WDQK Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: Sky Eagle Empire

Swoosh Swoosh!

The sound of rushing wind was heard from the ancient training platform. Promptly, a dozen figures landed steadily. Their eyes, that contained a thick arrogance, were immediately shot towards Ling Dong’s group.

At the same time, Lin Dong also turned around to look at them. Those ten people that had appeared were wearing azure coloured clothes. There was a drawing of an extremely large soaring eagle on their clothes. Clearly, they belonged to the same empire.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept past them before he stared at the front of the pack. At that spot, a man was standing there with his hands behind his back. His eyes were haughty and the powerful ripple that was faintly emitted from within his body allowed anyone to understand that the arrogance of this person was backed by some skill.

“I thought who it was. It is actually Lin Dong who has recently caused an uproar. In order for you to be able to find this place, you must also possess some ability. However, this place has already been occupied by my Sky Eagle Empire. The both of you should go and look for someplace else.” That haughty looking man faintly glanced at Lin Dong’s group and actually managed to recognise them. This was likely because Lin Dong had fought with the Devil Cliff Empire.

Lin Dong lifted his brows slightly. He had heard a little about the Sky Eagle Empire. It was also a high ranked empire and possessed a strength that was not inferior to the Devil Cliff Empire. However, it was unexpected that he would actually meet them here.

“All of you also come from a high ranked empire. Don’t tell me that you do understand the meaning of first come first serve?” Lin Dong smilingly said. Although this was not the only training location on this Pill River, he was the first to arrive at this place. Submitting to the humiliation and leaving this place was not an act that someone like him would commit.

“First come first serve? Indeed, I do not understand the meaning of what it means. All I know is that the person with the largest fist is the right one!” The man’s eyes revealed a cold smile as he looked at Lin Dong and said, “Do you really think that after you have fought with the Devil Cliff Empire, you now possess the qualifications to fight with my Sky Eagle Empire?”

“Brat, I have given you a little face on the account of the fact that you had a tougher journey reaching this point since you came from a low rank empire. If you do not acknowledge this favour, I might have to let you taste my Sky Eagle Claw Wang Lie’s skill!”

An irritation and killing intent faintly surged from within the body of Wang Lie. He had heard rumours of Lin Dong but it did not cause him any fear. His strength was also at peak one Yuan Nirvana Stage. Although there was a little gap between him and Shi Kun, the Sky Eagle Empire won in terms of having more Nirvana Stage experts than the Devil Cliff Empire. Out of the ten of them, eight of them had advanced to Nirvana Stage and they were the Sky Eagle Empire’s main pillar of support. Therefore, in his opinion, there was nothing Lin Dong could do against such a lineup.

A chill also flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw this fellow’s overbearing manner. Little Flame behind also slowly tightened his grip on his metal rod. The scales all over his body showed a faint trace of being stretched.

“Brat, have you made up your mind?” Wang Lie spoke with a cold smile.

“You and your dogs can get lost.”

Lin Dong eyes were icy cold as he slowly said.

Wang Lie’s expression had basically turned gloomy in an instant. He stared at Lin Dong and a ferocious smile gradually surfaced on his face. He said, “Rejecting my kind offer. You really don’t know your limits. Looks like I must let you understand what your status is in the ancient battlefield!”

“Capture this brat. I want to break every bone in his body one at a time!” Wang Lie ordered sinisterly.


The ten people behind Wang Lie immediately replied with savage smiles after hearing Wang Lie’s sinister voice. Soon after, powerful Yuan Power ripples erupted.

Swoosh Swoosh!

The ten figures rushed forward. Meanwhile, their powerful aura directly surrounded and charged at Lin Dong.

A fierce aura immediately emerged from Little Flame’s eyes when he saw them attacking. Before he was about to attack however, he was suddenly stopped by Lin Dong.

“Devouring World!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. He placed his hands together and formed a black curtain which swept open instantly. In an instant, it covered the entire training platform.

“Little Marten, can you find the hidden formation on this training platform and activate it?” Lin Dong asked in his heart when he activated his Devouring World.

“Aye.” Little Marten replied before transforming into a red glow and rushed out.

“Little Flame, do it. Beat them to death!” Lin Dong once again turned towards the Devouring World. At this moment, the people from the Sky Eagle Empire who were trapped within it were attacked randomly from every direction. Lin Dong immediately parted the corner of his mouth and revealed his dense white teeth.


Little Flame nodded heavily. An ominous glow was revealed in his eyes. He held the metal rod and darted out. Just as Little Flame is about to dash into the Devouring World, Lin Dong’s mind moved before a thin light film of Devouring Force was formed on the surface of Little Flame’s body. By doing so, Little Flame’s energy would not be drained even in the Devouring World.

