~WDQK Chapter 614~

~Chapter 614~

TLed by Arron
Edited and TLCed by Law & Yeow

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12 thoughts on “~WDQK Chapter 614~” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Those who rated this above 3,5stars are either really dumb/naive/dumber/dumbest or hired user/TL friends/connections/relative/author frnds.
    For example @eians, @apocalypse , @nordic.
    Their review is the most illogical among reviews, which means they fall to 2nd category. They smart but forced to said good stupid illogical review that indicating to 2nd category.

    Are you really enjoying a full cycle every 30-50CH? Every fcking cycle is the same.

    Meet enemy stronger than before+disdains the MC+get beaten+escape+level up with treasure+meet again+kill enemy+get treasures then back to first again.
    This is the dumbest dumb of the dumbest cycle i have never seen.

    Also this is a mistake for TL, why you uses THE LATTER THE FORMER thing ? That what it makes Worst!
    The boring irritating infuriating explodes, because your WORDING.
    Im asking you IF U READ A REPEATS CYCLE WITH LATTER FORMER THING, what is your feeling?? Do you Think we are FCKING STUPID? dont understand textual context in story? You need to explain us with elementary wording repeateadly for EACH FCKING CHAPTER??!? Latter former??

    Did u enjoy it ? FUN? Comedy?
    Lmao seriously. You need to check your brain and mentalilty.

    Comedy have its standard, if u consider this is funny,then your taste really LOW also lonely wanderer in lives.

    You know this novel is the early works of author, so this is a failure. But u guys seriously saying this is GOOD?FUNNY?
    Even author ADMITTED THIS NOVEL is a failure! Why u stupid dumb sht said this isnt failure????

    Fot TL i suggest u drop this sht and pick another good one. I promise will donate or be your patreon. Just DROP IT.
    You waste your time and talent!!

    1. While i totally understand your point of view about WDQK, your condescension is really annoying.
      I personally think that in order to enjoy an author you need to know about his first work to better appreciate his progress and that’s coming from someone who has read Child of Light by TJSS and NOW THAT WAS A BAD ONE.
      Now I can enjoy DD or his others works so much more after this punishment.
      And let’s be honest WDQK is just a brainless read between other novels, it certainly doesn’t deserve a 5, barely a 4 if you really like it but you don’t need to be so pissed about it, I mean why aren’t you complaining to the guy translating MGA or PMG ? Now that’s a real waste of talent.

    2. ”Did u enjoy it ? FUN? Comedy?
      Lmao seriously. You need to check your brain and mentalilty.” while i do agree with some of your points about the novel these lines above couldn’t be more retarded…

    3. just curious, but do you go around talking shit about each and every novel you don’t like?

      it seems to me you’re trying to convince other people what they should or shouldn’t like. now THAT’S retarded.

    4. What we got here!! a couple of haters!! lol! Before howling why don’t you correct your English. You know what!! Your opinion as well as your English can eat horse shit. Do i have to remind you that every xianxia novel out there is the freaking same!!! Its just the setting that varies. Too many dogs are barking out there so the addition of you won’t make any difference.

  2. have no idea as why in the first place people even have to comment on the novel when u don’t like it, this is just getting people to hate u for saying something about the novel which some other people like to read and support the translators.

    Anyways… Thanx for the chapter …. 🙂

    1. You know what it is. They just trying to delay the chapters these past weeks after they created patreon so they could give “advance” chapters for patreon supporters only. I guess they prolly delayed 2-3 chapters already these past weeks or even more so that explains it. But by now they should be finished with the “delay” thing. Since membership with 15 bucks gives you 3 “advance” chaps, which is max support for now i think.

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