WMW Chapter 440

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The moment Leylin used the Lamia fingerbone and fused with it, her remaining memory fragments would also fuse into his Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline, secretly lurking within.

When the time was right, the Lamia’s sea of consciousness would burst forth. How could Leylin be a match for her?

It was not just the large gap between them in terms of their knowledge and experience. The inborn control in terms of his bloodline, as well as issues of how she would try to gain dominance over him would definitely put Leylin at death’s door.

Having thought this through, Leylin’s murderous intent towards the Lamia was at its boiling point.

However, he had not flared up but instead, pretended that he knew nothing. He waited till the Magus Tower was built, and once his most capable subordinate, Tanasha was at his side and increased his power to the maximum, he then lashed out on his home ground.

It looked like it had been a good idea to be so meticulous. If not, his opponent could have easily taken care of him.

“Shall we make a trade?” The scales on the Lamia phantom’s face faded, returning her face to that of a young girl. Her delicate and pretty face even enchanted Tanasha, who was also female.

“What trade?” Leylin’s voice was low.

“Help me find a flesh body. Anything is fine as long as they have the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline, and it’s best if it’s a female Warlock. In return, I can give you all my knowledge. Though you’ll only obtain a portion of the knowledge that my main body possesses, she is a rank 5 pure-blooded Warlock. Just a small bit of her memories is enough to make you strike gold…”

Calm words rang from the mouth of the phantom Lamia, causing Tanasha’s breath to become rough.

Inheritance from an ancient rank 5 Warlock? Perhaps even Morning Star Magi would go crazy in want over this.

The price he had to pay was a mere female Warlock, and with just a bit of effort, he could find them easily in the Ouroboros Clan.

*Clap! Clap! Clap!!*Leylin applauded, a slight smile on his face. “Good suggestion! What a great suggestion! Even I am tempted.”

“Good! You can first—” The Lamia phantom’s words stopped halfway, and a look of fury suddenly appeared on her face. “You!”

Countless chains tightened, binding her to the spot.

“Tower genie, use all stored energy and prioritise the bindings. The aim is to exterminate this person!”

“Tanasha, help me!” Leylin’s face suddenly changed, and he made to deal the fatal blow.

Great amounts of thunder clouds were produced, lightning washing over the phantom time after time, causing her figure to become even more illusory.

Tanasha obeyed Leylin’s order subconsciously, and her Crystal Phase spiritual force emanated, reinforcing the runes of binding.

“Traitor! The Grand Matriarch will not let you off! Hiss…” The phantom image eventually turned into a half-human, half-snake and hissed, her expression incomparably fierce.

“Let’s talk about it when she finds me.” Leylin’s expression was resolute, constantly urging on the runes and spell formation of binding.

The inheritance from an ancient rank 5 Warlock was indeed very tempting, but Leylin had his own considerations.

The other party was merely a remnant spirit, and might even be the combination of a few memory fragments. How much could she remember?

And just for this, he would bring her around and let her scheme against him?

Though he was somewhat confident in his scheming abilities, Leylin was not certain that he could win over this ancient freak, especially when she could suppress his bloodline and was so enticing.

The ancient Lamia had started out enticing various giant serpent species, and Leylin did not want to unknowingly let her suggestions affect his mind.

For him, it was most practical to be able to take in harmless things. Everything else was an illusion!

“If you don’t die, I can never be at peace.” Leylin stared at the Lamia phantom behind the glass, a determined look in his eyes. “Maximise power!”

[Runes of binding operating at excess of 120% capacity. This is the most powerful attack.]

Along with the tower genie’s voice, a streak of thick red lightning struck the phantom.

*Rumble!* The Magus Tower began to tremble, and fine cracks began to appear in the binding area.

The phantom image of the Lamia seemed to have given up all hope as she dissipated to nothingness under the red lightning.

*Pak!* A fingerbone with cracks all over its surface fell to the ground.

“It’s over.” Tanasha heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at Leylin as if she was looking at a freak, “That’s inheritance from an ancient rank 5 Warlock! You actually…”

“I was, of course, tempted!” Leylin shook his head, “But it wasn’t to the point that I would become muddle-headed in the face of it. Ancient Magi have too many methods. I wouldn’t dare bring a disaster waiting to happen along with me at all times.”

As he spoke, the tower genie constantly scanned the fingerbone in the binding room, streams of electric light moving across its surface.

[Level 1 scanning complete. No remnant spiritual force found.] [Level 2 scanning complete. No abnormal reactions found.] [Level 3 scanning complete. Confirmed total extermination of remnant spirit of Lamia.]

