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Chapter 342 Thunder Body Mastered

Little Marten appeared in a flash, its body hovering mid-air between the five globs of Demonic Beast essence blood. Lin Dong’s qiankun bag flew forth from his sleeve as it waved its claws.

“These Demonic Beast essence blood are extremely tyrannical in nature. Although you have the protection of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, you will still be unable to maximise the transformation of your bones and marrow unless the essence blood merges thoroughly within you. So you’ll need to rely on the power of a formation,” Little Marten’s explained, claws waving simultaneously.

An unending stream of Pure Yuan pills flew out from the qiankun bag, covering even the skies and eventually hovering in mid-air, shining with brilliance.

These Pure Yuan pills amounted up to approximately two hundred thousand, yet Lin Dong did not feel a pinch as his present wealth was still considered adequate.

This mental state, however, did not continue long as Lin Dong saw Little Marten retrieving, right after those Pure Yuan pills, a hundred Nirvana pills from his qiankun bag!

Lin Dong’s entire collection of Nirvana pills amounted only up to one thousand and eight hundred. With these hundred pills taken out, his collection shrunk considerably immediately.

“Contained within these Nirvana pills is Nirvana Energy – an immensely powerful energy that is able to transform a person completely. Well, of course, this little bit of Nirvana Qi isn’t anywhere nearly strong enough to do that… But, for you, I guess it’s good enough.”

Little Marten ignored Lin Dong’s pained expression, sending the hundred Nirvana pills into the formation formed by the Pure Yuan pills. Immediately, the brilliance of the formation increased by several folds. The energy contained within the hundred Nirvana pills was clearly far superior to that within the two hundred thousand Pure Yuan pills.

Upon completion, Little Marten’s gaze turned towards the five globs of demonic blood. A moment’s reflection later, its claws shot out continuously, assembling the five globs of demonic blood into a mini formation which shot into the heart of the big formation.

“Buzz buzz!”

The entire formation was roused to life with the addition of the demonic blood, emitting a buzzing sound. Beams of light shot onto the five globs of demonic blood.

“Boom boom!”

Under the force of energy from the Pure Yuan pills and Nirvana pills, the five globs of demonic blood seethed for half an hour. All of a sudden, the demonic blood throbbed and a fiery red beam of light poured down from it like a pillar.

“Lin Dong, get ready! The process of tempering your body with this demonic blood is gonna be painful. But hang in there!” Little Marten shouted frantically as he stared at the red beam of light pouring down towards Lin Dong.


Lin Dong nodded solemnly, sucking in a deep mouthful of cold air. At the very next moment, the flaming beam of light hit his body.

“Tch tch!”

At the moment when the light beam fell on Lin Dong, all his skin emitted a faint vibrating sound. An intense boiling sensation rapidly spread across his entire body. The beam of red light was akin to flames, burning Lin Dong’s body with horrifying heat in a frenzied manner.

Under this sudden heat, Lin Dong’s body shook vigorously. He could feel the fiery red light invading his body through his pores the moment it made contact with his skin, wreaking havoc within his body.

“Creak creak!”

Lin Dong’s muscles and cells creaked as they were roasted under high heat. An unbearable and intense pain came unceasingly like a tidal wave, spreading across every inch of his body.

Yet while such burning pain was unbearable, Lin Dong could faintly discern that all his muscles, cells and bones were becoming more solid and firmer at a slow and gradual rate.

Moreover, what shocked Lin Dong most was that streams of coldness were actually being forced out of his muscles and bones and neutralized by the red energy!

“You absorbed too much Earth Terminus Cold Qi while you were in the Mysterious Black Yin Crevice. Although most of it was devoured, much coldness still remained in your bones and muscles. If they were allowed to remain, they will gradually corrode your body. Now through trial by fire, we’re getting read of these side-effects for you.” Little Marten’s voice rang in Lin Dong’s ears.

“Oh I see,” Lin Dong exclaimed in realization.

Thereafter, fear entered his heart. Who would think that while his strength was growing by leaps and bounds, he was simultaneously leaving a future threat in his body that even he himself could not detect? Thankfully, he had with him the experienced Little Marten as his advisor. Otherwise, there would come a time where he would live to regret it.

