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After settling the troublesome matters, Leylin’s life sank into complete serenity.

Everyday, other than meditating at fixed times and using the Lamia fingerbone’s radiation to mature his own bloodline, he was cooped up in the laboratory. He had already completely recovered the information on bloodline combinations. Besides that, he would patrol his territory and mentor Snoopy on occasion.

Such peaceful days were hard to come by. With the passage of time, his strength was slowly increasing, and was something worthy of rejoicing over.

Before anyone knew it, Leylin’s authority had been firmly set in place in his territory. The gigantic Onyx Castle towered on this piece of land, becoming the nucleus of power in this world. With the years rolling by, it left its mark on history.

Apart from being indestructible, the castle now had some history to it, which was something only the castles of true nobility could accumulate.

The only constant was the huge Magus Tower nearby, its everlasting glow seemingly eternal.

Inside the tower, Leylin lay on a huge experimental desk half-naked, his firm muscles visible. A few robotic arms were holding a translucent crystal ball above him, releasing blood-red rays that swept across his body. His eyes were closed, as if trying to sense something.

If one looked through the surface of the crystal ball, they could faintly see a milky-white fingerbone suspended at the center of the crystal ball, emanating a mysterious light.

The entire process lasted for a total of two hours before the robotic arms retreated back into their valves. Leylin then opened his eyes.

However, his pupils had now turned amber, still containing an ominous glint.

The moment he opened his eyes, the tools in front of him all became ash-grey, turning into stone. The alarms from various apparatus began to ring unceasingly.

Leylin lowered his head, deep in thought, ‘The bloodline is too rich… that can be a problem as well.’

When he raised his head once more, the amber in his eyes had faded, instead replaced by a pair of bottomless black pupils.Yellow skin rustled as he tore a layer of his body and threw it aside.

The skin still had fluids and traces left behind by the scales.

Leylin continued to tear off his dead skin, as though he was a molting like a snake.

“This is already the third time I’m undergoing molting!” Leylin looked at the molted skin as helplessness flashed across his face.

Warlocks’ advancement was done through meditation and transforming the body, progressing towards becoming ancient creatures.

It could be said that the higher-ranked the Warlock was, the less human they would be. The same held true for Warlocks of the Ouroboros Clan.

Since Leylin’s bloodline was that of a Giant Kemoyin Serpent, he naturally would undergo molting periods in his growth. However, under the radiation of the Lamia fingerbone, the molting process had been greatly expedited.

“Tower genie, prepare warm water for my bath.” The tower genie acted quickly under Leylin’s order. Before he’d even reached the designated bathroom, steaming hot water had been prepared.

Water elemental particles had been condensed into a pure liquid, and had been made extremely suitable for the bodies and skin of Warlocks through specialised proportions.

Leylin lay contentedly in the bathing pool made of black marble. As he looked at his fair and smooth skin, his eyes faintly phased out.

Every single time he molted, his strength would see a rapid increase. The rate of his advancements recently had been truly terrifying.

Leylin looked at his palm. Who would have thought that these ordinary slender hands could hide such extraordinary power?

‘How time flies. This leisurely life of mine has gone on for a century now?’ Leylin sank into deep thought.

Indeed, nearly a hundred years had passed since his foray into the Forgotten Land.

Such a long period of time was enough for commoner families to have passed between four to five generations, yet all this did for Leylin was make him look more mature. Given his life expectancy as a high-ranked Warlock, he could be said to still be in his teens.

In this last century, Leylin had maintained a low-profile lifestyle, immersing himself in research and drawing links between his own knowledge base and that of the central continent. He had even reached the boundary in multiple areas.

The A.I. Chip’s data had also been updated several times.

[Leylin Farlier: Rank 3 (Hydro Phase) Warlock. Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent; Strength: 30, Agility: 30, Vitality: 45.5, Spiritual force: 315.6, Magic Power: 315 (Magic power in synchronization with spiritual force)]

Through the Lamia fingerbone’s maturation of his bloodline, even without the consumption of spiritual force potions, Leylin’s spiritual force increased day by day, up to the point where he fulfilled the requirements to advance to the Hydro Phase.

