WMW Chapter 269

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On the icy counter in the middle, Jenna’s corpse lay silently. On her face, which had mostly been eaten into, all sorts of craziness could be seen, as if the expressions of different people had been mixed together. There was even a trace of relief in her smile, which made it even stranger.

The poison from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent had a vigorous corrosive effect, and the spirits of all the spirits residing in Jenna’s body were being eaten into by the terrifying toxins.

“How pitiful!” After obtaining the high-grade meditation technique, Sacred Flame, Leylin had used the A.I. Chip and simulated the characteristics of this meditation technique.

Gathering generations of ancestors and keeping it in the body of descendants, this high-grade meditation technique was something even dark Magi would find furtive and terrifying!

In addition, Jenna, who was the host body, would become schizophrenic and turn into a pitiful state.

To some extent, after training in Sacred Flame and inheriting the spirits of her ancestors, Jenna had already died.

“What a strange meditation technique, and a pitiful family!” Leylin touched his chin.

The properties of Sacred Flame caused him some hints of fear. Before he completely made sense of it and researched methods to evade these effects, he was not willing to go anywhere near it.

Half a day later, Leylin left the castle.

*Crash* After he left, little stones constantly slid off the castle, and huge cracks appeared on it.


The castle completely collapsed and turned into a pile of rubble. From hereon, the Botelli Family was no more…

Dense clouds covered the sky, thunder and lightning occasionally could be heard.

Moments later, black raindrops descended from the horizon.

At the Teljose volcano that was not far away, a great pillar of flames suddenly erupted towards the heavens. Large amounts of volcanic ash flew to the air, and along with some man-made structures, they turned into fertilizing raindrops and descended, which provided the Teljose Plains with great vitality!

The peasants who were farming quickly knelt by the roadside, singing praises to the Magi of Nightless City.

With the protection of the Magi they had plentiful harvests that were enough for them to live on without fear for lack of food or clothing, even after paying the large taxes and contributions to their lords.

A large black handsome horse streaked through the rain, and one could vaguely see the figure of a young man.

“Hawke… What a shame…”

While urging on his horse, he lamented inside.

In the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, the range of his Toxic Bile was too fast and powerful. Even Hawke, who had been kept at the edges of the headquarters, could not escape. In this attack that did not differentiate friend from foe, Leylin lost this very convenient mode of transportation.

Leylin had needed to deal with Caesar and set up the Ten Thousand Spirit spell formation. He even needed to secretly notify Desmund, and his mind had been whirling at high speeds. The Venom Wyvern Hawke was just a pet that was a means of transportation. Without taking it into account, it had died together with the Magi on the outer layers under Leylin’s poisonous attack.

“However, due to the limitations of its kind, the Venom Wyvern can only become as strong as a rank 1 Magus! After I was promoted to a rank 2 Warlock, Hawke’s usefulness will only decrease bit by bit. I was going to find an opportunity to set it free, but…”

Leylin sighed, taking a moment of silence for Hawke’s unfortunate passing.

He then tossed this thought to the back of his mind, focusing his attention on the large Nightless City that was towering in the rain, a cold smile about his face.

He turned the horse’s head, and it diverged from its original route and galloped towards a little town inhabited by regular humans.

Due to its huge popularity, there were tens of large towns near Nightless City where regular humans lived. Like satellites, they surrounded Nightless City.

Everyday regular humans from all walks of life, people having the desire to become a Magus, fugitives, or even people who were only here because of their youth and adventurous nature discovered the brutality of reality. These humans were chased out of Nightless City and could only dither around in this sort of town.

Leylin came to a town called Clint, found a bar and entered, ordered mead, and drank it silently.


Ten or so minutes later, a few people dressed in black clothes with hoods arrived, and an old man who was the leader exclaimed.

“En! Come with me!”

Leylin tossed out a silver coin and brought this group of people away from the bar.

Next, the old man brought Leylin to a villa on the outskirts of the town.

“Master! After receiving your message, we immediately tidied up the supplies and left Nightless City. We rented this house and have been awaiting your return!”

After entering the villa, the leader removed the hood and revealed a silver-haired old man.

This was Damien, the level 3 acolyte slave Leylin had bought, who was also his butler. He was in charge of Leylin’s property in Nightless City.