“This trial by fire will take some time. During this period of training, you must endure the burning pain in your body every moment! Let it temper your body. The day you complete the trial is the day when you will master the Great Sun Thunder Body!”

Lin Dong nodded slowly, composure returning to his face. Cold sweat fell freely from his forehead before evaporating in an instant under the heat of the red light.

On the peak, a great formation hovered, a fiery red beam of light encircling Lin Dong within it. The entire formation operated in full capacity, merging the energy from the Pure Yuan pills, Nirvana Energy from the Nirvana pills and the aggression of the demonic blood into the strange fiery red energy which poured on Lin Dong, tempering his body unceasingly.

Not far from the formation, Little Flame lay on a stone boulder quietly, its piercing gaze sweeping across the mountains in the surroundings incessantly. Its broad blood-coloured wings flapped slowly, causing powerful gusts of air. At the slightest movement in the grass or air, it would shoot forth like a fierce tiger, exterminating any and all humans and Demonic Beasts who could disturb Lin Dong in his training.

As time passed, Lin Dong’s body turned into a layers of brilliant glass. This was not of his doing, but rather the self-preservation instinct of his body under certain duress.

A glass-like brilliance enveloped Lin Dong, reflecting glaring sparkles as the fiery red light shone on it. A horrifying heat continued to emanate from him. Faultlines cracked in the stone boulder under Lin Dong as high heat roasted it.

“The formation is complete. Now we’ll have to see how long he can endure…” Lin Dong breathed a sigh of relief as he witnessed the spectacle. Thankfully, no accidents occurred in the process.

On the peak, a formation of light undulated. Rays of fiery red light merged and poured on Lin Dong’s body.

As mentioned by Little Marten, this trial by fire lasted for a considerable length of time. Five days passed in a blink of an eye. Lin Dong’s body did not budge a single inch within the red light. The glass-like brilliance on his body was increasing in intensity day by day, till it condensed into a solid substance that stuck onto his body.

No man bothered them within the deep mountains. Days passed. Under Little Marten and Little Flame’s watch, no Demonic Beasts dared to come near and, hence, Lin Dong’s training continued without a glitch.

The sands of time trickled on. A day… two days… ten days… a month…

The weather was unpredictable in the deep mountains. At times it would pour cats and dogs while at other times the skies rumbled with thunder and lightning. Yet, no matter how the weather changed, the formation of light and, along with it, the statue-like figure underneath it remained untouched, as if shielded from any disturbances from the outside.

Under the passing of time, the glass-like brilliance on the surface of Lin Dong’s body condensed thoroughly into a layer of thick glass that encased him perfectly like an armour of jade. An immense power was gathering within silently.

The sun hung high in the sky. Little Marten sat on Little Flame’s back, sunbathing lazily. His gaze would occasionally turn to the jade figure within the formation of light. Since the beginning of his trial, Lin Dong had been in it for two whole months. This duration exceeded Little Marten’s expectations. It realized then that it had underestimated Lin Dong’s perseverance.

“The formation’s power is almost exhausted. Even the demonic blood’s force is running dry. Hasn’t this chap succeeded yet?” Little Marten sat up, mumbling to itself as it stared at the jade figure.


As Little Marten’s voice fell, the sound of a faint crack was discernible. Both Little Marten and Little Flame raised their heads vigorously, staring hard within the beam of fiery red light. At that moment, lines of crack spread across the jade shell that encased the figure.

Crack crack!

Those lines appeared more and more rapidly until they occupied the entire surface of the jade shell.


Piece by piece, the jade shell fell as the lines of crack reached their limits.

As the pieces of jade fell, an intense brilliance exploded from under the jade shell. That brilliance was akin to a blazing sun, rising high. A force powerful enough to shatter mountains undulated from the source of the brilliance like a ripple!

Boom boom boom!

Under the undulations of that force, the giant boulders of that peak were blasted into powder.

“Great sun rising from the east, thunder body mastered!”

Watching the rising blazing sun, joy sparkled in Little Marten’s eyes.

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