20 years ago, Leylin had used the Hall’s Jewel and Hydro Phase spell formation to finally condense his spiritual force, breaking out of Hydro Phase.

There were, even more, merits to the maturation of his bloodline. His strength and agility, which had stagnated for a long time, experienced an exponential growth, while his vitality steadily increased as well.

Once both strength and agility reached 30, Leylin knew that even the Kemoyin Giant Serpent bloodline could not lead to an indefinite increase in these areas. This was probably his current limit.

Similarly, the increase in vitality from every consecutive molting was diminishing. It seemed like it, too, would slow to a crawl.

Leylin clenched his fists, feeling the surge of strength within. ‘Just the radiation from the Lamia fingerbone could bring about so many benefits,’ he muttered to himself as he felt the increase in power from the molting, his blood bursting with vitality.

Outside the bathroom, two pleasant voices similar to that of an oriole sounded, “Master, it’s time for lunch!”

Leylin smiled and exited the bathroom.

Two teenage girls in maid costumes were kneeling on the two sides of the bathroom. They showed not a tinge of bashfulness when he walked out stark naked, using a large white towel to dry him and dressing him in a loose robe.

It was clear that these two emitted energy waves unique to rank 1 Magi, and they possessed a special charm.

They were actually Warlocks! Even though they were only rank 1 and did not have a pure bloodline, they were still hard to come by.

They were Warlocks under Leylin’s guidance. The two were actually sisters who came from the same family tribe of Giant Mankestre Snake Warlocks. Due to the restrictions of their bloodlines, their position in the Ouroboros Clan was very low. Once Leylin had released news that he was hiring, the family had immediately sent these two sisters to serve him in his tower.

The Magus Tower was extremely dangerous. Even its living quarters had large amounts of radiation, and commoners would not be able to live on the premises. Only Magi were suited to stay within.

Leylin’s Magus Tower was naturally only open to a few of his acolytes and subordinates. Even though they were only given access to the living areas and a few laboratories, it was more than enough for them to be moved to tears.


In the dining hall, Leylin saw Snoopy. That kid had already advanced to become a rank 2 Warlock. For his Black Horrall Snake bloodline and meager natural aptitude, it was considered a great feat.

“Mmm!” Leylin nodded his head lightly and sat at the head of the table. The two twin sisters immediately served delicious food.

“How’s the cleanup of the library going?” Leylin asked Snoopy while eating.

During the organisation and influx of books into the library, Leylin had noticed Snoopy’s passion for them and decided to just hand the entire place over for him to manage.

“It’s going well! Only area B-3 has experienced some mild oxidation, but I’ve already asked the tower genie to isolate the region and deal with it.” he humbly answered.

“Also, the captives locked up in the experimental areas have become more irritable, and the rate of energy consumption of the binding rooms has risen by 1.9%…” This next bit caught Leylin’s attention.

After lunch, he went to the basement of the Magus Tower.

*Boom! Pow!* The intermittent noises he heard after entering the area caused him to frown.

He came to the area outside the binding room. Through the reinforced glass, he could see a large red-eyed Kobold. Large amounts of drool were dripping from his mouth as he rammed his head into the walls repeatedly.

Every time he did that, a thick blue electric current would shoot at the Kobold’s body, burning its reddish-beige scaly exterior to a charred black.

Leylin frowned and ordered, “Retrieve its information!”

The tower genie projected a screen in front of Leylin’s eyes. The densely-packed words and figures of the surgical journal and surveillance footage were laid out in front of him.

‘After the initial bloodline strengthening experiment, symptoms of hysteria appeared on the eighth day?’ Leylin stroked his chin.

“This Kobold has no more observational value. Get rid of it and send its carcass to the dissection room!”

“Authority verified! Getting rid of the Kobold!” The tower genie answered without emotion. After all, it had been programmed to put Leylin’s orders as the first priority.

*Swish!* A black light streaked across the sky, and the hysterical Kobold that was confined immediately fell to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, this terrifying Kobold, who had been so close to reaching rank 3, completely perished, without being able to put up a fight at all.

The prison gates then opened, and a few adamantine puppets carried the lifeless Kobold carcass out on a stretcher.

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