Number 4 and Number 5, the two female Grand Knights were also around. Like guards, they were vigilant by the door.

The first time he had met the boy and accepted Thousand Meddling Hand’s mission to be a spy, Leylin had had a bad feeling about the whole situation and passed down the order for Damien and the rest to leave Nightless City as soon as possible.

Upon hindsight, his initial decision was the correct one. If not, Damien and the rest would have long since been taken captive by the light Magi.

“Damien! Number 4! Number 5! Can I trust you?”

Leylin looked grim.

“Master! Your wish is our command!” Hearing Leylin ask this so seriously, Damien and Number 4 and Number 5 immediately knelt on one knee, chanting the reply.

They were slaves spiritually bonded to Leylin. Like Number 2 and Number 3, they could not disobey even if Leylin wanted them to kill themselves!

“Good! Now, I want you to cross the Death Channel and return to my hometown, the Chernobyl Islands and protect my family!”

“Understood!” Damien and the other two immediately agreed.

“I want you to leave inheritances on Chernobyl Islands, and make an oath that your students will continue this mission, till the end of the world…” Leylin’s voice became hoarse.

“Understood, master!” The three spiritually branded slaves trembled and bowed their heads lower.

“Good!” Leylin nodded. With a wave of his hand, three black streaks flew from his hand and entered the foreheads of the three people.

*Tss Tss!* The spiritually branded slaves immediately grimaced, hands tightly grasping the ground. On their foreheads, Leylin’s own secret imprint emerged.

“This is my blessing! Within is a magic attack that is as powerful as an attack from me going all out! With some rituals, it can also be passed down…”

Leylin was now a rank 2 Warlock, and there were few who had this level of strength in the entire south coast! Just an attack would cause an official Magus to be seriously injured, or even die!

The secret imprint had even more uses. The south coast had a few Magi who were proficient in divination, such as by astrology and making prophecies. With this imprint, they would be mostly immune to these spells.

Just Leylin’s current might as a rank 2 Warlock meant that ordinary divination methods were useless against him.

Magi were a source of terrifying radiation and pollution, and this was even more potent for a rank 2 Magus. Leylin could feel that he was like a constant energy furnace, constantly emitting frightful energy undulations that even caused the air to distort.

At a certain level of strength, even the external world would be affected! If there was anyone who wanted to make a prophecy about Leylin right now, an ordinary rank 2 Magus was far from enough. At least a rank 3 Magus who was proficient in divination would be able to do so.

With the protection from the imprint, the three of them could find a place to find and take care of the Farlier family.

Leylin did not bank on them being able to withstand the attacks from dark and light Magi. All he wished for was for them to safeguard and defend the Farlier family from dangers in the Chernobyl Islands.

Based on standard practice in the Magus world, before confirming that Leylin was dead, any dark and light Magi would not dare strike against the Farlier family. If not, they would be met with the crazy retaliation from a Magus who had already reached rank 2 and had a terrifying destructive might!

This level of attack was something that not even the Lighthouse of the Night, which had a rank 3 Magus, would be willing to go up against!

Hence, with the protection from these spiritually bound slaves, the Farlier family that was on the Chernobyl Islands were completely safe, and would also receive a huge boost to develop further!

“These three people and their successors should be able to protect the Farlier family for at least five hundred years! In that case, I do not have to feel anymore guilt towards them…”

Leylin huffed out a sigh. His body belonged to the original Leylin Farlier. No matter what kind of person he had been, he was still apologetic for having possessed someone’s flesh and blood.

But if he had to return and acknowledge a bunch of strangers to be his relatives and even parents, then he was not going to do that.

In the end, not concerning himself with them was his best choice. If that did not work, it was still possible for him to wait a few hundred years and wait till everyone Leylin knew died, and then give their family some advantages.

“And this!”

Leylin pondered for a moment, and then removed the dark red cross pendant from around his neck.

This was the middle-grade magic artifact he had carefully made—the Fallen Star Pendant!

After becoming a rank 2 Warlock, the help this magic artifact rendered him was insurmountable. Due to the limitations of the resources he had, it was difficult for the Fallen Star Pendant to be powered up any further.

“Bring this back too! If a successor of the Farlier family with potential to become a Magus appears, give it to him!”

Leylin handed the Fallen Star Pendant over, and at the same time, he felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

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