Red, green and blue rays shot out and scanned the fingerbone to and fro, not missing any spots.

A streak of blue flashed in Leylin’s eyes, and he waited till the A.I. Chip gave the final confirmation before he issued the command, “Open up the protective layer!”

*Shoo!* The tempered glass split apart. Bathed in milky-white light, the slightly cracked fingerbone floated to Leylin’s hand.

Though it looked like a mere fragmented bone, the rejoicing of his Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline told Leylin that the moment he digested this bone, his bloodline would become so pure it would be unimaginable, and might even be able to help him advance!

‘If Mentor Gilbert were to know about this, he would immediately fall out with me in order to obtain it. What ties we have as part of the same clan, our mentor-student relationship or ethics would mean nothing at all.’ Leylin sighed inside. If not for the isolation by his Magus Tower, he would not dare take it out now.

‘Though it’s best if I use it right now, it has too much research value! Besides…’ Leylin glanced at the data recorded by the A.I. Chip.

[Activity of Host Body’s bloodline increasing. Maturation period of bloodline estimated to be in 124 years, 4 months.]

Though it was just some physical contact with his skin and the waves and energy radiation from the fingerbone, it had the legendary effect of Lamia Hair, allowing Leylin’s bloodline to mature by a large amount.

“Based on the situation, I don’t even need to absorb the bone. I can make use of the radiation to increase the rate of my bloodline’s maturation by nearly tenfold!’

“Looks like I’ll need to stay in the Magus Tower as much as possible from now on…’ Leylin touched his chin and ordered the tower genie, “Keep the Lamia fingerbone well. Store it based on all procedures for special grade 1 materials.”

[Understood, master.]

The little elf quickly took the Lamia fingerbone and vanished.

There was no other way around it. Bloodline Warlocks were extremely sensitive to this type of item. If Leylin brought it with him, not counting Lucian and the others, Gilbert would definitely sense it.

The only way was to make use of the powerful energy isolation abilities of the Magus Tower and conceal the undulations from its aura.

After taking care of all these matters, Leylin looked back and revealed a kind smile to Tanasha, “Alright. Tanasha, welcome!”

After going through such a secret matter together, he evidently had a better relationship with Tanasha.

Making use of this opportunity, Leylin invited Tanasha to have a look around his Magus Tower. Glancing at Tanasha, who was immersed while glancing at the Magus Tower constructed with top-grade materials, the corner of Leylin’s lips quirked up in a smile.

“Can I know more about your past?”

Leylin asked after the tour of the living room, where the tower genie had a few puppets deliver hot cocoa and desserts to them.

“Since I am now with Master, I have nothing to hide…” Tanasha held her mug with both hands and looked pained, as if immersed in some memory.

“I am of the Madie Lands, in the Dark Lunar Forest at the western region of the central continent.”

Leylin listened closely. It was just another story about profits, women and other things that gave rise to blood and hatred, which he was familiar with. He learned the name of Tanasha’s enemy.

“Some large family in the Crescent Moon Zither Alliance?”

“Yes! If Master could take revenge on my behalf and extinguish the Swaine family, my body, spirit and everything will belong to Master!” Tanasha promised, looking determined as she delivered her oath.

After hearing Tanasha’s story, Leylin did not agree immediately, but sank into deep thought.

Crescent Moon Zither Alliance was a small organisation in the central continent, but since he had heard of it before, there was definitely a Morning Star Magus in charge. However, that Magus was not of the Swaine family, so there was a way to interfere in this.

“I can agree to this, but it might be a long time till then. You need to be prepared.” Leylin watched Tanasha’s eyes attentively and spoke slowly.

Tanasha ran her fingers through her hair behind her ear, a wry smile about her lips, “I understand! I am already very happy that Master agreed.”

Leylin was surprised. It looked like this was her only wish.

“Alright! As for your identity, I have no way to solve that issue yet. I’m afraid you’ll need to stay out of sight or return to the Forgotten Land. Do you have any plans?” he asked.

She lowered her head and pondered over it, “I still have a few things to take care of in the Forgotten Land.”

“Alright.” Leylin nodded.

“One more thing. In the Forgotten Land, there is a Kobold tribe. I’ll need the blood essence from the stronger ones, meaning rank 3 or above!” The Kobolds were rumoured to have the great giant dragon bloodline, and Leylin was very interested in this.

“That’s not a problem. There are many powers with conflicts amongst each other within the Forgotten Land. Battles are common!” Tanasha nodded and agreed.

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