

“What a shocking physicality!!” Leylin squinted his eyes as he saw the other party’s injuries almost instantly recovering on their own. As he saw the skin patching up, he couldn’t help but feel a little fearful.

After which, without any hesitation, he held his Cross Blade and hacked down from Noah’s head.

Sharp sword rays were created with the action as the terrifying venom was dissipated carelessly.

Leylin’s Toxic Bile had far surpassed other rank 2 innate spells, achieving a horrifying power. It was an effect entirely brought about by the maturation of his Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline under the effects of the Lamia fingerbone.

“Crossblade slash!” Black light in the form of a crucifix slashed down upon Noah’s body, causing a large vertical wound.

“AHHH!” Noah’s face flushed with blood, but he actually grabbed the blade of the sword.

Large amounts of white mist were emitted as his hands started to rot under the horrifying venom. The scene made Robin feel uneasy.

But Noah instantly revealed a smile that suggested that he had gotten away with something, and his eyes were no longer bloodshot.

“You actually were sane all this while!” Leylin cried out. That astonished him more than Noah inheriting the gluttony imprint and replacing Robin.

“It’s too late now to realise it!” The injuries on his abdomen and chest were all covered by a layer of black blood vessels, and his aura increased exponentially to a peak.

“Arcane Art, Cage of Gluttony!”

A black fog engulfed Leylin and Noah, and Robin’s face changed as he heard the gnawing sounds from within.

“The Cage of Gluttony?” On the other hand, Leylin who was shrouded in darkness casually waved both his hands forth in a bid to size up the strength of the formation.

“This isn’t the energy system of our world. It must be a formation from the path of another realm, a result of the inheritance of Beelzebub’s clone!”

Even as Leylin spoke, numerous mouths with ivory teeth surrounded him.

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