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Chapter 667: The Power of the Demon Eye

Lin Dong shut his eyes as he stood in the arena. His expression was quite calm in the face of this unusually fierce attack by Jiang Hao. Moreover, there was no especially powerful ripple appearing around his body. His actions caused quite a number of people to frown. Jiang Hao’s attack was not a simple one and even a seven Yuan Nirvana stage expert would have some difficulties handling it, should he lack any powerful tactics…

While everyone was engaged in private conversations, the grey line between Lin Dong’s eyebrows became increasingly rich. It expanded and contracted unsteadily, appearing as though there was something that was about to be born from the grey line.

Bang bang!

In contrast to Lin Dong’s strange calmness, the area around Jiang Hao was extremely lively. An extremely shocking Yuan Power ripple containing the Desolate Force continuously spread out from within his body. His aura was truly frightening.

Grey light climbed onto Jiang Hao’s body before gradually agglomerating. It was as though it had vaguely agglomerated into a ten feet grey star in midair in front of him.

The star’s shape was undefined. Its surface was filled with potholes, appearing just like a meteorite. However, this seemingly normal appearance rippled and formed a frightening fluctuation that caused some distortions to appear in the surrounding sky.

Everyone in the arena, including Pang Tong’s group, had a solemn expression on their faces because of Jiang Hao’s attack. Those direct disciples and the rest even had some shocked filled eyes. They were aware that if it was them, there was likely nothing they could do to resist that attack…

“He is indeed worthy of being a senior direct disciple…”

Quite a number of disciples secretly sighed in their hearts. Jiang Hao did indeed possess extraordinary talent and he deserved to be one of the four senior direct disciples of the Desolate Hall. Great Star Majestic Fist was one of the four great martial arts of the Desolate Hall and only the four senior direct disciples in Desolate Hall have successfully mastered it.

“Senior Lin Dong is in quite a bad situation.”

At the same time, some disciples involuntarily looked towards Lin Dong, who had turned quiet. Although the latter’s action puzzled them, in face of Jiang Hao’s terrifying attack, they were simply unable to imagine that Lin Dong could contend against him.

Perhaps, they may not doubt Lin Dong’s potential. After all, though he only joined the Desolate Hall for less than a month, he was able to challenge one of the four senior direct disciples, Jiang Hao, and even forced the latter to use his signature move “Great Star Majestic Fist”. Other than the three other senior direct disciples, it was likely that only Lin Dong possessed such capabilities.

“They are about to determine the victor in one move…” Pang Tong’s eyes were also looking at the arena as he muttered. Immediately, his eyes drifted towards Chen Zhen and Wu Dao, who were seated on the stone stair. After which, he was stunned. This was because he saw an extremely shocked expression on their faces…

Pang Tong was shocked upon seeing this. His heart also suddenly began to throb wildly.

“Could it be…”

On the stone chair, Chen Zhen’s voice was hoarse and he was even unable to finish his sentence. He stared in shock at that spot between Lin Dong’s eyebrows, while the expression on his face changed rapidly.

“It can’t be… that martial arts, back then, even senior Zhou Tong did not successfully learn it. Senior Mo also turned blind while learning it…” Wu Dao’s voice was also somewhat dry. There was also a rich disbelief on top of this dryness. This disbelief had exceeded the intensity that he felt from Lin Dong’ Pill River Head Immersion result.

Chen Zhen turned quiet and he could only shake his head. If Lin Dong was truly able to gain an initial mastery over that martial art within a short five days, it could only mean that this fellow was simply too abnormal…

“This martial arts might be unusually powerful, but it also has its disadvantages. There is no telling if it is a good or bad thing if Lin Dong has really learnt it…”

Wu Dao also nodded when he heard Chen Zhen’s words. There was a worried expression in his eyes as he stared at Lin Dong in the arena. Although that martial art was powerful, it was a vicious skill that severely wounded one’s enemy and oneself as well.

“Junior Lin Dong, if you can receive this punch, I, Jiang Hao, will no longer object your promotion to become a senior direct disciple!”

Jiang Hao’s body gradually rose into the air in the arena, while being covered by a greyish glow. His eyes were sharp as he stared at Lin Dong in the distance and cried out sternly.

A ten feet grey coloured star quietly floated in front of him. Waves of extremely violent ripple swept apart like a storm. It was extremely powerful.