Lin Dong shook his sleeves as he looked at Little Flame grabbing the metal rod and charging into the Devouring World while steaming with killing intent. With Lin Dong’s current strength, the Devouring World which he activated could trap a Nirvana Stage expert. However, he was barely able to trap a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert like Wang Lie. Nevertheless, with Little Flame personally entertaining the latter, it was likely that he would not be able to divert his attention to destroy his Devouring World. He and his Blood Soul Puppet would naturally properly entertain the remaining people.

Within the Devouring World, Wang Lie was also shocked by this sudden strange black scene that had emerged. However, this fellow was still a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Immediately, he cried out loud, “There is no need to panic. We will attack together. Regardless of what this thing it, let’s tear it apart!”

Wang Lie’s voice had just sounded out when a black coloured metal rod, that carried a frightening strength, appeared from within the darkness in front of him. It violently struck his body in a swift lightning like manner.


A metallic sound rang out. In the next instant, Wang Lie’s body was forced back in a miserable manner while the blood in his body raged. In his shock, he hurriedly circulated some Yuan Power to protect his body. His eyes swept in all directions. All that entered his eyes, however, was darkness. Even his senses have been disabled in this place.

Bang Bang Bang!

The only thing that Wang Lie could hear within this darkness was the muffled sound of fist meeting flesh from all directions. After that, was the miserable cries of his subordinates.

“Asshole, what exactly is this thing? Lin Dong, you cowardly mouse. If you have the guts, reveal yourself and fight with me!”

An incomparable stifled injustice covered Wang Lie’s heart. He was not afraid of being beaten. However, he was afraid of this kind of situation where he was already seriously injured without even being able to see the other party.

“What can you do even if I reveal myself?” Lin Dong’s cold laughter suddenly sounded beside Wang Lie’s ears after the latter’s voice sounded. The latter threw a punch forward as a reflex action but he only struck the air.


Wang Lie’s fist missed but a wind in front of him suddenly arrived. Immediately, it violently swung on his face in a ruthless manner. Immediately, his face had become distorted and blood flowed from his nose.


Before Wang Lie could hurriedly retreat after taking a punch on his face, a metal rod was once again extended from the darkness. It ruthlessly smashed his arm and the piercing sound of bone cracking was emitted.

“Withdraw, withdraw from this place!”

The continuous attacks within the darkness finally forced Wang Lie until the point where his body began to crumble. After which, he could only ignored the incmoing forcewind and use his body to forcefully withstand the blows. Finally, he identified a direction and charged out with all his might.

This Devouring World that Lin Dong had opened was not too big. Hence, after Wang Lie’s group charged around wildly, the darkness finally disappeared. Immediately, a glaring light appeared in their eyes.

“You actually dare to learn from others and act so arrogantly with this little ability? You ignorant fool…”

Lin Dong’s faint mocking voice was transmitted into the ears of Wang Lie’s group the instant they charged out of the Devouring World, with injuries all over their bodies. Wang Lie was so furious that he ended up vomiting a mouthful of blood. He immediately turned his head with ferocious eyes and looked at the training platform. At this moment, Lin Dong was smiling while he stared at him.

“Set up the formation. I want this little bastard to die here today!” Wang Lie’s nearly unrestrained roar suddenly sounded in the face of Lin Dong’s smiling face. He really could not accept this stifling scene. After all, they did not even managed to touch Lin Dong’s, yet they ended up being beaten until such a miserable state. If news of this incident spread, they would really lose all the face of their Sky Eagle Empire.

The ashen faced experts from the Sky Eagle Empire hurriedly spread apart upon hearing Wang Lie’s roar. However, just as they were about to set up a formation and attack Lin Dong, they saw that the training platform had suddenly trembled. After which, numerous bright red light curtain rose. In an instant, they formed a dense light barrier that completely covered the training platform…

“This is…” The experts from the Sky Eagle Empire watched this scene with stunned expressions. They were able to sense an extremely powerful ripple from the bright red light curtain.

“Big brother Wang Lie, they seemed to have activated the training platform’s hidden formation…” An expert from the Sky Eagle Empire muttered. They were also aware of some information related to the Pill River. Naturally, they understood just how powerful the defence formation in this place was.

“Guard this place. I don’t believe that they won’t come out. Additionally, send a message and call the allies of the Sky Eagle Empire and the Devil Cliff Empire over. I want to wait until this brat comes out and give him a big gift!”

Wang Lie’s face was distorted. His roaring voice violently reverberated across this Pill River.

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