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Alright, at this point, I’ve managed to stabilize the website, but I’m pretty much throwing in the towel on Varnish for today. I’ll see if I can hire someone to do it for me properly 😛

See you guys in about 4-5 hours with Chapter 5!

EDIT: Will probably be 5-6 hours instead; I just got in touch with a Varnish/server admin specialist who I am paying to get the job done. Fingers crossed 😛

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20 thoughts on “Website stabilish” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. dang, hope it goes well for you.

    also noticed the spoiler preview on the chap5 page wasn’t working for me and there isn’t the theme colour changer yet. will the color changer eventually make it’s appearance again?

    also, maybe a 3rd theme colour thats halfway-ish between light and dark? like a calm shade of or something easy on the eyes? i personally use the dark theme but it is only easier on the eyes in terms of the amount of bright light. the light theme is nice for default clear reading until your eyes get tired or strained. i think that there would be some who prefer a colour theme that balances out the light with the contrast. (like how Microsoft spent tons of moneys trying to find the “right shade of blue” for it’s easy to view and calming effect xD)

  2. Woohoo!
    I coincidentally finally managed to get to the site today just as this was posted.

    Good luck with all this switching, I hope it at least somewhat throws off the ddos.

      1. Ok, thanks! I will try later again, btw when I got the message saying I was blocked the page told me to send you a message with a code? don’t know if you need it but anyway I will post it here 1d617a6043f50edf

    1. Hey, I just got it and resolved it. It’s definitely a cache flushing issue. If you are on Google, flush the ENTIRE cache, not just for this page; settings => privacy settings => clear browsing data.

      1. Works now. thank you, i had googled how to flush and it was ovbiously insufficient. (and thanks for helping tototrans/SYWZ, website working=more chapters ^^)

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