However, Lin Dong still remained calm in the face of Jiang Hao’s stern cry. The grey line between his eyebrows swiftly wiggled at this moment. It was as though there were numerous vague small grey lines spreading out while accompanied by a unique dark evil aura. The direction that they spread towards was actually Lin Dong’s eyes.


However, just as those numerous tiny grey lines were about to invade Lin Dong’s eyes, a gentle white glow suddenly appeared around his eyes. It actually directly absorbed those numerous grey lines.

If it was possible to probe into the area between Lin Dong’s eyebrows at this moment, one would see an ancient stone talisman quietly suspended there. A faint white glow was being emitted from it.

Below the ancient stone talisman, was a spot that was filled with a strange dark evil greyish Qi. Hovering amidst this greyish Qi, was a grey coloured eyeball filled with a demonic scent.

That eyeball was filled with an unusual and bloody trace, while an ancient ferociousness filled it. However, each time this viciousness surged forth, the ancient stone talisman above would send a rippling white glow that suppressed it until it could no longer move.


A thought suddenly spread over this place at this moment. After which, the stone talisman, which was suppressing the grey eyeball, finally withdrew its white glow.

The moment the stone talisman stopped suppressing it, blood traces immediately began to emerge from the grey eyeball before its ferociousness completely erupted.

“Great Star Majestic Fist!”

A low and deep cry suddenly resounded over the sky. Jiang Hao adopted a serious expression as he clenched his fingers into a fist and threw a punch without any fancy moves.


His fist struck violently against the grey star in front of him. After which, the star whizzed and flew out, creating a trace of greyish tail light. It was just like a meteorite searing across the sky as it flew towards Lin Dong with a hard and forceful violent ripple.


The star whizzed forth. Before it could land on the ground, it had already left countless cracks on the ground. The spreading ripple was such that even several disciples at a great distance away, could feel a piercing pain and chillness over their skin.

This chillness caused the expressions of quite a number of disciples to change. The remanent wave was already this frightening. If they were located at the spot where Lin Dong was, wouldn’t they be directly pummeled by that fierce and violent fist wind until turned into pulp?

“Why is Lin Dong still not reacting…”

Over at the direct disciples, Mo Ling and the rest had anxious expressions on their faces as they stared at Lin Dong, who had yet to act. Their bodies involuntarily turned tense.


That grey star was extremely fast. Within a couple of breaths’ time, it had already arrived above Lin Dong. Just when everyone halted their breaths, Lin Dong, who had yet to show any sign of activity, finally raised his head slowly. Both of his eyes opened.


The instant that Lin Dong opened his eyes, the grey line between his eyebrows suddenly split open. After which, a grey light agglomerated. The spot between his eyebrows had actually transformed into a grey triangular eye.

The instant the grey eye appeared, the space around Lin Dong suddenly became distorted. An extremely destructive shockwave wildly spread apart.

Chen Zhen and Wu Dao on the stone chairs finally had a drastic change in expression the moment that grey eye appeared. They suddenly stood up and involuntarily cried out in a shocked manner, “Desolate Demon Eye!”


When they stood up, an ordinary grey beam of light erupted from Lin Dong’s grey eye. After which, it quietly flashed past the sky and collided with the grey star.


There was no earth-shaking noise the moment the collision occurred. The grey light directly penetrated through the star in a simple and unhindered manner. After which, crack lines covered the star. Finally, it directly burst apart in front of the shocked eyes of all the disciples.

Jiang Hao’s fierce punch had actually been broken so easily…

Jiang Hao was similarly stunned when he saw this scene. Before he could even react, the pores around his body stood up. Through his shrunken eyes, he could see a grey light beam rushing towards him with a shocking speed.

That was the light beam that had penetrated through his Great Star Majestic Fist earlier!

“It’s so fast. There is no way to dodge it!”

The grey beam was so fast that Jiang Hao had no way to dodge it. Immediately, he clenched his teeth. Bright golden light surged before it directly transformed into an extremely thick golden light shield in front of him.


The light beam arrived in the blink of an eye. After which, it slammed against the golden light shield in front of a countless number of gazes. However, soon after, a terrified expression surged onto Jiang Hao’s face. This was because he discovered that his defence was of no use against that attack.

A rich feeling of danger covered his heart.

Seated in his stone chair, Chen Zhen’s expression was solemn. His body shook before he strangely disappeared. It seems like he had to intervene in this fight…

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    1. Agreed. I don’t get why Lin Dong is supposed to forgive him for getting in his way?? Time is the most important resource for those of the younger generation and if Lin Dong has to waste time b/c some loudmouth asshole thought he knew more than his teachers did, why should he forgive him?? He shouldn’t have to kill him, but injuring him severely shouldn’t be out of bounds, it would be the same thing if Lin Dong had to spend a few months as a direct disciple and their meager resources (compared to a direct senior disciple).

      1. Bro u need to calm down.
        The hundred empire war is over.
        Those bloody life and death fights are over.
        Jiang hao hasn’t done anything to Lin dong. This is just a spar. Its practiced in every sect. This is a way for people to improve their skills; there is nothing wrong with a spar.
        Also, put yourself in Jing hao’s position. Lets say, you have been at a company working your ass off for five years, and have managed to get a couple promotions. All of a sudden, a new guy shows up with similar qualifications to you when you initially joined; yet, he is being put into the same position as you currently (from your POV without having put in work like you). Would you not be frustrated? Would you not want him to not have the same privileges as you without, seemingly, having done nothing? This is exactly Jiang hao’s position.
        Jiang hao isn’t an evil guy. He doesn’t deserve to have his cultivation crippled for questioning the MC. The MC isn’t a god. Don’t idolize him as such.
        Also, at the end of the day, the real enemy is Yuan Gate and the strange demons, not the people in Lin dong’s own hall of his own sect.
        All he would get from crippling Jiang hao is one less ally in the eventual fight against the main antagonist of the story.

        1. True…its just a spar not some sort of revenge. Plus Dao Sect is a new place called home for Lin Dong…so there’s no need to make enemy inside the same place. It’s this spar is just for approval for his strenght that’s all..LD doesn’t chase for position it just happened that he need to have that position to be qualified for the Mysterios Desolated Scripture ?

        2. This is normal, since his sect senior brothers need to see how OP he truly is before becoming best of friends 🙂 Look at Liu Bai, now he’s following Lin Dong around, like Mo Ling and everyone else. Just a prelude to being Lin Dongs groupies.

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          Jiang Hao’s position?? Similar qualifications?? WTF are you on about?? Not only did LD save the pocket dimesnion, win the HYW (breaking YG’s three year record), bring in a bunch of students who would have gone to YG otherwise, he also beat up another direct disciple on his first day (showing his power lvl outstripped most other direct disciples from the get go) and then absorbed all the Golden Nirvana Qi faster than the f****ng god of the Desolate Sect. And this is all without actually RECEIVING ANY BENEFITS from Desolate Sect yet. Whereas, Jiang Hao and co. spent years slaving away and don’t have such noteworthy accomplishments to their name.

          And LD was promoted by the Hall Leader AND Vice Hall Leader, the two most important figures in Desolate Hall as far as disciples go. The dudes’ f***ng master wanted LD to be a direct disciple but apparently, according to you, this little direct disciple got his feelings hurt so his master should bow down to his wishes.

          Some random dude throws a hissyfit and tries to steal your resources away (b/c that’s what it literally is), you beat his ass. No need to kill him (I never even said that) but this isn’t some 21st Century f***ng novel, it’s about cultivating and killing. And even in the HYW, LD rarely killed people (actual named characters, not random scrubs like when he was testing out his Devouring symbol).

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            Senior sect disciples generally tend to be more arrogant than less skilled people. And he isn’t cussing him out or anything. Imo it’s not arrogant to the level worthy of ‘punishing’ him, as all he did was arrogantly challenge Lin Dong. He didn’t do anything else.

            Also, while I agree with your information from your points, you don’t need to be so rude/arrogant in your speech, even Jiang Hao wasn’t that bad ; )

    1. Why shouldn’t he? This is just a spar between ally’s, not a fight to the death. Jiang Hao is going to be a brother of Lin Dong, being in the same sect and all. There’s no real hatred between them. His reaction to Lin Dong being promoted is a normal reaction. He just needs this battle to realize how OP Donger is.

  1. thank for the chapter…. so desolate demon eye when he use, the user cannot control the power, huh??? so it will kill anything, foe or friends….. damn, scary technique…..

  2. TYVM for the chapter!

    “Jiang Hao’s attack was not a simple one and even a seven Yuan Nirvana stage expert would have some difficulties handling it, should he lack any powerful tactics…”

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